Machine Evolution

The next logical step is to see this reality as part of the process leading to the eventual displacement of carbon-based life by machines (Wesley 1974). Evolutionary parallels between the two entities are intriguing.

Machines are thermodynamically alive, and their diffusion conforms to natural selection: failures do not reproduce, new species proliferate, and they tend toward maximum supportable mass; successive generations are also progressively more efficient (recall all those impressively lower mass/ power ratios!), more mobile, and have longer life spans. These parallels can be dismissed as merely intriguing biomorphizations, but the ascendance of machines has been an undeniable fact.

They have already replaced enormous areas of natural ecosystems with the infrastructures needed for their making, motion, and storage (mines, railroads, roads, factories, parking lots); man’s time has been increasingly spent by serving them; their waste products have caused extensive degradation of soils, waters, and the atmosphere; and the global mass of automobiles alone is already much higher than that of all of humanity. The finiteness of fossil fuel resources may do little to stop the ascent of machines. In the near term they can adapt by becoming more efficient; in the long term they can rely on renewable flows.

– Vaclav Smil in Energy and Civilization: A History

Singapore’s Rapid Modernization

What was life like on the ground for the farmers and market vendors who abruptly found themselves moving from wooden huts to modern high-rises in the middle of a rapidly developing city? There was exciting progress, yes, but much of the time it was tragic, hilarious, and absurd.

Lee Kuan Yew highlights some of these moments. Pig farmers, nudging their pigs up staircases to raise them in high-rise apartments. A family, gating off their kitchen for a dozen chickens and ducks. People walking up long flights of stairs because they were afraid of using elevators, using kerosene instead of electric bulbs, selling miscellaneous goods from ground-floor flats. (99) He grows somber as he talks about resettling older farmers, how even generous compensation money didn’t matter next to losing “their pigs, ducks, chickens, fruit trees, and vegetable plots,” and how many of the older farmers never really stopped resenting the change. (180)

from /u/TracingWoodgrain’s review of From Third World to First

Community Thrives in Primitive New Guinea

In the remote areas of New Guinea where I do fieldwork, and where new communication technologies haven’t yet arrived, all communication is still face-to-face and full-attention—as it used to be in the U.S. Traditional New Guineans spend most of their waking hours talking to one another. In contrast to the distracted and sparse conversations of Americans, traditional New Guinea conversations have no interruptions to look at the cell phone in one’s lap, nor to tap out e-mails or text messages during a conversation with a person physically present but receiving only a fraction of one’s attention.


One American missionary’s son who grew up as a child in a New Guinea village and moved to the U.S. only in his high school years described his shock on discovering the contrast between children’s playing styles in New Guinea and in the U.S. In New Guinea, children in a village wandered in and out of one another’s huts throughout the day. In the U.S., as my friend discovered, “Kids go into their own houses, close the door, and watch TV by themselves.”

–from Jared Diamond’s Collapse (via Isegoria)

Top Places to Buy Cheap Houses in USA, 2019

Houses in this country can be had for far cheaper than almost anyone realizes. My favorite such example comes from Upstate NY native Christopher Baus: “The house I was born in sold for $4000.”

The house my parents owned when I was born recently sold for $4000. I’m not omitting a zero or two. That’s about the price of a used 2001 Honda Civic with 150,000 miles – maybe the Honda is worth a bit more. My parents sold the house for $12,000 (three zeros) in the ’70s. Times have been tough for as long as I can remember my hometown of Jamestown (about 60 miles from Buffalo), NY, but I still found this surprising.

That was 6 years ago but Jamestown’s real estate market hasn’t changed much since: Zillow lists 264 properties that have recently sold for less than $15,000. For example, here’s one that went for $6,500 and appears liveable, and there are similar listings currently for sale, like this one for $10,000.

Jamestown, NY, then is certainly a place to buy cheap houses but is it the best place? Perhaps we can do better.

Defining the “Cheap” in “Cheap Houses”

Deciding which home is cheapest is surprisingly nuanced. Consider, which of these is the best deal?

The house with the…

  • lowest initial purchase price.
  • lowest total cost of ownership, i.e. an aggregate of the initial price, lifetime repairs, property taxes, and other expenses.
  • best ratio between price and its cost-to-replace.
  • lowest ratio of price to the area’s median income. Zillow takes this tact in their “affordability” ranking, a metric they define as the “share of median income that residents pay for a 30-year fixed mortgage on a typical home.”
  • largest price gap between it and an average of what similar houses have sold for.
  • largest return on investment at re-sale.
  • largest return on investment, when rented out.

Trick question, sorta. Which is optimal depends crucially on the preferences of the would-be buyer (a point I make in more detail in my guide to the best place to buy homesteading land.) This article, then, is necessarily opinionated as I have my own prejudices here. I’ll share one of my strongest with you:

I hate ranking housing by its profitability as an investment. “Housing as investment” is an altogether monstrous idea. Cultures that believe in it end up enacting policies that artificially inflate existing home prices, much to the detriment of everyone else. Examples of such policies include restrictions on building and bans on everything-but-single-family-homes. The result is the creation of a system that exerts python-like constriction on the American dream, suffocating it through the gradual replacement of the self-sufficient home-owning class with a desperate renter-class forced to funnel their wages to rent-seeking parasites. At best. At worst it ends in dystopias like the Bay Area, where shitting on the street is permitted and building a patio isn’t.

Plus, it’s just too damn hard. Such measurements depend crucially on forecasting the future and accurate estimation of the preferences of other people, tasks that posses a recursive difficulty reminiscent of an Escher-painting. They’re always tougher than you expect.


No thanks!

We’ll be better served by taking the simplest metrics and then gradually adding complexity from there. Let’s try that. Let’s start with the easiest thing that could work.

Regions With the Lowest Median Purchase Price

Zillow publishes quite a bit of economic housing market data. One of their available measures is the “Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI): A smoothed, seasonally adjusted measure of the median estimated home value across a given region and housing type.” It’s straightforward to extract a ranking of regions by median home price from this data, so that’s what I tried first.

Where's the cheapest median home?

RegionPrice ($)
Danville, IL57400
New Castle, PA69000
Union City, TN70100
Jamestown, NY77900
Martinsville, VA79900
Bay City, MI80900
Tiffin, OH82300
Martin, TN83900
Tahlequah, OK84500
Ponca City, OK84500
Charleston, IL85400
Peru, IN86900
Elk City, OK87100
Americus, GA87800
Weirton, OH88500
Ashtabula, OH88700
Freeport, IL90300
Youngstown, OH90900
Madisonville, KY91900
Big Rapids, MI91900
Waycross, GA92100
Norwalk, OH92700
Indiana, PA94100
Oneonta, NY94100
Marinette, WI94200
Corning, NY94600
Cumberland, MD95500
Rocky Mount, NC96000
Meadville, PA96200
Ottawa, IL97100
Point Pleasant, WV98900
Defiance, OH99400
Coshocton, OH99400
Newton, IA99800
Altoona, PA100800
Binghamton, NY102900
Macon-Bibb County, GA103900
Wheeling, OH105100
Palatka, FL105800
Enid, OK106400
McMinnville, TN106500
Austin, MN106500
Washington Court House, OH107800
Greenville, OH108200
Cortland, NY108500
Battle Creek, MI109300
Scranton, PA109400
Tifton, GA109500
Albany, GA110000
Auburn, NY110400
Greenwood, SC110800
Farmington, MO111000
Lawrenceburg, TN111600
Maryville, MO111900
Bartlesville, OK112600
Erie, PA113300
Canton, OH113600
Charleston, WV113600
Searcy, AR113600
Sayre, PA113800
Mansfield, OH114400
Effingham, IL114500
Fort Smith, AR116500
Scottsbluff, NE117000
Peoria, IL117800
Springfield, OH118800
Paducah, KY118800
Huntingdon, PA119000
Greeneville, TN120000
Rome, GA120100
Vidalia, GA120300
Sturgis, MI120500
Florence, SC120800
Urbana, OH121100
Shelby, NC121300
Shawnee, OK122100
Dayton, OH122300
Russellville, AR122800
Rockford, IL123800
Harrison, AR124200
Flint, MI124600
Vineland, NJ125100
Springfield, IL125200
London, KY125400
Wapakoneta, OH125600
Crawfordsville, IN125900
Wilmington, OH126700
Toledo, OH126800
Jackson, TN127000
Mount Sterling, KY127200
Forest City, NC127800
Parkersburg, WV127900
Owosso, MI128300
Mount Airy, NC128500
Texarkana, TX128800
Spencer, IA129000
Dalton, GA129200
Wichita Falls, TX129300
Albertville, AL129300
Durant, OK129800
Midland, MI130500
South Bend, IN130900
Fond du Lac, WI131000
Lake City, FL131100
Cullman, AL131200
Marshalltown, IA131200
Fayetteville, NC131300
Athens, TN131800
Hillsdale, MI132100
Sebring, FL132400
Jasper, IN133200
Dodge City, KS134100
Kingsport, TN134300
Cambridge, MD134300
Bloomsburg, PA135000
Dayton, TN135300
Huntington, WV135500
Ionia, MI135600
Hinesville, GA135700
Rochester, NY135900
Michigan City, IN136200
Waterloo, IA136400
New Philadelphia, OH136600
Topeka, KS137300
Muskegon, MI137400
Syracuse, NY137500
Marion, NC137900
Merrill, WI138600
Morristown, TN139300
Mount Pleasant, MI139300
Mountain Home, AR139500
Valdosta, GA139900
North Platte, NE140100
Salina, KS140300
Kankakee, IL140500
St. Joseph, MO140800
Wooster, OH140900
Adrian, MI140900
Paragould, AR140900
Spartanburg, SC141300
Clewiston, FL141300
Fremont, NE141300
Jackson, MI141400
Sandusky, OH141500
Willmar, MN141500
LaGrange, GA142000
Columbus, GA142200
Cleveland, OH142800
Elizabethtown, KY142800
Akron, OH143200
Champaign-Urbana, IL143400
Murray, KY143600
Warner Robins, GA144000
Kendallville, IN144200
Celina, OH144300
Sanford, NC144700
Montgomery, AL144800
Cookeville, TN144800
Sioux City, IA145100
Monroe, LA146100
Greenville, NC146800
Pittsburgh, PA147100
Safford, AZ147100
El Paso, TX147200
Bloomington, IL147300
Tullahoma, TN147800
Muscatine, IA147800
Ocala, FL147900
Columbia, SC148600
Amarillo, TX149100
Norfolk, NE149400
Lansing, MI150000
Johnson City, TN150100
Okeechobee, FL150200
Calhoun, GA150300
Houma, LA150700
Bardstown, KY151500
Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN152200
Janesville, WI152300
Hot Springs, AR152600
Grand Island, NE152800
Buffalo, NY153100
Wichita, KS153400
Garden City, KS153500
Sierra Vista, AZ153600
Tulsa, OK153700
Hammond, LA153800
Augusta, GA153900
Fort Wayne, IN154200
Winston-Salem, NC154400
Burlington, NC154400
Ottawa, KS154500
Crossville, TN154700
Kalamazoo, MI155000
Greensboro, NC155400
Findlay, OH155600
Little Rock, AR156400
Killeen, TX156400
Albemarle, NC157000
Beaver Dam, WI157400
Duluth, MN158300
Glens Falls, NY158500
Hickory, NC158700
Jamestown, ND158900
Sterling, CO159000
Homosassa Springs, FL159300
Memphis, TN159400
Richmond, KY159500
Reading, PA159700
Monroe, MI159900
Angola, IN160100
Bemidji, MN160900
Niles, MI161000
Yankton, SD163400
Cleveland, TN163700
Clarksville, TN163900
Lafayette, LA164300
East Stroudsburg, PA164300
Oklahoma City, OK164900
St. Louis, MO165000
Elkhart, IN165000
Ontario, OR165000
Brainerd, MN165900
Nogales, AZ166000
Harrisburg, PA166100
Lebanon, PA166300
Roanoke, VA167200
Yuma, AZ167400
Shelbyville, TN168100
Lewisburg, TN168600
Cornelia, GA169400
Stillwater, OK169800
Chambersburg, PA170500
Lake Charles, LA170800
Holland, MI170800
Cincinnati, OH171300
Lewisburg, PA172400
Tuscaloosa, AL172500
Hagerstown, WV174700
Tallahassee, FL175100
York, PA175700
Lynchburg, VA176900
St. Cloud, MN176900
Dunn, NC176900
Bowling Green, KY177600
Blacksburg, VA177900
Lakeland, FL178800
Eau Claire, WI179300
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY179700
Lexington, KY179700
Indianapolis, IN180800
Chattanooga, TN181700
Columbia, MO181700
Mountain Home, ID181900
Baton Rouge, LA182000
Lincoln, NE182200
Fergus Falls, MN182600
Myrtle Beach, SC183000
Pueblo, CO183300
Warrensburg, MO183900
Tyler, TX184000
Birmingham, AL184400
Bloomington, IN185000
Knoxville, TN185100
Oxford, NC185300
Omaha, NE185500
Allentown, PA185900
Greenville, SC186000
Lewiston, ID186600
Daphne, AL186800
Grand Forks, ND186900
Staunton, VA187700
Gettysburg, PA187900
Mankato, MN189900
Red Wing, MN190700
Ithaca, NY191100
Minot, ND191500
Pensacola, FL191600
Des Moines, IA192300
Panama City, FL193000
Ames, IA193000
Hermiston-Pendleton, OR193300
Torrington, CT193400
Klamath Falls, OR193400
Great Falls, MT193600
New Orleans, LA194000
Gainesville, FL194000
Jacksonville, FL194600
Athens, GA194600
Grand Rapids, MI195800
La Crosse, WI195900
Craig, CO196400
Claremont, NH196900
Ruston, LA197700
Twin Falls, ID198200
Albany, NY198300
Pittsfield, MA198600
Columbus, OH199400
Savannah, GA199900
Pinehurst-Southern Pines, NC200300
Cañon City, CO202000
Aberdeen, WA204100
Coos Bay, OR204100
Daytona Beach, FL204400
Hudson, NY204400
Springfield, MA205600
Punta Gorda, FL206400
Whitewater, WI206900
Tucson, AZ207300
Albuquerque, NM207800
Trenton, NJ208000
Lawrence, KS208100
Sevierville, TN209200
San Antonio, TX209500
New Haven, CT210400
Lancaster, PA211400
Crescent City, CA211400
Atlanta, GA213000
Fargo, ND213300
Greenfield Town, MA214700
Melbourne, FL214900
Rochester, MN215700
La Grande, OR216300
Hartford, CT216700
Tampa, FL217000
Philadelphia, PA218800
Kingston, NY219500
Kansas City, MO219700
Vero Beach, FL220800
Milwaukee, WI221200
Lake Havasu City, AZ221400
Port St. Lucie, FL221800
Yakima, WA223200
Charlotte, NC223600
Jefferson, GA223900
Fort Myers, FL224100
Houston, TX225200
Traverse City, MI225200
Gainesville, GA226700
Visalia, CA226900
Show Low, AZ227200
Dickinson, ND227900
Fort Morgan, CO229100
Virginia Beach, VA229400
Spokane, WA231700
New London, CT231900
El Centro, CA232300
Payson, AZ232800
United States234900
Brevard, NC236600
The Dalles, OR237400
Salisbury, MD240000
Centralia, WA242100
Winchester, VA242200
Richmond, VA242500
Charleston, SC243800
Montrose, CO243800
Chicago, IL244600
State College, PA244700
Prineville, OR245200
Orlando, FL245700
Phoenix, AZ246600
Elko, NV247200
Pullman, WA248000
Williston, ND248300
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX249100
Walla Walla, WA250400
Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL250900
Madison, WI253800
Baltimore, MD255100
Durham, NC255100
Grand Junction, CO255200
Bismarck, ND255300
Albany, OR259500
Raleigh, NC260000
Fresno, CA260000
Nashville, TN260500
Logan, ID261400
Charlottesville, VA262100
Redding, CA262200
Worcester, MA262300
Merced, CA263100
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL263800
The Villages, FL266000
Asheville, NC266300
Ann Arbor, MI266800
Las Vegas, NV268400
Minneapolis-St Paul, MN268700
Longview, WA269000
Shelton, WA271200
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL271300
Fairbanks, AK273000
California-Lexington Park, MD280600
Boise City, ID281200
Astoria, OR282300
Grants Pass, OR282600
Port Angeles, WA285000
Boone, NC285000
Missoula, MT285800
Sonora, CA286200
Salem, OR286700
Ogden, UT286900
Austin, TX288500
Kennewick, WA289500
Eugene, OR290400
Newport, OR292300
Yuba City, CA292600
Hilton Head Island, SC293700
Prescott, AZ295500
Colorado Springs, CO300100
Eureka, CA300200
Medford, OR305700
Wenatchee, WA311500
Modesto, CA313200
Anchorage, AK314200
Olympia, WA320200
Provo, UT323100
Brookings, OR328100
Easton, MD329700
Naples, FL330500
Carson City, NV332400
Salt Lake City, UT334800
Bremerton, WA340800
Greeley, CO341400
Mount Vernon, WA349100
Riverside, CA351500
Stockton, CA355100
Oak Harbor, WA355300
Reno, NV365500
Durango, CO366800
Ukiah, CA369100
Corvallis, OR370800
Stamford, CT376200
Bellingham, WA377800
Portland, OR383300
Juneau, AK385100
Fort Collins, CO386900
New York, NY390800
Bend, OR392000
Washington, DC393800
Sacramento, CA394300
Denver, CO398000
Barnstable Town, MA398300
Bozeman, MT401900
Hood River, OR415600
Glenwood Springs, CO417400
Vallejo, CA422400
Steamboat Springs, CO437800
Boston, MA438500
Truckee, CA453600
Seattle, WA465600
Salinas, CA539200
Boulder, CO547600
San Diego, CA558000
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA570000
San Luis Obispo, CA585100
Ventura, CA598000
Santa Rosa, CA608300
Breckenridge, CO613800
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA630300
Edwards, CO695200
San Francisco, CA791800
Santa Cruz, CA796400
San Jose, CA1036600
Bakersfield, CA
Fayetteville, AR
Huntsville, AL
Davenport, IL
Evansville, IN
Green Bay, WI
Utica, NY
Racine, WI
Dover, DE
Hanford, CA
Madera, CA
Florence, AL
Napa, CA
Flagstaff, AZ
Watertown, NY
Sheboygan, WI
Roseburg, OR
Ocean City, NJ
Moses Lake, WA
Plattsburgh, NY
Clearlake, CA
Hutchinson, KS
Red Bluff, CA
Baraboo, WI
Batavia, NY
Galesburg, IL
St. Marys, GA
Amsterdam, NY
Port Clinton, OH
Hutchinson, MN
Owatonna, MN
Junction City, KS
Madison, IN
Brookings, SD
Storm Lake, IA

Measured this way, Danville, IL ends up as the #1 cheapest place to buy a house. Coincidentally, it’s about an hour drive from me and I’ve visited a few times, so I’ll give you my impression of the place.

Location-wise, the most interesting thing about the town is its proximity to Indiana. It’s right on the Illinois side of the state’s border. At first I thought this might explain its cheapness: given that taxation is significantly higher on the Illinois side, maybe Danville’s residents are all moving to Indiana and selling their houses for cheap on the way out. I plugged Danville into the government’s Census Flows Mapper to check.


Nope! The result is the opposite of what I anticipated. There are more people from Indiana moving to Danville than the reverse.

Is this ranking any good? How does Danville, IL compare to Jamestown, NY?

Our first attempt has Jamestown at #4. Promising! But is Danville really cheaper?

A Zillow search for houses under $15,000 returns 224 results for Danville, IL. Jamestown NY meanwhile has ~17% more such listings, at 264, even though Danville is larger by about 2,000 residents. On the one hand, this is the opposite of what we should anticipate. On the other, from browsing Danville’s Zillow results, its real estate market certainly appears comparable to Jamestown’s. Both cheap.

So should you move to Danville? Probably not. It’s the only place in rural Illinois where I’ve gotten the sort of vague unease I associate with crime-infested urban neighborhoods. Here it appears my gut was unfortunately right: “Danville has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes.” This is significantly worse than the earlier example of Jamestown where crime, though elevated, is not nearly so bad.

We can do better.

Leaving “Median” Behind

If you are interested in a cheap house, you presumably have no intention of paying that area’s median price–you want a deal–so why create a median-based ranking?

Zillow can again help us out here. Their data helpfully splits each market into thirds: a top tier, middle tier, and bottom tier. Instead of considering the market as a whole, we can narrow our analysis to median prices for “bottom tier” houses, i.e. the cheapest third of that region’s market.

Where is the bottom third of housing stock cheapest?

RegionPrice ($)
Pine Bluff, AR23790
Danville, IL27500
Roanoke Rapids, NC28000
Muskogee, OK28000
Oil City, PA29900
Ponca City, OK29900
Miami, OK29900
Galesburg, IL29925
Flint, MI30000
Orangeburg, SC30218.5
Martinsville, VA31500
Sanford, NC34450
Macon-Bibb County, GA35000
Bluefield, WV35700
Jamestown, NY35949.5
Lumberton, NC36000
Taylorville, IL36000
Bradford, PA36250
Macomb, IL38500
Albany, GA39000
Clarksburg, WV39000
Olean, NY39400
Big Stone Gap, VA39450
Lima, OH39900
New Castle, PA39900
DuBois, PA39900
Ardmore, OK39900
Alpena, MI39900
Point Pleasant, WV40750
Cumberland, MD41990
Ashtabula, OH42000
Shawnee, OK42000
Florence, SC42750
Carbondale, IL44900
Ogdensburg, NY44900
Somerset, PA44900
Charleston, IL44900
Toledo, OH45000
Montgomery, AL45000
Charleston, WV45000
Paducah, KY45000
Meadville, PA45000
Fairmont, WV45000
Brownwood, TX45000
Sault Ste. Marie, MI47000
Mansfield, OH47206
Clinton, IA47500
Tahlequah, OK47900
Cambridge, OH47900
Detroit, MI48000
Huntington, WV48000
Ottumwa, IA48000
Hutchinson, KS49000
Enid, OK49000
Sterling, IL49000
Wichita Falls, TX49250
Dublin, GA49250
Coshocton, OH49500
Malone, NY49700
Saginaw, MI49900
Ottawa, IL49900
Springfield, OH49900
Cookeville, TN49900
Gloversville, NY49900
Mason City, IA49900
Lewistown, PA49900
Marshalltown, IA49900
Vincennes, IN49900
Elmira, NY49950
Shelby, NC50000
Jacksonville, IL50750
Greeneville, TN51700
Memphis, TN52900
Dothan, AL52900
Muskegon, MI52950
Pontiac, IL54700
St. Joseph, MO54950
Paragould, AR54950
Brownsville, TX55000
Fort Smith, AR55000
Topeka, KS55000
Ozark, AL55000
Amsterdam, NY55000
Burlington, IA55000
Mexico, MO55250
Birmingham, AL56100
Parkersburg, WV56900
Corning, NY56950
Scranton, PA57000
Tiffin, OH57900
Ludington, MI57900
Fort Polk South, LA58000
Peoria, IL58200
Athens, TN58700
Altoona, PA58900
Vicksburg, MS59450
Springfield, IL59500
Dayton, OH59650
Quincy, IL59700
Poplar Bluff, MO59700
Canton, OH59900
Rockford, IL59900
Vineland, NJ59900
Florence, AL59900
Rome, GA59900
Sandusky, OH59900
Marinette, WI59900
Coldwater, MI59900
Seneca Falls, NY59900
Albert Lea, MN59900
Beaumont, TX59997.5
Pittsburgh, PA60000
Warner Robins, GA60000
Joplin, MO60000
Russellville, AR60000
Farmington, MO60738.5
Hannibal, MO61000
Cambridge, MD61200
Espa±ola, NM62000
Fayetteville, NC62500
Sioux City, IA62500
Sidney, OH62500
Zanesville, OH62700
Evansville, IN63450
Merrill, WI63500
Escanaba, MI63700
Lafayette, LA63900
Wapakoneta, OH64000
Berlin, NH64000
Marshall, MN64500
Akron, OH64600
Erie, PA64684.5
Tulsa, OK64900
Greensboro, NC64900
Spartanburg, SC64900
Marquette, MI64950
Binghamton, NY65000
Searcy, AR65000
Shawano, WI65000
Harrison, AR65000
El Campo, TX65000
Lebanon, MO65000
Boone, IA65000
Marietta, OH65450
Wilson, NC66000
Wisconsin Rapids-Marshfield, WI66150
Tullahoma, TN66450
Columbia, SC67000
Huntingdon, PA67000
Waterloo, IA67375
Batavia, NY67500
Port Clinton, OH67500
Cleveland, OH67900
Hickory, NC67900
Mount Airy, NC68000
Ionia, MI68000
Defiance, OH69000
Gulfport, MS69250
West Plains, MO69450
Crawfordsville, IN69450
Plattsburgh, NY69650
Auburn, NY69700
Troy, AL69700
St. Louis, MO69900
Wichita, KS69900
Kalamazoo, MI69900
Utica, NY69900
Oneonta, NY69900
Fremont, OH69900
Ashland, OH69900
Hillsdale, MI69900
Austin, MN69900
Newton, IA69900
Longview, TX70000
Morristown, TN70000
Murray, KY70500
Lubbock, TX71250
Wausau, WI71500
Jasper, IN71750
Kingsport, TN71950
Little Rock, AR72000
Salina, KS72000
Cortland, NY72000
Hot Springs, AR72250
Rochelle, IL72250
Champaign-Urbana, IL72700
Hattiesburg, MS73358.5
Lansing, MI73950
New Bern, NC74500
Wilmington, OH74500
Syracuse, NY74900
Davenport, IL74900
Duluth, MN74900
Elkhart, IN74900
Owensboro, KY74900
Stillwater, OK74900
Seymour, IN74900
Winston-Salem, NC74999
Waco, TX75000
Houma, LA75000
Michigan City, IN75000
Bloomsburg, PA75000
Rolla, MO75000
Lock Haven, PA75000
Mount Vernon, OH75500
Danville, KY75900
Sebring, FL76650
Burlington, NC77000
Indianapolis, IN77500
Midland, MI77500
Chattanooga, TN77750
Effingham, IL78250
Oklahoma City, OK78450
Decatur, IN78900
Springfield, MO79000
Elizabethtown, KY79000
Sierra Vista, AZ79000
Blacksburg, VA79250
Rochester, NY79900
Corpus Christi, TX79900
Fort Wayne, IN79900
Killeen, TX79900
Johnson City, TN79900
Bangor, ME79900
Cleveland, TN79900
Cape Girardeau, MO79900
Findlay, OH79900
Norfolk, NE79900
Bemidji, MN79900
Mountain Home, AR79997.5
Lynchburg, VA80000
Plymouth, IN80000
Bay City, TX80000
Jamestown, ND81950
Branson, MO82000
Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN82650
Bloomington, IL84500
Bardstown, KY84875
Fond du Lac, WI84900
Williamsport, PA85000
Menomonie, WI85000
Wooster, OH85500
San Angelo, TX86000
El Paso, TX86500
McPherson, KS86900
Pensacola, FL87000
Tuscaloosa, AL87250
North Platte, NE87250
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY87476.5
Angola, IN87500
Cedar Rapids, IA87750
Jefferson City, MO88000
East Stroudsburg, PA88333
Reading, PA88500
Buffalo, NY88501.5
Aberdeen, WA88900
Columbus, IN89000
Huntsville, TX89250
Seneca, SC89250
Morgantown, WV89749.5
Knoxville, TN89900
Baton Rouge, LA89900
Traverse City, MI89900
Glens Falls, NY89900
Klamath Falls, OR89900
Rutland, VT89900
Willmar, MN90000
Dunn, NC90950
Warrensburg, MO92400
Laredo, TX93000
Augusta, ME93000
Ocala, FL93497.5
Cincinnati, OH93900
Atlantic City, NJ94000
Jacksonville, NC94000
Clarksville, TN94558.5
Harrisburg, PA94899
Lebanon, PA94900
Grand Island, NE94900
Fergus Falls, MN94950
Kansas City, MO95000
Tallahassee, FL95000
Homosassa Springs, FL95000
Omaha, NE96000
Roanoke, VA97900
Gainesville, FL97900
Lakeland, FL99000
Beaver Dam, WI99000
Tyler, TX99250
Hermiston-Pendleton, OR99250
Payson, AZ99500
Green Bay, WI99750
Lewiston, ME99900
Ontario, OR99900
Hays, KS99900
Des Moines, IA1.00E+05
Oshkosh, WI1.00E+05
Winona, MN101450
New Orleans, LA101944.5
Holland, MI104900
Columbus, OH105000
Lexington, KY105000
Savannah, GA105000
Show Low, AZ105000
Owatonna, MN106100
Greenville, SC107000
Columbia, MO108000
Yuma, AZ109000
Dubuque, IA109900
Ames, IA109900
Stevens Point, WI109900
Cullowhee, NC109950
Mountain Home, ID109979
Panama City, FL110000
Mount Pleasant, MI110500
Brainerd, MN111000
Staunton, VA112000
Brenham, TX112500
Las Cruces, NM114250
York, PA114900
Appleton, WI114900
Eau Claire, WI114900
Baraboo, WI114900
College Station, TX114999
Myrtle Beach, SC115000
Claremont, NH115000
Pittsfield, MA115000
Pocatello, ID115450
Morehead City, NC117450
Lincoln, NE118750
Pinehurst-Southern Pines, NC119000
Philadelphia, PA119900
Grand Rapids, MI119900
Allentown, PA119900
Athens, GA119900
San Antonio, TX120000
Jacksonville, FL120000
Alexandria, MN121400
Roseburg, OR121800
La Crosse, WI122900
Bloomington, IN123900
Fayetteville, AR124900
Mankato, MN124900
Fairbanks, AK124940
Manhattan, KS124950
Hutchinson, MN124950
Tampa, FL125000
Charlotte, NC125000
Milwaukee, WI125000
Whitewater, WI125000
Twin Falls, ID125000
Coos Bay, OR126250
Blackfoot, ID126950
Auburn, AL127700
Yakima, WA129000
St. Marys, GA129000
Chicago, IL129900
Richmond, VA129900
Albany, NY129900
New Haven, CT129900
Racine, WI129900
Dover, DE129900
Brevard, NC129900
Baltimore, MD130000
Harrisonburg, VA130000
Greenfield Town, MA130000
Barre, VT130000
Red Wing, MN130950
Daytona Beach, FL134000
Punta Gorda, FL134000
Vero Beach, FL134900
Gettysburg, PA134900
Houston, TX135000
Atlanta, GA135000
Salisbury, MD135000
Lake Havasu City, AZ135000
Kingston, NY135000
Ithaca, NY135000
Oxford, MS135000
Keene, NH135400
Great Falls, MT135879.5
Minot, ND137750
Rochester, MN137800
Iowa City, IA138500
Kerrville, TX138750
Bakersfield, CA139000
Melbourne, FL139000
Virginia Beach, VA139900
Torrington, CT139900
Albuquerque, NM139999
Tucson, AZ140000
Idaho Falls, ID141450
Hartford, CT142900
Fargo, ND143500
Lancaster, PA143750
Orlando, FL144900
Bismarck, ND144950
United States145000
Springfield, MA145000
Asheville, NC145000
Port St. Lucie, FL145000
Winchester, VA145000
Lawrence, KS145000
Walla Walla, WA145000
Daphne, AL145450
Hanford, CA148250
Easton, MD148900
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL149000
Visalia, CA149000
Charlottesville, VA149000
Hudson, NY149450
Rapid City, SD149500
New London, CT149900
Centralia, WA149900
Boone, NC150000
Sheridan, WY150000
Wilmington, NC152500
Fort Myers, FL152900
Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL152900
Durham, NC154950
Rexburg, ID155000
Madison, WI157000
Spokane, WA157000
Burlington, VT159814
Helena, MT159900
The Villages, FL159950
Madera, CA160000
Cedar City, UT161450
Lewiston, ID162900
Laconia, NH162900
Charleston, SC163900
Wenatchee, WA164900
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX165000
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL165000
Montrose, CO167000
Billings, MT167245
Ann Arbor, MI168235
Fresno, CA169000
Redding, CA169000
Laramie, WY169250
Grand Junction, CO169900
Longview, WA169900
Fernley, NV169900
Newport, OR169900
Dickinson, ND169900
Concord, NH169950
Nashville, TN174900
California-Lexington Park, MD174900
Ocean City, NJ174900
Worcester, MA174999
Raleigh, NC175000
Hilton Head Island, SC175000
Prineville, OR175000
Las Vegas, NV176788
Cheyenne, WY179900
Gillette, WY179987.5
The Dalles, OR180000
Port Angeles, WA181500
Chico, CA185000
Albany, OR185000
Phoenix, AZ185073.5
Minneapolis-St Paul, MN187900
Anchorage, AK189375
Merced, CA191250
Yuba City, CA192500
Portland, ME193500
Manchester, NH195000
Hilo, HI195000
Logan, ID195000
Brookings, OR196500
Naples, FL199000
Stamford, CT199900
Providence, RI204900
Ellensburg, WA205000
Eureka, CA207497.5
Hailey, ID208888
Prescott, AZ209450
Boise City, ID209925.5
Kennewick, WA211000
Ogden, UT214900
Astoria, OR215000
Eugene, OR215250
Colorado Springs, CO219900
Salem, OR219900
St. George, UT224900
Medford, OR225000
Austin, TX227900
Kalispell, MT229000
Missoula, MT230000
Modesto, CA235000
Greeley, CO235000
Flagstaff, AZ235250
Carson City, NV238950
Santa Fe, NM239500
Stockton, CA243250
Riverside, CA244500
Mount Vernon, WA244975
Coeur d'Alene, ID249000
Olympia, WA249500
New York, NY250000
Washington, DC255000
Durango, CO259750
Bremerton, WA261475
Salt Lake City, UT264900
Provo, UT265000
Reno, NV265000
Ukiah, CA265000
Steamboat Springs, CO269000
Bellingham, WA269500
Corvallis, OR269700
Juneau, AK279900
Barnstable Town, MA283000
Glenwood Springs, CO284400
Sacramento, CA285000
Heber, UT289000
Denver, CO289900
Bozeman, MT289900
Bend, OR295000
Oak Harbor, WA295000
Gardnerville Ranchos, NV295000
Kapaa, HI297253.5
Portland, OR299000
Boston, MA299900
Fort Collins, CO299900
Seattle, WA315000
Hood River, OR317500
Truckee, CA325000
Vallejo, CA349999
Summit Park, UT354000
Urban Honolulu, HI358000
Boulder, CO363000
Kahului, HI366000
Key West, FL369000
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA375000
Salinas, CA399000
San Diego, CA4.00E+05
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA420000
San Luis Obispo, CA430000
Ventura, CA435000
Santa Rosa, CA458450
Napa, CA472500
Vineyard Haven, MA529000
Santa Cruz, CA544000
San Francisco, CA549000
San Jose, CA748800

Restricting ourselves this way, we’re sort of following the adage that advises one to buy the worst house in the best neighborhood. Like with any popular wisdom, though, there’s also a cliche that implies the opposite. One may prefer to be the “biggest fish in a small pond.”

If we can invert our proverb, maybe we ought to invert our data too? Let’s re-run the numbers above for the “top tier” third of the market instead of the bottom tier and find out.

Doing so, we’re answering a new question, “Where is it cheapest to have a nicer house than your neighbors, to not just keep up with the Joneses but be the Joneses?”

The cheapest places to have a nicer house than your neighbors

RegionPrice ($)
Bradford, PA129000
Danville, IL143450
Oil City, PA149900
Ponca City, OK158000
Macomb, IL158900
Sterling, IL159450
Pontiac, IL159900
Mount Vernon, IL159900
Lincoln, IL159900
Point Pleasant, WV161950
Pine Bluff, AR162000
Martinsville, VA165900
Galesburg, IL169000
Tiffin, OH169450
Big Stone Gap, VA172616.5
Union City, TN174500
Lumberton, NC175000
Muskogee, OK175000
Sweetwater, TX175000
Bluefield, WV175450
Taylorville, IL179450
Miami, OK179500
Liberal, KS179500
Meadville, PA179900
Alma, MI179900
Pampa, TX182000
Alpena, MI182450
Cumberland, MD184900
Morgan City, LA185000
Ozark, AL185000
Fremont, OH186400
Jacksonville, IL187000
Charleston, IL188700
Frankfort, IN188950
Ogdensburg, NY189900
Ashtabula, OH189900
Douglas, GA189900
Marshalltown, IA189900
Elmira, NY195000
DuBois, PA195000
Kinston, NC195000
Altus, OK195000
Dyersburg, TN198200
Escanaba, MI199000
Coshocton, OH199000
Americus, GA199125
Ottumwa, IA199200
Summerville, GA199800
Batavia, NY199990
Paragould, AR2.00E+05
Lewistown, PA201990
Hannibal, MO202000
Newport, TN204900
Carbondale, IL205000
Mansfield, OH205000
Burlington, IA205000
Fairmont, WV209000
Ada, OK209000
Waycross, GA209900
Amsterdam, NY209900
Charleston, WV210000
New Castle, PA210000
Olean, NY210000
Madisonville, KY210000
Huntington, IN210400
Lima, OH210950
Orangeburg, SC212000
Fort Dodge, IA212000
Grenada, MS212000
Sault Ste. Marie, MI212450
Defiance, OH214000
Cambridge, OH214700
Rockford, IL215000
Binghamton, NY215000
Springfield, OH215000
Parkersburg, WV215000
Fort Polk South, LA215000
Washington Court House, OH215000
Campbellsville, KY215000
Batesville, AR216000
Thomaston, GA216300
Tahlequah, OK218750
Ottawa, IL219450
Hutchinson, KS219450
Emporia, KS219450
Woodward, OK219750
El Paso, TX219900
Wisconsin Rapids-Marshfield, WI219900
Vineland, NJ220000
Cortland, NY220000
Cedartown, GA222200
Corning, NY222450
Shawnee, OK223100
Huntington, WV224700
Altoona, PA224900
Ashland, OH224900
Coldwater, MI224900
Crawfordsville, IN224900
Mount Sterling, KY224950
Marinette, WI225000
Bainbridge, GA225000
Mexico, MO227450
Clinton, IA228000
DeRidder, LA228000
Troy, AL229000
Russellville, AR229080
Jamestown, NY229900
Greeneville, TN229900
Moultrie, GA229900
Saginaw, MI229950
Rochelle, IL229950
Zanesville, OH230000
Seymour, IN231953
Durant, OK232500
Fort Smith, AR234000
Wichita Falls, TX234000
Harrison, AR234000
Lawrenceburg, TN234500
Joplin, MO235000
Albany, GA237000
St. Joseph, MO237150
Dumas, TX238000
Ionia, MI238950
Quincy, IL239000
Newton, IA239000
McMinnville, TN239450
Peoria, IL239900
Paducah, KY239900
Farmington, MO239900
Sanford, NC239900
Albert Lea, MN239900
Flint, MI239999
Sebring, FL240000
Searcy, AR240000
Jacksonville, NC241000
Gloversville, NY241400
Ardmore, OK243450
Paris, TN244450
Poplar Bluff, MO244900
Brownwood, TX244900
Scranton, PA245000
Marietta, OH245000
Dublin, GA245000
Somerset, PA245450
Florence, SC245990
Owensboro, KY246450
Safford, AZ247450
Enid, OK248500
Fayetteville, NC248900
West Plains, MO249000
Berlin, NH249250
Malone, NY249500
Brownsville, TX249900
Spartanburg, SC249900
Topeka, KS249900
Henderson, NC249900
Austin, MN249900
Danville, KY249950
Ottawa, KS249974.5
Canton, OH249990
Utica, NY250000
Elizabethtown, KY250000
Dothan, AL250000
Rolla, MO251870
Killeen, TX251999
Salina, KS252000
Clewiston, FL252500
Boone, IA253450
Erie, PA253500
Shelby, NC254900
Athens, TN254900
Wilmington, OH254950
Marshall, MN255000
Williamsport, PA256685
Mount Airy, NC259000
Othello, WA259000
Bloomington, IL259900
Wilson, NC259900
Hillsdale, MI259900
Mount Vernon, OH259950
Clarksburg, WV260000
Athens, OH261000
Sidney, OH261450
Warner Robins, GA261550
Kingsville, TX262200
Dunn, NC262250
Jasper, IN262450
Vincennes, IN262450
Wapakoneta, OH262500
McPherson, KS263900
Sandusky, OH264300
Toledo, OH265000
Beaumont, TX265000
Laredo, TX265000
Plattsburgh, NY265000
Garden City, KS265000
Merrill, WI265000
Vicksburg, MS265450
Auburn, NY266100
Huntingdon, PA267400
Springfield, IL267500
Evansville, IN267900
Gulfport, MS268000
Roanoke Rapids, NC268000
Lafayette, LA269000
Fort Wayne, IN269000
Yuma, AZ269000
Bangor, ME269000
Florence, AL269000
Dalton, GA269000
Frankfort, KY269250
Dayton, OH269900
Clarksville, TN269900
Fremont, NE269900
Syracuse, NY269950
East Stroudsburg, PA269950
Sioux City, IA270000
Burlington, NC270699
Monroe, MI271000
Mason City, IA273500
Lock Haven, PA274950
Lakeland, FL274995
Kingsport, TN274999
Columbia, SC275000
Macon-Bibb County, GA275000
Waterloo, IA275000
Sierra Vista, AZ275000
Wooster, OH275000
Mount Pleasant, MI275000
Ludington, MI275000
Wichita, KS275700
North Platte, NE276250
Murray, KY277500
Midland, MI278000
Champaign-Urbana, IL278750
New Bern, NC278750
Effingham, IL279450
Bay City, TX279500
Lewisburg, TN279800
Muskegon, MI279900
Jefferson City, MO279900
Wausau, WI279900
Cleveland, TN279900
Fond du Lac, WI279900
Calhoun, GA279900
Jamestown, ND279900
Montgomery, AL279906
Plymouth, IN279950
Grand Island, NE280000
El Campo, TX282450
Lansing, MI282720
Eau Claire, WI284900
Lubbock, TX285000
Longview, TX285000
Stillwater, OK285000
Statesboro, GA285000
Shawano, WI285400
Houma, LA285655
Muscatine, IA287450
Ocala, FL289000
Lebanon, MO289000
Bardstown, KY289450
Bemidji, MN289850
Rochester, NY289900
San Angelo, TX289900
Findlay, OH289900
Mountain Home, AR289900
Cedar Rapids, IA289975
Greensboro, NC290000
Waco, TX290290
Augusta, ME291950
Bloomsburg, PA292000
Hattiesburg, MS292400
Hutchinson, MN292499.5
Morristown, TN293500
Owatonna, MN293999
Elkhart, IN294700
Homosassa Springs, FL295000
Cookeville, TN295414.5
Hays, KS296750
Little Rock, AR297950
Mountain Home, ID298500
Davenport, IL298950
Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN298950
Tulsa, OK299000
El Centro, CA299000
Lewiston, ME299000
Hermiston-Pendleton, OR299000
Tifton, GA299000
Dayton, TN299000
Johnson City, TN299700
Uvalde, TX299700
Oklahoma City, OK299900
Springfield, MO299900
Dover, DE299900
Hanford, CA299900
Stevens Point, WI299900
Winona, MN299900
Menomonie, WI299900
Yankton, SD299900
Toccoa, GA299950
Beaver Dam, WI3.00E+05
Crossville, TN3.00E+05
York, PA302222
Cambridge, MD305000
Winston-Salem, NC307115
Burley, ID309000
Green Bay, WI309900
Reading, PA309945
St. Marys, GA309949.5
Kalamazoo, MI310000
Appleton, WI311450
Aberdeen, WA312450
Lebanon, PA313300
Las Cruces, NM314424
Akron, OH315000
Pueblo, CO315000
Rome, GA315000
Brookhaven, MS315000
Ruston, LA315250
Shelbyville, TN315500
Okeechobee, FL316500
Warrensburg, MO318500
Corpus Christi, TX319000
Manhattan, KS319000
Lynchburg, VA319900
Branson, MO319900
Oneonta, NY319900
Norfolk, NE319900
Memphis, TN320000
Oxford, NC320545
Ames, IA321750
Dubuque, IA324900
Marquette, MI324900
Morgantown, WV325000
Rutland, VT325000
Baton Rouge, LA329000
Cape Girardeau, MO329000
Cleveland, OH329900
Visalia, CA329900
Blacksburg, VA329900
La Crosse, WI329900
Tullahoma, TN329900
Watertown, WI329900
Buffalo, NY330000
Duluth, MN330000
Des Moines, IA332700
Pocatello, ID334900
Baraboo, WI334900
Tyler, TX335250
Harrisburg, PA336095
Mankato, MN336999.5
Columbia, MO337750
Pittsburgh, PA338995
Greenville, SC339000
Tallahassee, FL339000
Hickory, NC339900
Indianapolis, IN339995
Bakersfield, CA339999
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY340000
Grand Rapids, MI342900
Lincoln, NE344075
Keene, NH344900
Jefferson, GA344975
Auburn, AL345000
Columbus, IN348725
Hot Springs, AR349000
Port Clinton, OH349000
St. Louis, MO349900
Tuscaloosa, AL349900
Racine, WI349900
Oshkosh, WI349900
Gettysburg, PA349900
Twin Falls, ID349900
Sevierville, TN349900
Red Wing, MN349900
Port Lavaca, TX349900
Gainesville, FL349950
Cincinnati, OH350000
Huntsville, TX350000
Greenfield Town, MA350000
Fairbanks, AK350750
Idaho Falls, ID353050
Klamath Falls, OR353950
Birmingham, AL354900
Chattanooga, TN354900
Omaha, NE355822.5
Marion, NC357450
Willmar, MN358500
Pensacola, FL358550
Albuquerque, NM359990
Cornelia, GA360750
Lancaster, PA362900
Roanoke, VA364500
Great Falls, MT364900
Blackfoot, ID365000
Savannah, GA365332.5
San Antonio, TX365900
Roseburg, OR365900
Warsaw, IN367000
La Grande, OR367000
Staunton, VA369000
Pinehurst-Southern Pines, NC369000
Lexington, KY369900
Michigan City, IN369900
Iowa City, IA370000
Fargo, ND372400
Harrisonburg, VA372400
Knoxville, TN373500
Yakima, WA374900
Bloomington, IN374900
Faribault, MN374900
Detroit, MI375000
Glens Falls, NY375000
Lawrence, KS375000
Minot, ND375450
Myrtle Beach, SC378032.5
Rapid City, SD379000
Gainesville, TX379000
Coos Bay, OR379500
Fergus Falls, MN379900
Dickinson, ND379900
Centralia, WA382000
Allentown, PA385000
Daytona Beach, FL386990
Lewiston, ID387250
Columbus, OH388400
Merced, CA388400
Ontario, OR389000
Alexandria, MN389000
Albany, NY389900
Fayetteville, AR389900
Lake Havasu City, AZ389900
Winchester, VA389900
Williston, ND389900
Holland, MI394500
College Station, TX394900
Logan, ID395000
Albany, OR395000
Brainerd, MN395000
Tucson, AZ395995
Springfield, MA396000
Ithaca, NY396400
Show Low, AZ398000
Rochester, MN398500
New Orleans, LA399000
Panama City, FL399000
Barre, VT399000
Madera, CA399300
Hartford, CT399900
Athens, GA399900
Yuba City, CA399900
Concord, NH399900
Helena, MT399900
Fernley, NV399900
Angola, IN399900
Kansas City, MO399950
Cedar City, UT4.00E+05
Laramie, WY404950
New Haven, CT409900
Cheyenne, WY409900
Salem, OR409950
Richmond, VA410000
Payson, AZ410000
Houston, TX412000
Melbourne, FL414777
Charlotte, NC414900
Oxford, MS415000
Jacksonville, FL419000
Punta Gorda, FL419000
Espa±ola, NM419000
Tampa, FL423995
Gillette, WY424750
Orlando, FL425000
Virginia Beach, VA425000
Spokane, WA425000
Billings, MT425000
Grand Junction, CO425000
Clearlake, CA427000
Walla Walla, WA427000
Fresno, CA429000
Madison, WI429900
Atlantic City, NJ429900
Longview, WA439000
Port St. Lucie, FL439844
Kennewick, WA439925
California-Lexington Park, MD440000
New London, CT445000
Bismarck, ND445900
Claremont, NH448000
Kingston, NY449000
Mineral Wells, TX449000
The Dalles, OR449000
Ketchikan, AK449000
Redding, CA449500
Salisbury, MD449900
Daphne, AL449950
Modesto, CA449970
Milwaukee, WI450000
Manchester, NH450000
Rexburg, ID450000
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX453990
Atlanta, GA458900
Seneca, SC459900
Burlington, VT465000
Minneapolis-St Paul, MN466368.5
The Villages, FL466500
Wilmington, NC469000
United States469900
Philadelphia, PA469900
Las Vegas, NV470000
Raleigh, NC474995
Chicago, IL475000
Montrose, CO477450
Eugene, OR479000
Whitewater, WI479800
Colorado Springs, CO479900
Brenham, TX485000
Greeley, CO487017.5
Worcester, MA489000
Boise City, ID489000
Asheville, NC489000
Kerrville, TX489899
Brevard, NC489999.5
Nashville, TN495000
Newport, OR495750
Traverse City, MI497000
Durham, NC499000
Anchorage, AK499000
Olympia, WA499000
Chico, CA499000
Port Angeles, WA499000
Sheridan, WY499500
Ogden, UT499900
St. George, UT499900
Fort Myers, FL501992
Juneau, AK512500
Phoenix, AZ519000
Missoula, MT525000
Baltimore, MD527500
Eureka, CA529000
Carson City, NV529000
Providence, RI539900
Prineville, OR546750
Ann Arbor, MI549000
Charlottesville, VA549000
Provo, UT549500
Morehead City, NC549950
Corvallis, OR552500
Boone, NC554500
Pittsfield, MA559000
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL565000
Austin, TX569000
Stockton, CA569000
Brunswick, GA569000
Portland, ME569450
Prescott, AZ575000
Medford, OR575000
Hudson, NY589000
Vero Beach, FL590000
Riverside, CA599000
Ellensburg, WA599000
Astoria, OR599000
Wenatchee, WA599900
Laconia, NH599900
Torrington, CT610000
Vallejo, CA615000
Brookings, OR618000
Salt Lake City, UT619900
Fort Collins, CO625000
Mount Vernon, WA629000
Portland, OR635000
Coeur d'Alene, ID639000
Charleston, SC639900
Reno, NV645257
Fredericksburg, TX650000
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL659000
Kalispell, MT659000
Bremerton, WA665000
Denver, CO670000
Flagstaff, AZ674900
Bellingham, WA674950
Cullowhee, NC675000
Sacramento, CA678888
Ukiah, CA685000
Hilton Head Island, SC695000
Oak Harbor, WA730000
Bend, OR749900
Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL760000
Truckee, CA789000
Durango, CO789000
Washington, DC791000
Hood River, OR795000
Hilo, HI839000
Easton, MD872000
Santa Fe, NM875000
Gardnerville Ranchos, NV877500
Boston, MA899000
Ocean City, NJ899900
Seattle, WA9.00E+05
Bozeman, MT915000
Barnstable Town, MA929900
Naples, FL995000
San Luis Obispo, CA995000
Ventura, CA999894
New York, NY999999
Heber, UT1026500
Stamford, CT1100000
Boulder, CO1175000
San Diego, CA1199000
Santa Rosa, CA1212500
Urban Honolulu, HI1298900
Santa Cruz, CA1449000
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA1490000
Kahului, HI1498000
Kapaa, HI1512500
Key West, FL1550000
Steamboat Springs, CO1595000
Salinas, CA1700000
San Francisco, CA1795000
Hailey, ID1798000
Napa, CA1995000
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA2100000
Summit Park, UT2170000
San Jose, CA2450000
Edwards, CO2695000
Vineyard Haven, MA2892500
Glenwood Springs, CO4150000

The Most Bang For Your Buck

According to the US Census, the size of the median house varies regionally. They’re largest in the Northeast and smallest in the Midwest, 2,336 sq ft vs 2,001. The gap between rural and city houses is even larger with, surprisingly, houses inside “Metropolitan Statistical Areas” larger than those that aren’t.

This is a potential source of bias in our rankings: maybe some regions are doing well because they’ve mostly small houses.

Depending on your preferences, this may or may not be a problem. Would you rather buy the absolute cheapest house you can find or the most house for your dollar? The rankings above optimize for the first, the absolute cheapest house you can find.

What if you want the most bang for your buck, though, even if that means you have to shell out a few more bucks? We can answer this second question by ranking regions based on housing’s price per sq ft instead of its purchase price, like so:

Where do you get the most house per dollar?

RegionPrice ($) Per Sq Ft
Pine Bluff, AR17.07577375
Roanoke Rapids, NC22.34042553
Miami, OK23.78543311
Oil City, PA24.96292384
Muskogee, OK25.30541012
Jamestown, NY25.79723674
Ponca City, OK26.29355861
Galesburg, IL26.32332381
New Castle, PA26.50695174
Orangeburg, SC26.51006711
Olean, NY27.08333333
Somerset, PA28.83156297
Bluefield, WV29.23373479
Flint, MI29.44649446
Lumberton, NC29.64963329
Cumberland, MD29.8477032
Macon-Bibb County, GA30.41158537
Big Stone Gap, VA30.47446798
Martinsville, VA31.35831867
Ashtabula, OH31.82397959
Lima, OH32.24085366
Ardmore, OK32.9285328
Amsterdam, NY32.93070175
Albany, GA33.14393939
Montgomery, AL33.29632022
Madisonville, KY33.90804598
Clarksburg, WV34.06543152
Ogdensburg, NY35.69157393
Tiffin, OH35.89272138
Coshocton, OH36.08610203
Shawnee, OK36.58536585
Elmira, NY37.17105263
Gloversville, NY37.48846354
Paducah, KY37.94930314
Mansfield, OH38.02244622
Huntington, WV38.12070283
Toledo, OH38.20950255
Ozark, AL38.77572612
Seneca Falls, NY38.83333333
Malone, NY39.04876924
Springfield, OH39.21568627
Wichita Falls, TX39.28571429
Huntington, IN39.40248027
Shelby, NC39.5511147
Dublin, GA39.58333333
Carbondale, IL39.84200217
Brownwood, TX39.96862197
Scranton, PA40.64089522
Corning, NY40.79624025
Charleston, WV41.07594937
Lewistown, PA41.13332925
Macomb, IL41.19318182
Fort Dodge, IA41.19791667
Dothan, AL41.61522634
Vicksburg, MS41.82825485
Burlington, IA42.45283019
Memphis, TN42.63636364
Ottawa, IL43.28474967
Enid, OK43.40277778
Beaumont, TX44.08601059
Saginaw, MI44.332211
Mexico, MO44.36206461
Birmingham, AL44.37539712
Tahlequah, OK44.52537594
Lafayette, LA44.7761194
Detroit, MI44.87179487
Florence, AL45.56714472
Fort Smith, AR45.83068109
Pittsburgh, PA45.86048234
Vineland, NJ45.962136
Auburn, NY46.10107469
Oneonta, NY46.31387137
Sandusky, OH46.39175258
Batavia, NY46.53409091
Ottumwa, IA47.52236069
Athens, OH47.55952381
Troy, AL47.60553885
Warner Robins, GA47.68138288
Wilson, NC47.87671233
Hutchinson, KS48.02064232
Canton, OH48.49137931
Binghamton, NY48.49504876
Parkersburg, WV48.51200174
Marshalltown, IA48.87132946
Muskegon, MI49.13254202
Poplar Bluff, MO49.15254237
Erie, PA49.18743891
Dayton, OH49.33844917
Hannibal, MO50.10272074
Athens, TN50.69124424
Rockford, IL50.69821145
Bloomsburg, PA51.07526882
Topeka, KS51.45143995
Sidney, OH51.54816514
Zanesville, OH51.97916667
Columbia, SC52.02230483
Utica, NY52.02287272
Russellville, AR52.02312139
Tulsa, OK52.10084034
Cortland, NY52.3465704
Searcy, AR52.49387204
Wapakoneta, OH52.62411348
Fayetteville, NC52.82738095
Rome, GA52.90229072
Little Rock, AR52.94117647
Spartanburg, SC53.02815255
Peoria, IL53.13939582
Rochelle, IL53.31983806
Brownsville, TX53.50194553
Cambridge, MD53.7712585
Longview, TX53.8372093
Huntingdon, PA54.17772984
St. Joseph, MO54.5281675
Ashland, OH54.53900709
Berlin, NH54.65328467
Plattsburgh, NY54.66210436
Marquette, MI54.92295786
Syracuse, NY55.32150776
Gulfport, MS55.53336883
Akron, OH55.59125964
Marietta, OH55.94170404
Evansville, IN56.00961538
Fremont, OH56.06060606
Crawfordsville, IN56.19522359
Cleveland, OH56.42361111
Defiance, OH56.56969934
Danville, KY56.68122271
Harrison, AR57.01754386
Mount Vernon, OH57.34262596
Hattiesburg, MS57.35950045
Escanaba, MI57.49356904
Jasper, IN57.81474707
Mason City, IA58.02325581
El Campo, TX58.04597701
Rochester, NY58.1290487
Farmington, MO58.43253968
Tullahoma, TN58.51851852
Seymour, IN59.60597385
Cape Girardeau, MO59.86956719
Williamsport, PA59.99238363
Dalton, GA60.05687378
Fort Wayne, IN60.32292091
Winston-Salem, NC60.4617157
Crossville, TN60.65881172
Waco, TX60.91200516
Michigan City, IN61.634361
Stillwater, OK61.95393169
Wichita, KS62.08563536
Austin, MN62.41071429
Killeen, TX62.47654784
Rolla, MO62.5
Statesboro, GA62.62708178
Boone, IA62.63817244
Hot Springs, AR62.83860922
Reading, PA62.99342105
Greensboro, NC63.41194332
Salina, KS63.75358633
Hickory, NC64.22155689
Indianapolis, IN64.65816036
Waterloo, IA64.71861472
Plymouth, IN64.73214286
Sierra Vista, AZ64.82758621
Findlay, OH65.51192332
Kingsport, TN65.59171366
Chattanooga, TN65.6872428
St. Louis, MO65.80171359
Bangor, ME66.01230101
Sioux City, IA66.2755102
Jefferson City, MO66.69254658
Harrisburg, PA66.88834368
Lubbock, TX66.88988095
Morristown, TN66.91792295
Glens Falls, NY66.95894126
Elkhart, IN66.9596767
Effingham, IL67.14285714
Lebanon, MO67.19871411
Columbus, IN67.73255814
Oklahoma City, OK67.82077393
Davenport, IL68.23529412
Fergus Falls, MN68.4069437
Hillsdale, MI68.54529026
Owensboro, KY68.72133028
Mountain Home, AR68.7732342
Monroe, MI69.00921659
Bay City, TX69.04069767
Wooster, OH69.12304867
Newton, IA69.20491857
Lansing, MI69.28943062
Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN69.29382093
Kalamazoo, MI69.375
Espa±ola, NM69.41176471
Fond du Lac, WI69.54612006
Warrensburg, MO69.87413134
Cookeville, TN70.07389163
Johnson City, TN70.37878788
Seneca, SC70.50857073
Sebring, FL70.7140457
Huntsville, TX70.84265474
Springfield, MO70.88068182
Pensacola, FL71.17437722
North Platte, NE71.36437908
Elizabethtown, KY71.42791116
Buffalo, NY71.47111376
Lebanon, PA71.48025272
Angola, IN71.73913043
Champaign-Urbana, IL72.34033707
Bardstown, KY72.64687303
El Paso, TX73.16037822
East Stroudsburg, PA73.21940191
Ames, IA73.24805878
Bloomington, IL73.42436975
Tuscaloosa, AL73.5640648
Brunswick, GA73.78472222
Blacksburg, VA74.28940568
Jacksonville, NC74.76635514
Corpus Christi, TX75.25187804
Cleveland, TN76.0952381
Cincinnati, OH76.10993658
Tyler, TX76.48622388
Burlington, NC76.62306342
Lynchburg, VA76.83760684
Panama City, FL77.16049383
Aberdeen, WA77.23985891
Dunn, NC77.33224223
Morgantown, WV77.61769481
Knoxville, TN78.06140967
Atlantic City, NJ78.16394928
Ocala, FL78.35294118
Midland, MI79.03792961
Clarksville, TN79.25072046
Baton Rouge, LA79.26829268
McPherson, KS79.41696113
Augusta, ME79.55338451
Cedar Rapids, IA79.98220641
Laredo, TX80
Payson, AZ80.04392448
San Angelo, TX80.48387097
Rutland, VT80.55928913
Branson, MO80.66005814
York, PA80.88418431
Dubuque, IA80.91939547
Lewiston, ME81.18895929
Klamath Falls, OR81.38020833
New Orleans, LA82.33890215
Holland, MI82.39881027
Kansas City, MO82.58809957
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY83.08687616
Greenville, SC83.8997422
Allentown, PA84.06432749
Savannah, GA84.62358493
Owatonna, MN84.78603057
Roanoke, VA84.95483528
Mount Pleasant, MI85.12544803
Bemidji, MN85.62062937
Warsaw, IN85.78431373
Homosassa Springs, FL86.01831897
Tallahassee, FL86.06027147
Las Cruces, NM86.30952381
Columbus, OH86.61286089
Duluth, MN86.62811906
Claremont, NH87.63157895
Auburn, AL87.82744047
Hays, KS88.29365079
Columbia, MO88.48425197
Omaha, NE88.55517598
Dover, DE88.84192605
Pinehurst-Southern Pines, NC89.28571429
Philadelphia, PA89.97037572
Green Bay, WI90.74590774
Lakeland, FL91.08621572
Athens, GA91.20929622
Appleton, WI92.2044958
Atlanta, GA92.34828496
Gainesville, FL92.47529693
Greenfield Town, MA92.68195122
Winona, MN93.49987751
Roseburg, OR93.68191721
Melbourne, FL94.06657019
Lexington, KY94.58297506
Jacksonville, FL95.32595326
La Crosse, WI95.44623577
Houston, TX95.48611111
Kerrville, TX95.5242515
Idaho Falls, ID95.90301003
Mankato, MN96.15354254
Yuma, AZ96.2250185
Ontario, OR96.24277457
Albany, NY96.35714286
Fayetteville, AR96.62701107
Mountain Home, ID97.02087791
Staunton, VA97.26940204
Bloomington, IN97.79377734
St. Marys, GA98.02431611
Brainerd, MN98.18731118
Harrisonburg, VA98.31653723
Ithaca, NY98.35958005
Gettysburg, PA98.54497354
Show Low, AZ98.95329346
San Antonio, TX98.97691903
Brevard, NC99.85632184
Cullowhee, NC100.1303307
Charlotte, NC100.2314815
Rochester, MN101.0788941
Manhattan, KS101.3348065
Pittsfield, MA101.3487777
Milwaukee, WI101.9557823
College Station, TX102.7887925
Racine, WI103.1924883
Willmar, MN104.7213329
Torrington, CT105.7177772
Des Moines, IA106.6810345
Grand Rapids, MI106.8256579
Salisbury, MD107.0111868
Chicago, IL107.4983703
Tampa, FL107.6952685
Twin Falls, ID108.0380294
Richmond, VA108.0682762
New Haven, CT108.6150396
Sevierville, TN108.9285714
Virginia Beach, VA109.4472021
Kingston, NY109.9537037
Hudson, NY110.3040003
Albuquerque, NM110.3547554
Lake Havasu City, AZ110.6770833
Lincoln, NE110.9722222
Blackfoot, ID111.9402985
Barre, VT112.8028404
Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL113.1567119
Myrtle Beach, SC113.8
Bakersfield, CA113.8739946
Keene, NH113.8881855
Easton, MD114.2263759
Rexburg, ID115.0304672
Vero Beach, FL115.0493421
Coos Bay, OR115.3614458
Morehead City, NC115.5555556
Hartford, CT116.7779633
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX116.9572549
Oxford, MS117.2839506
Springfield, MA117.3118497
Pocatello, ID117.3666067
Yakima, WA117.5958188
Centralia, WA117.7083333
Iowa City, IA117.8343949
Tucson, AZ118.0646732
New London, CT118.2692308
Baltimore, MD118.399268
Lawrence, KS118.7919463
Port St. Lucie, FL119.0351803
Fargo, ND119.4779116
Cedar City, UT119.5574163
Winchester, VA119.6875
Punta Gorda, FL120.2607823
Durham, NC120.9677419
Fort Myers, FL121.7358927
Orlando, FL121.7391304
United States121.7532468
Daytona Beach, FL122.7318272
Traverse City, MI122.8701021
Wilmington, NC123.3064516
The Villages, FL125.5653266
Charleston, SC126.3601533
Concord, NH126.4324603
Raleigh, NC126.4457831
Ketchikan, AK127.0392157
Bismarck, ND127.6667427
Ann Arbor, MI128.2497404
Lewiston, ID128.9705458
California-Lexington Park, MD129.5120482
Montrose, CO129.8975672
Boone, NC131.1063218
Hanford, CA131.7054264
Visalia, CA131.8565401
Charlottesville, VA132.0081987
Dickinson, ND132.4404762
Great Falls, MT133.1820262
Phoenix, AZ134.1377113
Madison, WI134.6810422
Burlington, VT134.7241379
Asheville, NC134.7939331
Nashville, TN135.4531361
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL136.0662897
Walla Walla, WA136.5495985
Worcester, MA136.759562
Laconia, NH136.8923031
Clearlake, CA137.6368055
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL137.8118814
Redding, CA138.6056972
Austin, TX139.5179372
Logan, ID139.6011396
Fresno, CA140.2517532
Prineville, OR140.7638889
Rapid City, SD140.8114558
Anchorage, AK141.9526627
Hilton Head Island, SC144.005102
Grand Junction, CO144.1839495
Madera, CA145.1994591
Laramie, WY145.9574468
Provo, UT147.5668612
Fairbanks, AK147.9166667
Boise City, ID148.8998565
Gillette, WY149.5327103
Las Vegas, NV152.4104593
St. George, UT153.8322269
Billings, MT154.7619048
Helena, MT154.7699335
Naples, FL154.8373144
Manchester, NH156.1607143
Prescott, AZ157.6361222
Chico, CA158.2792208
Spokane, WA159.082397
Merced, CA161.7898676
Yuba City, CA162.0362654
Minneapolis-St Paul, MN163.3906634
Lancaster, PA164.2437961
Albany, OR164.2943841
Sheridan, WY164.7398844
Stamford, CT165.111759
Cheyenne, WY169.3168934
Providence, RI171.3267196
Coeur d'Alene, ID171.5781981
Olympia, WA171.7525773
Portland, ME173.3673469
Brookings, OR174.6007549
Riverside, CA174.6323529
New York, NY175.0476351
Ellensburg, WA175.1538479
Eureka, CA175.5197769
Medford, OR177.8719397
Ogden, UT180.7571623
Salem, OR185.3866785
Ocean City, NJ185.7467779
Hailey, ID186.2123613
Eugene, OR186.4848253
Salt Lake City, UT188.4896087
Santa Fe, NM192.4466387
Washington, DC192.990686
Corvallis, OR195.8089155
Carson City, NV196.1263844
Hilo, HI196.6435185
Bozeman, MT200.0996088
Bend, OR200.4684553
Missoula, MT201.3565462
Stockton, CA201.5186916
Modesto, CA202.0846901
Astoria, OR202.9212662
Bremerton, WA204.6130952
Kalispell, MT205.0304878
Flagstaff, AZ206.1659193
Oak Harbor, WA212.0129826
Wenatchee, WA212.0591286
Greeley, CO212.1522266
Reno, NV212.8632633
Juneau, AK213.0718198
Colorado Springs, CO222.0772482
Bellingham, WA222.3870056
Portland, OR224.0297186
Heber, UT224.6520875
Boston, MA225.2152439
Seattle, WA227.1797037
Sacramento, CA227.1929825
Durango, CO228.2157676
Truckee, CA228.7501249
Gardnerville Ranchos, NV230.9960682
Glenwood Springs, CO232.7915032
Denver, CO242.3469388
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA246.1768967
Fort Collins, CO248.8780682
Barnstable Town, MA270.4849498
Vallejo, CA280.7939252
Boulder, CO305.9774561
Salinas, CA306.2016835
San Luis Obispo, CA312.0719915
Ventura, CA333.9294642
San Diego, CA338.8546687
Key West, FL347.1354167
Napa, CA349.5934959
Kapaa, HI351.5418502
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA353.960396
Santa Rosa, CA379.4926004
San Francisco, CA383.783542
Summit Park, UT424.2074001
Santa Cruz, CA466.9800123
Kahului, HI470.9564937
Urban Honolulu, HI506.6540164
Vineyard Haven, MA512.4416796
San Jose, CA565.2173913

There’s Jamestown again, at #6!

What do these numbers mean? They’re easier to make sense of with some context: On average, building a new home costs about $150/sq ft but this number varies significantly with region, i.e. costs are an enviable $80/sq ft in Oklahoma, the state boasting the cheapest home construction.

This means that, in many regions, houses can be had for significantly less than it would cost to re-build them. Compared to $17/ sq ft, assembling a new house of the same size would cost you almost 5x as much, at a minimum. That’s like an 80% discount! What a steal!

This ranking is still imperfect, though. It’s biased toward large houses, because the marginal cost of a sq ft of house decreases as the size of the house increases. This makes sense when you think about it: fixed costs, like utility hook ups and permitting, are identical but contribute more to the average cost per sq ft of a small house than a large one. The bigger the house, the more sq ft there are to dilute these expenses.

Here’s a graph of that relationship between price per sq ft versus # of sq ft that was shared by As you can see, as the sq ft of a house increases (the y axis) the price per sq ft goes down (the x axis).


Can we do better? Yeah, probably, but it’d be a lot more work now that we’ve exhausted the simplest analyses. Next, it’d make the most sense to go more fine grained and evaluate specific houses instead of whole regions, maybe by training a predictive model to estimate prices and then using it to identify mispricings.

Except I’ve already built something like that elsewhere.

Further Reading

Rural Areas with Good Internet Speeds (for Streaming, Gaming, Remote Work)

Ever wonder how remote you can go without sacrificing internet connectivity? A couple months back, while working on what eventually evolved into my “cheap houses, great internet” discovery service, I mashed together some publicly available federal data to answer just that. By cross-referencing the FCC’s broadband deployment data against county level statistics for population density, I generated a ranking of counties with symmetric gigabit fiber sorted by remoteness.

The winner?

It’s a tie actually. Carter County, Montana and Kenedy County, Texas. The dataset calculates a population density of 0.3 people per square mile for both.

Or so I thought, until I realized I could cheat and look up more precise numbers on Wikipedia to break the tie. Drum roll, please…

The results

Kenedy County Texas is #1! With a mere 416 people populating almost 2,000 square miles, they somehow manage to have gigabit fiber available through VTX Communications.

Range Telephone Cooperative in Carter County Montana is #2, with ~1,100 people on ~3,300 square miles.

The final ranking ended up with more than 2600 entries, unfortunately, so it’s kind of overwhelming but I’ve reproduced it in the table below. You can also download the data set by clicking here.

MontanaCarter County0.3Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
TexasKenedy County0.3Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasKenedy County0.3VTX Communications, LLC
MontanaPowder River County0.5Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
NebraskaSioux County0.6Allo Communications
TexasMcMullen County0.6Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasMcMullen County0.6VTX Communications, LLC
MontanaTreasure County0.7Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
ColoradoMineral County0.8San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
TexasEdwards County0.9Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
IdahoCuster County0.9Albion Telephone Company dba ATC Communications
MontanaWibaux County1.1Reservation Telephone Cooperative
IdahoButte County1.3Albion Telephone Company dba ATC Communications
North DakotaGrant County1.4West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaSheridan County1.4West River Telecommunications Cooperative
South DakotaSully County1.4Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaSheridan County1.4North Dakota Telephone Company
TexasBrewster County1.5Google Fiber Texas, LLC
New MexicoGuadalupe County1.5Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
South DakotaCorson County1.6West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaDivide County1.6Northwest Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaHyde County1.7Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaHyde County1.7Western Telephone Company
North DakotaGolden Valley County1.7Reservation Telephone Cooperative
North DakotaDunn County1.8West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaKidder County1.8West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaBurke County1.8Northwest Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaBurke County1.8Reservation Telephone Cooperative
North DakotaDunn County1.8Reservation Telephone Cooperative
MontanaRosebud County1.8Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
ColoradoSaguache County1.9San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
UtahMillard County1.9Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
South DakotaCampbell County2.0Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaCampbell County2.0Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association, Inc
South DakotaStanley County2.1Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
WyomingSublette County2.1NGL Connection
North DakotaHettinger County2.2West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaTowner County2.2Turtle Mountain Communications, Inc.
North DakotaTowner County2.2North Dakota Telephone Company
South DakotaMcPherson County2.2Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association, Inc
NebraskaSheridan County2.2Allo Communications
South DakotaDewey County2.3Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaLyman County2.3Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaMcKenzie County2.3Reservation Telephone Cooperative
South DakotaLyman County2.3Midstate Communications, Inc.
KansasClark County2.3Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
North DakotaAdams County2.4West River Telecommunications Cooperative
South DakotaFaulk County2.4Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaHand County2.4Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaFaulk County2.4Western Telephone Company
South DakotaHand County2.4Western Telephone Company
NevadaNye County2.4Valley Communications Association, LLC
South DakotaHand County2.4Midstate Communications, Inc.
KansasRawlins County2.4Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
WyomingCrook County2.5Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasGove County2.5Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
North DakotaOliver County2.6West River Telecommunications Cooperative
MontanaBig Horn County2.6Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
UtahBeaver County2.6Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
South DakotaPotter County2.7Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaCavalier County2.7North Dakota Telephone Company
North DakotaCavalier County2.7Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
North DakotaSteele County2.8Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
North DakotaSteele County2.8Griggs County Telephone Co
North DakotaRenville County2.8Reservation Telephone Cooperative
North DakotaMcHenry County2.9Turtle Mountain Communications, Inc.
North DakotaMcHenry County2.9North Dakota Telephone Company
KansasSheridan County2.9Nex-Tech, Inc.
ColoradoCostilla County2.9Blanca Telephone Company Dba Blanca Networks
KansasGraham County2.9Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasSheridan County2.9Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
ColoradoCostilla County2.9Jade Communications LLC
KansasSheridan County2.9Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
MinnesotaLake of the Woods County3.1Garden Valley Telephone Company
New MexicoQuay County3.1Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
MontanaCuster County3.1Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
North DakotaNelson County3.2North Dakota Telephone Company
North DakotaNelson County3.2Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
North DakotaNelson County3.2Griggs County Telephone Co
North DakotaWells County3.3West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaWells County3.3North Dakota Telephone Company
KansasDecatur County3.3Nex-Tech, Inc.
KansasDecatur County3.3Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
WyomingConverse County3.3CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasDecatur County3.3Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
North DakotaGriggs County3.4North Dakota Telephone Company
North DakotaGriggs County3.4Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
MississippiIssaquena County3.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
North DakotaGriggs County3.4Griggs County Telephone Co
KansasJewell County3.4Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasTrego County3.4Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
NebraskaMorrill County3.5Allo Communications
South DakotaEdmunds County3.6Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaEdmunds County3.6Western Telephone Company
South DakotaEdmunds County3.6Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association, Inc
IdahoOneida County3.6Albion Telephone Company dba ATC Communications
TexasKimble County3.7Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
New MexicoColfax County3.7Sierra Communications
North DakotaSioux County3.8West River Telecommunications Cooperative
South DakotaAurora County3.8Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaEddy County3.8North Dakota Telephone Company
North DakotaEddy County3.8Griggs County Telephone Co
South DakotaAurora County3.8Midstate Communications, Inc.
South DakotaJerauld County3.9Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaBottineau County3.9Turtle Mountain Communications, Inc.
South DakotaJerauld County3.9Midstate Communications, Inc.
South DakotaBuffalo County4.1Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
MinnesotaKittson County4.1Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc.
MinnesotaKittson County4.1Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
South DakotaBuffalo County4.1Midstate Communications, Inc.
ColoradoYuma County4.2Phillips County Telephone Company
ColoradoHuerfano County4.2SECOM Inc
North DakotaMcLean County4.2West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaMountrail County4.2Northwest Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaMcLean County4.2Reservation Telephone Cooperative
North DakotaMountrail County4.2Reservation Telephone Cooperative
South DakotaGregory County4.2Midstate Communications, Inc.
WyomingSweetwater County4.2CenturyLink, Inc.
New MexicoLincoln County4.2Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
ColoradoSedgwick County4.3Phillips County Telephone Company
South DakotaSpink County4.3Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaPierce County4.3Turtle Mountain Communications, Inc.
North DakotaPierce County4.3North Dakota Telephone Company
TexasMason County4.3Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KansasSmith County4.3Nex-Tech, Inc.
MinnesotaKoochiching County4.3Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
KansasOsborne County4.3Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasSmith County4.3Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasSmith County4.3Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
WyomingFremont County4.4Northern Arapaho Tribal Industries
North DakotaSargent County4.5Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaSargent County4.5Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
KansasRush County4.6Nex-Tech, Inc.
TexasLa Salle County4.6Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasLa Salle County4.6VTX Communications, LLC
KansasKearny County4.6Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
KansasRush County4.6Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
CaliforniaMono County4.7Race Telecommunications, Inc.
TexasReal County4.7Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MontanaRichland County4.7Reservation Telephone Cooperative
TexasReal County4.7En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasJim Hogg County4.7Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasJim Hogg County4.7VTX Communications, LLC
North DakotaBenson County4.8North Dakota Telephone Company
New MexicoTorrance County4.9Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
TexasMartin County5.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaMarshall County5.3Garden Valley Telephone Company
North DakotaFoster County5.3North Dakota Telephone Company
MinnesotaMarshall County5.3Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc.
MinnesotaMarshall County5.3Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
North DakotaFoster County5.3Griggs County Telephone Co
WyomingTeton County5.3CenturyLink, Inc.
MontanaLincoln County5.4InterBel Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
OregonMorrow County5.5Eastern Oregon Telecom, LLC
South DakotaDay County5.6Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaMarshall County5.6Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaMarshall County5.6Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
KansasRooks County5.8Nex-Tech, Inc.
KansasRooks County5.8Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
New MexicoSan Miguel County6.2Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
MinnesotaTraverse County6.2Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
NebraskaHarlan County6.2Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
North DakotaRansom County6.3Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
North DakotaRansom County6.3Griggs County Telephone Co
KansasPhillips County6.4Nex-Tech, Inc.
South DakotaBrule County6.4Midstate Communications, Inc.
ColoradoConejos County6.4San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
KansasPhillips County6.4Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
ColoradoConejos County6.4Jade Communications LLC
ColoradoPhillips County6.5Phillips County Telephone Company
KansasWashington County6.5AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasNorton County6.5Nex-Tech, Inc.
KansasNorton County6.5Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasNorton County6.5Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
KansasWashington County6.5Twin Valley Telephone Inc
North DakotaPembina County6.6Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
TexasDuval County6.6Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasDuval County6.6VTX Communications, LLC
WashingtonSkamania County6.7WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
MontanaJefferson County6.9The Montana Internet Corporation
KansasRepublic County6.9Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
NebraskaFurnas County6.9Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasRepublic County6.9Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
KansasRepublic County6.9Twin Valley Telephone Inc
South DakotaDouglas County7.0Midstate Communications, Inc.
OregonCrook County7.0CenturyLink, Inc.
South DakotaMeade County7.3CenturyLink, Inc.
North DakotaBarnes County7.4Griggs County Telephone Co
KansasThomas County7.4Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
ColoradoProwers County7.7SECOM Inc
South DakotaWalworth County7.7West River Telecommunications Cooperative
South DakotaWalworth County7.7Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
CaliforniaLassen County7.7Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications
South DakotaWalworth County7.7Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association, Inc
TexasBrooks County7.7VTX Telecom, LLC
TexasBrooks County7.7Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasBrooks County7.7VTX Communications, LLC
CaliforniaPlumas County7.8Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications
MinnesotaNorman County7.9Garden Valley Telephone Company
MinnesotaNorman County7.9Halstad Telephone Company
NebraskaKeith County7.9Allo Communications
MinnesotaNorman County7.9Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone co
MinnesotaNorman County7.9Loretel Systems Inc
KansasRussell County7.9Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
North DakotaMercer County8.1West River Telecommunications Cooperative
New MexicoRoosevelt County8.1Yucca Telecommunications Systems
MissouriWorth County8.1Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriMercer County8.3Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
South DakotaCharles Mix County8.3Midstate Communications, Inc.
MissouriShannon County8.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
NebraskaCheyenne County8.4Allo Communications
UtahTooele County8.4CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasOttawa County8.5Twin Valley Communications, Inc
WyomingAlbany County8.5LARIAT
WyomingAlbany County8.5CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasOttawa County8.5Twin Valley Telephone Inc
MinnesotaClearwater County8.7Garden Valley Telephone Company
UtahBox Elder County8.7Veracity Networks
North DakotaWalsh County8.7Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
MinnesotaClearwater County8.7Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MinnesotaClearwater County8.7Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone co
MinnesotaClearwater County8.7East Otter Tail Telephone Company
UtahBox Elder County8.7CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahBox Elder County8.7Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
UtahBox Elder
MinnesotaWilkin County8.8Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
MinnesotaWilkin County8.8Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
IdahoCassia County8.9Albion Telephone Company dba ATC Communications
South DakotaHutchinson County9.0Midstate Communications, Inc.
KansasMitchell County9.1Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
South DakotaRoberts County9.2Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaRoberts County9.2Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
KansasPawnee County9.2Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
MinnesotaRoseau County9.3Wikstrom Telephone Company, Inc.
West VirginiaPocahontas County9.3Citynet Holdings, LLC
North DakotaTraill County9.4Halstad Telephone Company
North DakotaTraill County9.4Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
MinnesotaRed Lake County9.5Garden Valley Telephone Company
IowaAdams County9.5The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaAdams County9.5Villisca Farmers Telephone Company
North DakotaStutsman County9.5Daktel Communications, LLC
MinnesotaRed Lake County9.5Halstad Telephone Company
North DakotaRamsey County9.6North Dakota Telephone Company
North DakotaRamsey County9.6Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
MissouriPutnam County9.6Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
IowaRinggold County9.6Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
WyomingCampbell County9.6CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaMahnomen County9.7Garden Valley Telephone Company
MinnesotaMahnomen County9.7Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone co
ColoradoRoutt County10.0CenturyLink, Inc.
WyomingUinta County10.1NGL Connection
WisconsinBayfield County10.2Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
MissouriSullivan County10.4Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriChariton County10.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
NebraskaBox Butte County10.5Allo Communications
MissouriHolt County10.6Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
OregonWasco County10.6QualityLife Intergovernmental Agency
MissouriHolt County10.6United Services, Inc.
New MexicoChaves County10.8Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
North DakotaWilliams County10.8Northwest Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaWilliams County10.8Reservation Telephone Cooperative
MaineAroostook County10.8Pioneer Wireless, Inc.
UtahSevier County10.9CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaGrant County11.0A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC
MinnesotaGrant County11.0Gardonville Coop. Tele. Assn.
TexasLive Oak County11.1VTX Telecom, LLC
TexasLive Oak County11.1Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasLive Oak County11.1VTX Communications, LLC
WisconsinPrice County11.3Price County Telephone Company
North CarolinaTyrrell County11.3CenturyLink, Inc.
North DakotaRichland County11.4Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
North DakotaRichland County11.4Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
North DakotaRichland County11.4Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
MississippiSharkey County11.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
North DakotaRichland County11.4Griggs County Telephone Co
WyomingSheridan County11.5Range Telephone Cooperative Inc
OklahomaCoal County11.5360 Communications, INC
IowaTaylor County11.9The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaTaylor County11.9Villisca Farmers Telephone Company
IowaWayne County12.2Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriCarter County12.3Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
ColoradoLogan County12.4Kentec Communications, Inc.
MissouriHarrison County12.4Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriHarrison County12.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
ColoradoElbert County12.5CenturyLink, Inc.
OregonUnion County12.6Eastern Oregon Net, Inc.
IowaPocahontas County12.7Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
MaineWashington County12.8Biddeford Internet Corporation
MaineWashington County12.8Pioneer Wireless, Inc.
ColoradoRio Grande County13.1SECOM Inc
MissouriOzark County13.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
KansasPratt County13.1Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
ColoradoRio Grande County13.1San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
WisconsinSawyer County13.2Price County Telephone Company
WisconsinSawyer County13.2Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
KansasClay County13.2Twin Valley Communications, Inc
KansasClay County13.2Twin Valley Telephone Inc
KansasCloud County13.3Twin Valley Telephone Inc
MissouriCarroll County13.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
KansasMarion County13.4Moundridge Telephone Co.
IowaAdair County13.5The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaAdair County13.5Villisca Farmers Telephone Company
MississippiKemper County13.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MissouriGentry County13.7Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriGentry County13.7Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriGentry County13.7United Services, Inc.
South DakotaBeadle County13.8Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
MissouriOregon County13.8Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MinnesotaYellow Medicine County13.8Redwood County Telephone Company
UtahIron County14.0Go Fiber
NebraskaBurt County14.0Hooper Telephone Company
UtahIron County14.0CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahIron County14.0Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
MinnesotaCass County14.1West Central Telephone Assoc.
MinnesotaCass County14.1Arvig
MinnesotaCass County14.1Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MinnesotaCass County14.1Tekstar Communications, Inc.
WyomingNatrona County14.1CenturyLink, Inc.
NebraskaLincoln County14.2Allo Communications
North DakotaMorton County14.3West River Telecommunications Cooperative
North DakotaMorton County14.3CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaSullivan County14.3PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
MissouriSchuyler County14.4Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MississippiFranklin County14.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
UtahCarbon County14.5Emery Telephone
ArkansasLafayette County14.5Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
IowaFremont County14.6The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaFremont County14.6Farmers Telephone Company
MississippiWilkinson County14.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MissouriSt. Clair County14.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
New MexicoLea County14.7Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
MississippiJefferson County14.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasComanche County14.9Totelcom Communications, LLC
MichiganGogebic County14.9Upper Peninsula Telephone Co
MissouriDaviess County15.0Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriDaviess County15.0Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
AlabamaChoctaw County15.2Google Fiber Alabama, LLC
TexasFrio County15.2VTX Telecom, LLC
TexasFrio County15.2Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasFrio County15.2VTX Communications, LLC
North DakotaRolette County15.4Turtle Mountain Communications, Inc.
North DakotaRolette County15.4North Dakota Telephone Company
NebraskaRed Willow County15.4Allo Communications
TexasNewton County15.5Google Fiber Texas, LLC
WisconsinAshland County15.5Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
UtahMorgan County15.5CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaVan Buren County15.6Danville Mutual Telephone Company
GeorgiaCharlton County15.7Brantley Telephone Company Inc
IowaDecatur County15.9Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MinnesotaPolk County16.0Garden Valley Telephone Company
MinnesotaRenville County16.0RS Fiber Cooperative
MinnesotaPolk County16.0Halstad Telephone Company
PennsylvaniaPotter County16.1PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
AlabamaWashington County16.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
KansasLinn County16.3Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasLinn County16.3Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
IowaGreene County16.4Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaGreene County16.4Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
MississippiNoxubee County16.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasSan Augustine County16.7Google Fiber Texas, LLC
MissouriDouglas County16.8Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MississippiCarroll County16.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiCarroll County16.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
MinnesotaItasca County16.9Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MinnesotaItasca County16.9Peoples Telephone Company
TexasUvalde County17.0Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
IowaCalhoun County17.0Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
TexasUvalde County17.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
IllinoisSchuyler County17.3Adams Telephone Co-Operative
MissouriMaries County17.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
AlabamaBullock County17.5Troy Cablevision, Inc.
UtahSanpete County17.5Manti Telephone Co
KansasBrown County17.5Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
MinnesotaBeltrami County17.7Garden Valley Telephone Company
AlabamaCoosa County17.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaBeltrami County17.7Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MinnesotaBeltrami County17.7CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriWayne County17.8Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MontanaFlathead County17.9Blackfoot Communications, Inc.
MontanaFlathead County17.9CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiAmite County18.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
North DakotaStark County18.1West River Telecommunications Cooperative
IowaKeokuk County18.1Danville Mutual Telephone Company
North DakotaStark County18.1Reservation Telephone Cooperative
MaineFranklin County18.1Biddeford Internet Corporation
North DakotaStark County18.1CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaRedwood County18.3Redwood County Telephone Company
MontanaLewis and Clark County18.3The Montana Internet Corporation
MontanaLewis and Clark County18.3CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaMonroe County18.4The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaFranklin County18.4Dumont Telephone Company
ColoradoMontrose County18.4DMEA Utilities Services, LLC
IowaMonroe County18.4Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MississippiPerry County18.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
UtahSummit County19.4Veracity Networks
UtahSummit County19.4CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiClaiborne County19.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
IllinoisPike County19.8Adams Telephone Co-Operative
IllinoisPike County19.8Adams Telsystems Inc.
WisconsinWashburn County20.0CTC Telecom
MissouriBollinger County20.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
UtahWasatch County20.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiGreene County20.2AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaHoward County20.2Hawkeye Telephone Company
WisconsinBuffalo County20.2Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company
MississippiGreene County20.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
KentuckyHickman County20.2West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
KansasDoniphan County20.2CenturyLink, Inc.
WisconsinBuffalo County20.2CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasDoniphan County20.2Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
TennesseeVan Buren County20.3Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Inc
MississippiQuitman County20.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
MichiganLake County20.3Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
MississippiChoctaw County20.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasDelta County20.4Google Fiber Texas, LLC
MississippiChoctaw County20.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
MinnesotaFaribault County20.4Radio Link Internet
MissouriBates County20.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriBates County20.4Fidelity Communications Co.
MissouriBates County20.4Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
MissouriLinn County20.7Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
IowaLucas County20.7Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
WisconsinJackson County20.7CenturyLink, Inc.
IllinoisStark County20.8Mid Century Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MissouriDent County20.8Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
IowaCherokee County20.9West Iowa Telephone Co.
OklahomaOsage County21.1Cox Communications, Inc
OklahomaOsage County21.1AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonDouglas County21.1Public Utility District No. of Douglas County
South DakotaBrown County21.3Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaBrown County21.3Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Association, Inc
ColoradoAlamosa County21.4San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
ColoradoAlamosa County21.4Jade Communications LLC
GeorgiaGlascock County21.4Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
OregonDouglas County21.4Douglas Services Inc, dba Douglas Fast Net
MississippiBenton County21.5AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaTehama County21.5DM-Tech Inc.
IowaClarke County21.5Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
CaliforniaTehama County21.5California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
New YorkEssex County21.9Primelink, Inc.
MissouriHoward County21.9Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MinnesotaHubbard County22.1Garden Valley Telephone Company
MinnesotaHubbard County22.1West Central Telephone Assoc.
MinnesotaHubbard County22.1Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MissouriCaldwell County22.1Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriTexas County22.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MinnesotaHubbard County22.1Tekstar Communications, Inc.
MissouriCaldwell County22.1United Services, Inc.
IowaAllamakee County22.4Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaAllamakee County22.4Hawkeye Interconnect Company
IowaAllamakee County22.4Hawkeye Telephone Company
MissouriRipley County22.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
KentuckyCumberland County22.5Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyCumberland County22.5Cumberland Cellular, Inc.
MinnesotaPennington County22.6Garden Valley Telephone Company
GeorgiaScreven County22.6Planters Communications, LLC
IllinoisBrown County22.7Adams Telephone Co-Operative
IllinoisBrown County22.7Adams Telsystems Inc.
MissouriMontgomery County22.8Kingdom Telephone Company
AlabamaCrenshaw County22.8Troy Cablevision, Inc.
IowaWright County22.8Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
MissouriOsage County23.0Kingdom Telephone Company
South DakotaHughes County23.0Venture Communications Cooperative, Inc.
MissouriOsage County23.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
South DakotaHughes County23.0CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaClayton County23.3Hawkeye Telephone Company
KansasDickinson County23.3Twin Valley Telephone Inc
ArkansasHoward County23.4Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
TexasGillespie County23.5Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasGillespie County23.5Windstream Communications Kerrville, LLC
MissouriGrundy County23.6Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriGrundy County23.6Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
OregonUmatilla County23.6Eastern Oregon Telecom, LLC
OregonUmatilla County23.6CenturyLink, Inc.
New MexicoSan Juan County23.6CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasIzard County23.6Yelcot Video Group, Inc.
MississippiTunica County23.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiTallahatchie County23.8AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasBourbon County23.9Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
GeorgiaJenkins County24.0Planters Communications, LLC
GeorgiaJenkins County24.0Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyOwsley County24.1Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
IllinoisHancock County24.1Adams Telephone Co-Operative
IllinoisHancock County24.1Adams Telsystems Inc.
MissouriHickory County24.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MinnesotaFillmore County24.2Home Telephone Company
MinnesotaFillmore County24.2Ace Telephone Association
MississippiClarke County24.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiWebster County24.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiWebster County24.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
IowaTama County24.6Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
MinnesotaBecker County24.7Garden Valley Telephone Company
MinnesotaBecker County24.7West Central Telephone Assoc.
IowaCass County24.7The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaChickasaw County24.7Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaChickasaw County24.7Hawkeye Telephone Company
MinnesotaBecker County24.7Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
MissouriMadison County24.7Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
ArkansasLittle River County24.7Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
MinnesotaBecker County24.7Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MinnesotaBecker County24.7Tekstar Communications, Inc.
MinnesotaBecker County24.7Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone co
MinnesotaBecker County24.7East Otter Tail Telephone Company
IowaCass County24.7West Iowa Telephone Co.
MinnesotaBecker County24.7CenturyLink, Inc.
MichiganChippewa County24.7Upper Peninsula Telephone Co
WashingtonChelan County24.8Public Utility District No. of Douglas County
IowaGrundy County24.8Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
WashingtonChelan County24.8Computer 5, Inc.
IowaO'Brien County25.1The Community Agency
IowaO'Brien County25.1West Iowa Telephone Co.
MississippiJasper County25.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
IowaMontgomery County25.3The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaMontgomery County25.3Villisca Farmers Telephone Company
IowaMontgomery County25.3Farmers Telephone Company
MississippiHolmes County25.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiCalhoun County25.5Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiWayne County25.6AT&T Services, Inc.
NebraskaOtoe County25.6Spiral Communications
IowaButler County25.6Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaButler County25.6Hawkeye Telephone Company
IowaButler County25.6Dumont Telephone Company
MississippiWayne County25.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MissouriVernon County25.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
KansasPottawatomie County25.7AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasPottawatomie County25.7Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
KansasPottawatomie County25.7Twin Valley Telephone Inc
MinnesotaWadena County25.8A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC
MinnesotaWadena County25.8West Central Telephone Assoc.
TexasFayette County25.8Colorado Valley Communications, Inc.
TexasFayette County25.8Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MinnesotaWadena County25.8Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative
MinnesotaWadena County25.8Tekstar Communications, Inc.
MinnesotaSibley County25.9RS Fiber Cooperative
LouisianaUnion Parish25.9AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasBandera County25.9Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MississippiSmith County25.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
IowaAppanoose County25.9Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
TexasBandera County25.9Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc.
NevadaLyon County26.0AT&T Services, Inc.
ArizonaYavapai County26.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaTodd County26.3A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC
MinnesotaTodd County26.3West Central Telephone Assoc.
MinnesotaTodd County26.3Eagle Valley Telephone Company
MinnesotaTodd County26.3Mainstreet Communications LLC
MinnesotaTodd County26.3Osakis Telephone Company
TexasLee County26.4En-Touch Systems, Inc.
VirginiaCharlotte County26.5KINEX TELECOM, INC.
MississippiAttala County26.6AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisIroquois County26.6MCC Network Services, LLC
MississippiAttala County26.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MissouriNodaway County26.6Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriNodaway County26.6United Services, Inc.
KansasAllen County26.7Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasAllen County26.7Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
MississippiMontgomery County26.8AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiMontgomery County26.8Telepak Networks, Inc.
KentuckyCarlisle County26.9West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
MissouriBenton County27.1Co-Mo Comm Inc
MississippiYalobusha County27.1AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaWinnebago County27.1Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
MississippiYalobusha County27.1Telepak Networks, Inc.
ColoradoDelta County27.1DMEA Utilities Services, LLC
MissouriBenton County27.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
IowaHamilton County27.2Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
MissouriWright County27.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
FloridaMadison County27.6CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaMadison County27.9The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaMadison County27.9Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
ArkansasMarion County27.9Yelcot Video Group, Inc.
MissouriNew Madrid County28.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
KentuckyBreathitt County28.2Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
GeorgiaBurke County28.2Planters Communications, LLC
GeorgiaBurke County28.2Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KansasFinney County28.2Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
IowaLouisa County28.3Danville Mutual Telephone Company
ArkansasGrant County28.3Windstream ARKANSAS, LLC
South CarolinaMcCormick County28.5West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaMcCormick County28.5West Carolina Communications, LLC
MissouriLivingston County28.5Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
IowaFayette County28.6Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaFayette County28.6Hawkeye Interconnect Company
IowaFayette County28.6Hawkeye Telephone Company
KansasNeosho County28.9Chanute City of
KansasNeosho County28.9Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
IowaPlymouth County29.0Western Iowa Telephone Association
IowaPlymouth County29.0West Iowa Telephone Co.
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1West Central Telephone Assoc.
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1Tekstar Communications, Inc.
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1East Otter Tail Telephone Company
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1Loretel Systems Inc
MinnesotaOtter Tail County29.1Midwest Telpehone Co
NebraskaSeward County29.3Bluestem Fiber LLC
IowaClay County29.4Spencer Municipal Utilities
IowaClay County29.4Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
MissouriGasconade County29.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
LouisianaPlaquemines Parish29.5AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisShelby County29.5MCC Network Services, LLC
MissouriCedar County29.5Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
IllinoisShelby County29.5Brandon Rarick
IowaUnion County29.6The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaUnion County29.6Villisca Farmers Telephone Company
IowaUnion County29.6Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
VirginiaBuckingham County29.6CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaPage County29.8The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaPage County29.8Villisca Farmers Telephone Company
IowaPage County29.8Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
ArkansasFranklin County29.8Lavaca Telephone Company, Inc.-AR
IowaPage County29.8Farmers Telephone Company
ArkansasFranklin County29.8Vantage Telecom, LLC d/b/a Pinnacle Telecom
LouisianaConcordia Parish29.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiLawrence County30.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
MontanaCascade County30.1CenturyLink, Inc.
ColoradoLa Plata County30.3CenturyLink, Inc.
LouisianaDe Soto Parish30.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiYazoo County30.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
North CarolinaBertie County30.4CenturyLink, Inc.
ColoradoFremont County30.5SECOM Inc
IowaWinneshiek County30.5Hawkeye Telephone Company
MichiganKalkaska County30.6COLI, Inc
North DakotaWard County30.6Reservation Telephone Cooperative
MissouriDeKalb County30.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriDeKalb County30.6United Services, Inc.
IowaDelaware County30.7Hawkeye Telephone Company
IowaDelaware County30.7Comelec Services, Inc.
MissouriSaline County30.9Co-Mo Comm Inc
KansasBarton County30.9Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
AlabamaBarbour County31.0AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaBarbour County31.0Troy Cablevision, Inc.
MissouriDallas County31.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriDallas County31.0Fidelity Communications Co.
ArkansasHempstead County31.1Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
MissouriCooper County31.2Co-Mo Comm Inc
TennesseePickett County31.2Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
IowaJackson County31.2F&B Communications, Inc.
MissouriCooper County31.2Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
GeorgiaWashington County31.2Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South DakotaUnion County31.3FiberComm L.C.
WashingtonLewis County31.4The Toledo Telephone Co., Inc.
MississippiWinston County31.6AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasEllis County31.6Nex-Tech, Inc.
MississippiWinston County31.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
KansasEllis County31.6Rural Telephone Service Co dba Nex-Tech
KansasEllis County31.6Moundridge Telephone Co.
New YorkFranklin County31.7Primelink, Inc.
TennesseeBledsoe County31.7EPB Fiber Optics
TennesseeBledsoe County31.7Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Inc
OklahomaLe Flore County31.7Vantage Telecom, LLC d/b/a Pinnacle Telecom
VirginiaNelson County31.9Nelson County Cablevision Corp
IowaCedar County31.9Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaCedar County31.9F&B Communications, Inc.
VirginiaNelson County31.9County of Nelson
TexasShelby County32.0Google Fiber Texas, LLC
MinnesotaSt. Louis County32.0CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasColumbia County32.1Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
GeorgiaJefferson County32.2Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasCass County32.5Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasCass County32.5Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasMcPherson County32.5Moundridge Telephone Co.
OhioVinton County32.6Intelliwave, LLC
GeorgiaBrooks County32.9AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaJohnson County32.9Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TennesseeClay County33.2Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
TennesseeClay County33.2North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MissouriWashington County33.2Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
GeorgiaEmanuel County33.2Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyMonroe County33.3South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyMonroe County33.3South Central Telcom, LLC
KentuckyTodd County33.3AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyMonroe County33.3North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
WashingtonGrant County33.3Public Utility District #2 of Grant County, WA
MissouriCrawford County33.3Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
WashingtonGrant County33.3CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasMatagorda County33.4AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasLabette County33.5Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasLabette County33.5Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
TexasGrimes County33.8En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasGrimes County33.8Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
TexasGrimes County33.8Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
WisconsinDouglas County33.9Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
GeorgiaOglethorpe County33.9Windstream Georgia, LLC
FloridaHendry County34.0Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaHendry County34.0CenturyLink, Inc.
WyomingLaramie County34.2CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriMorgan County34.4Co-Mo Comm Inc
IowaMills County34.4The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
New MexicoCurry County34.4Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
New MexicoCurry County34.4Yucca Telecommunications Systems
MissouriMorgan County34.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MontanaGallatin County34.4Montana Opticom
MontanaGallatin County34.4CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaHouston County34.5Ace Telephone Association
GeorgiaTreutlen County34.5Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
LouisianaGrant Parish34.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiChickasaw County34.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasMedina County34.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasMedina County34.7Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MississippiChickasaw County34.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasMedina County34.7En-Touch Systems, Inc.
WisconsinJuneau County34.8Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company
WisconsinJuneau County34.8Wood County Telephone Company, DBA
KentuckyMetcalfe County34.9South Central Telephone Coop Inc
MissouriMississippi County34.9Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
TexasErath County35.0Google Fiber Texas, LLC
AlabamaMacon County35.2AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaMorehouse Parish35.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeHaywood County35.2Aeneas Communications, LLC
New MexicoSandoval County35.5CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasOuachita County35.6AireCast, LLC
KentuckyCasey County35.9Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KansasJefferson County35.9AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaJones County35.9Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
KansasJefferson County35.9Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
TennesseeFentress County36.0Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
TexasHale County36.1Pride Network , Inc.
GeorgiaLong County36.1Georgia Windstream, LLC
MissouriSte. Genevieve County36.4AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaBenton County36.4Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaBenton County36.4Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
MissouriSte. Genevieve County36.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriStoddard County36.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
South DakotaPennington County36.4CenturyLink, Inc.
VirginiaAlleghany County36.5Lumos Telephone of Botetourt Inc.
AlabamaCovington County36.6Troy Cablevision, Inc.
IowaBuchanan County36.7Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaBuchanan County36.7Hawkeye Telephone Company
AlabamaBibb County36.8AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaColleton County36.8Home Telephone ILEC, LLC d/b/a Home Telecom
TexasAtascosa County36.8VTX Telecom, LLC
South CarolinaWilliamsburg County36.8Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaWilliamsburg County36.8FTC Diversified Services, LLC
KansasCherokee County36.8Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasCherokee County36.8Columbus Communications Services
KansasCherokee County36.8Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
TexasAtascosa County36.8VTX Communications, LLC
MissouriAudrain County36.9Kingdom Telephone Company
MissouriAudrain County36.9Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
PennsylvaniaTioga County37.0PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
MissouriPemiscot County37.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
TexasWillacy County37.5VTX Telecom, LLC
IdahoJerome County37.5CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasWillacy County37.5Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasWillacy County37.5VTX Communications, LLC
MissouriMoniteau County37.6Co-Mo Comm Inc
MississippiNewton County37.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MissouriMoniteau County37.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
TennesseeJackson County37.7Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
TennesseeJackson County37.7North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
GeorgiaTelfair County37.7Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
KentuckyLee County37.8Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
KentuckyLee County37.8Peoples Telecom, LLC
GeorgiaJasper County37.8AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyLee County37.8AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiCopiah County37.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
TennesseeGrundy County38.0EPB Fiber Optics
IllinoisPiatt County38.1MCC Network Services, LLC
GeorgiaMontgomery County38.1Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
IowaWashington County38.2Danville Mutual Telephone Company
KentuckyLawrence County38.2Foothills Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Inc.
MississippiWalthall County38.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
WashingtonGrays Harbor County38.3CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseePolk County38.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseePolk County38.7EPB Fiber Optics
IowaJefferson County38.7Danville Mutual Telephone Company
ArkansasJohnson County38.7CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaParke County39.0Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
MississippiBolivar County39.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
KentuckyJackson County39.1Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
IowaMahaska County39.2Mahaska Communication Group
WisconsinTrempealeau County39.3CenturyLink, Inc.
KentuckyGreen County39.4South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyGreen County39.4South Central Telcom, LLC
OregonCoos County39.5Alyrica Networks, Inc.
OregonCoos County39.5Douglas Services Inc, dba Douglas Fast Net
MichiganHuron County39.6Air Advantage, LLC
CaliforniaSan Benito County39.8AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaCalhoun County39.8AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasLyon County39.8Valu-Net LLC
KansasLyon County39.8Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
MississippiStone County39.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiStone County39.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
MissouriAndrew County40.0Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriAndrew County40.0Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriPerry County40.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriAndrew County40.0United Services, Inc.
KentuckyEdmonson County40.2South Central Telcom, LLC
IdahoTwin Falls County40.2CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaWare County40.7Brantley Telephone Company Inc
MississippiLeake County40.8Telepak Networks, Inc.
LouisianaPointe Coupee Parish40.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaCarlton County41.1Moose Lake Village Of
WashingtonClallam County41.1CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaGreene County41.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriRay County41.3Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriRay County41.3PowerComm Broadband dba NewDawn Fiber
MinnesotaWabasha County41.4Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc.
MichiganOsceola County41.5Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
GeorgiaBrantley County41.6Brantley Telephone Company Inc
MissouriMiller County41.8Co-Mo Comm Inc
TennesseeScott County41.8Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
New YorkSt. Lawrence County41.8Primelink, Inc.
MissouriMiller County41.8Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
ColoradoTeller County41.9Peak Internet
ColoradoTeller County41.9CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeMorgan County42.1Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
MontanaMissoula County42.1Blackfoot Communications, Inc.
MontanaMissoula County42.1CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiSunflower County42.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasCalhoun County42.2En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasMaverick County42.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaBrown County42.4Redwood County Telephone Company
IndianaRush County42.6Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
GeorgiaBerrien County42.7Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
MissouriMcDonald County42.8Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
IllinoisFulton County42.8Century Enterprises, Inc.
IllinoisFulton County42.8Mid Century Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasPolk County43.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
South DakotaYankton County43.1CenturyLink, Inc.
KentuckyMagoffin County43.2Foothills Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Inc.
MissouriHowell County43.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
South CarolinaSaluda County43.9PBT Communications, Inc.
MississippiItawamba County43.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
IowaSioux County43.9West Iowa Telephone Co.
South CarolinaSaluda County43.9CarolinaConnect Cooperative Inc.
TexasAustin County44.0AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaRabun County44.0Habersham Electric Membership Corporation
TexasAustin County44.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
GeorgiaRabun County44.0Georgia Windstream, LLC
ColoradoMesa County44.1CenturyLink, Inc.
KentuckyHart County44.2South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyHart County44.2South Central Telcom, LLC
IllinoisMoultrie County44.2MCC Network Services, LLC
MinnesotaFreeborn County44.2Radio Link Internet
VirginiaHalifax County44.3CenturyLink, Inc.
LouisianaEast Feliciana Parish44.7AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinGrant County44.7CenturyLink, Inc.
South DakotaDavison County44.8ATV Holdings, LLC dba Mitchell Telecom
South DakotaDavison County44.8Midstate Communications, Inc.
MichiganSanilac County44.8Air Advantage, LLC
TexasKerr County45.0Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasKerr County45.0Windstream Communications Kerrville, LLC
MinnesotaWaseca County45.2Radio Link Internet
NebraskaCass County45.3Spiral Communications
MainePenobscot County45.3UniCap, Inc.
MainePenobscot County45.3Pioneer Wireless, Inc.
GeorgiaCandler County45.3Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
NebraskaCass County45.3Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
KansasFranklin County45.5Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
MinnesotaDodge County45.7Radio Link Internet
MissouriBarry County45.7Barry Electric Cooperative
MinnesotaDodge County45.7Kasson & Mantorville Telephone Company
KentuckyAdair County46.0Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyAdair County46.0Cumberland Cellular, Inc.
KentuckyAdair County46.0South Central Telephone Coop Inc
IowaBoone County46.0Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
IowaBoone County46.0CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasButler County46.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasButler County46.1Moundridge Telephone Co.
KansasButler County46.1Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
MississippiTishomingo County46.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
KentuckyClay County46.3Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
KentuckyClay County46.3Peoples Telecom, LLC
TennesseeMcNairy County46.3Aeneas Communications, LLC
WashingtonWalla Walla County46.3PocketiNet Communications Inc.
WashingtonWalla Walla County46.3CenturyLink, Inc.
IdahoNez Perce County46.3CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaHenry County46.4Danville Mutual Telephone Company
MississippiScott County46.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
North DakotaGrand Forks County46.5Halstad Telephone Company
North DakotaGrand Forks County46.5Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
MarylandGarrett County46.5QCOL, Inc.
North DakotaGrand Forks County46.5MLGC, L.L.C.
North DakotaGrand Forks County46.5Griggs County Telephone Co
MissouriLaclede County46.5Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MississippiSimpson County46.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiSimpson County46.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaWayne County46.9Brantley Telephone Company Inc
MichiganOtsego County46.9Winn Telephone DBA Winn Telecom
South CarolinaLee County46.9Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaLee County46.9FTC Diversified Services, LLC
OklahomaBryan County46.9360 Communications, INC
OregonLincoln County47.0CoastCom, Inc.
MississippiGeorge County47.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasJim Wells County47.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasJim Wells County47.2VTX Telecom, LLC
MississippiGeorge County47.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasJim Wells County47.2VTX Communications, LLC
MississippiCoahoma County47.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiCovington County47.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
VermontAddison County48.0Waitsfield-Fayston Telephone Co., Inc.
ArkansasIndependence County48.0Yelcot Video Group, Inc.
MississippiMonroe County48.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiMonroe County48.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
WisconsinPolk County48.4Amery Telcom Inc
WisconsinPolk County48.4Lakeland Communications Group, LLC dba Lakeland Communications
WisconsinPolk County48.4CTC Telecom
FloridaGilchrist County48.4Windstream Florida, Inc.
KentuckyLogan County48.6City of Russellville Electric Plant Board
MississippiTippah County48.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
West VirginiaBarbour County48.6Citynet Holdings, LLC
AlabamaPike County48.9Troy Cablevision, Inc.
IndianaBrown County48.9Smithville Telecom, Inc
MissouriPolk County49.0Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriPolk County49.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriPolk County49.0Windstream Missouri, LLC
IllinoisChristian County49.1Computer Techniques, Inc.
IllinoisChristian County49.1Brandon Rarick
TennesseeMoore County49.2Tullahoma Utilities Authority
AlabamaJackson County49.4AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaVermilion Parish49.4AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaJackson County49.4Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
AlabamaJackson County49.4Farmers Telecommunications Corporation
MissouriClinton County49.5Grand River Mutual Telephone Corp
MissouriClinton County49.5Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriClinton County49.5United Services, Inc.
WisconsinMonroe County49.6Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company
WisconsinMonroe County49.6LVT Corp
MichiganAntrim County49.6COLI, Inc
WisconsinMonroe County49.6CenturyLink, Inc.
North DakotaBurleigh County49.8West River Telecommunications Cooperative
TexasStarr County49.8Google Fiber Texas, LLC
IndianaOrange County49.8Smithville Communications, Inc.
North DakotaBurleigh County49.8CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasStarr County49.8Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasStarr County49.8VTX Communications, LLC
MississippiMarion County49.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
NebraskaScotts Bluff County50.0Allo Communications
MississippiClay County50.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasKendall County50.4Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasKendall County50.4Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc.
OregonJosephine County50.4Origin Networks, LLC
OregonJosephine County50.4CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiPanola County50.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiPanola County50.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
FloridaWakulla County50.8CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeOverton County50.9Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
OregonLinn County50.9Alyrica Networks, Inc.
OregonLinn County50.9Scio Mutual Telephone Association
OregonLinn County50.9CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasMorris County51.3Google Fiber Texas, LLC
GeorgiaMorgan County51.4AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasReno County51.4Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
WisconsinDunn County51.6Bloomer Telephone Co
WisconsinDunn County51.6Chibardun Telephone Cooperative
West VirginiaPreston County51.7QCOL, Inc.
West VirginiaPreston County51.7Digital Connections, Inc.
South CarolinaAbbeville County51.8West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaAbbeville County51.8West Carolina Communications, LLC
MississippiGrenada County51.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
NebraskaWashington County51.9Huntel, Inc.
FloridaOkeechobee County52.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiNeshoba County52.1Telepak Networks, Inc.
OregonDeschutes County52.3CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiMarshall County52.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiMarshall County52.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
PennsylvaniaSusquehanna County52.7PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
FloridaWalton County53.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriCallaway County53.1Kingdom Telephone Company
MissouriLafayette County53.1Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
TennesseeSequatchie County53.1EPB Fiber Optics
TennesseeSequatchie County53.1Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Inc
IowaWebster County53.1Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
MaineWaldo County53.1UniCap, Inc.
MissouriCallaway County53.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriCallaway County53.1CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriCallaway County53.1Callabyte Technology, LLC
WisconsinBarron County53.2Chibardun Telephone Cooperative
WisconsinBarron County53.2CTC Telecom
WisconsinBarron County53.2CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaTattnall County53.2Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
VermontLamoille County53.3City of Burlington d/b/a Burlington Telecom
TennesseeHenderson County53.4Aeneas Communications, LLC
KentuckyRockcastle County53.9Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
KentuckyRockcastle County53.9Peoples Telecom, LLC
South CarolinaEdgefield County53.9AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaEdgefield County53.9West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
LouisianaIberville Parish54.0East Ascension Telephone Company, L.L.C.
LouisianaIberville Parish54.0AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyLarue County54.3South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyLarue County54.3South Central Telcom, LLC
North CarolinaPerquimans County54.4CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaLanier County54.4Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
TennesseeFayette County54.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiLeflore County54.5Telepak Networks, Inc.
PennsylvaniaBradford County54.6PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
FloridaDeSoto County54.7CenturyLink, Inc.
MichiganClare County54.8Winn Telephone DBA Winn Telecom
TexasLamar County54.9AT&T Services, Inc.
VermontBennington County55.0City of Burlington d/b/a Burlington Telecom
VermontBennington County55.0Vermont Telephone Co., Inc
New MexicoDoña Ana County55.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaMower County55.1Home Telephone Company
MinnesotaMower County55.1Radio Link Internet
KansasMontgomery County55.1Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
IllinoisMcDonough County55.3Adams Telephone Co-Operative
OhioMeigs County55.3Intelliwave, LLC
IndianaJay County55.4CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaBremer County55.7Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaBremer County55.7Hawkeye Telephone Company
IowaBremer County55.7Waverly Communications Utility
TexasWashington County55.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasWashington County55.8En-Touch Systems, Inc.
IdahoBonneville County55.9Blackfoot Communications, Inc.
IdahoBonneville County55.9CenturyLink, Inc.
IdahoBonneville County55.9Fybercom
IndianaOwen County56.0Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
OklahomaDelaware County56.2Grand Telephone Company
OklahomaDelaware County56.2NORTHEAST RURAL SERVICES
MontanaYellowstone County56.2CenturyLink, Inc.
OklahomaLogan County56.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaClay County56.4Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc.
MinnesotaClay County56.4VAL-ED Joint Venture LLP dba 702Communications
MinnesotaClay County56.4Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone co
MinnesotaClay County56.4CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaDouglas County56.5A Better Wireless, NISP, LLC
MinnesotaDouglas County56.5Gardonville Coop. Tele. Assn.
MinnesotaDouglas County56.5Osakis Telephone Company
MinnesotaDouglas County56.5Midwest Telpehone Co
WashingtonYakima County56.6PocketiNet Communications Inc.
WashingtonYakima County56.6CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeMarion County56.7EPB Fiber Optics
VermontWindham County56.7Vermont Telephone Co., Inc
UtahWashington County56.9Veracity Networks
UtahWashington County56.9Go Fiber
UtahWashington County56.9CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahWashington County56.9Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
KansasMiami County57.0Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
AlabamaChambers County57.4Google Fiber Alabama, LLC
AlabamaChambers County57.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeHenry County57.5Aeneas Communications, LLC
TennesseeHenry County57.5West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
South CarolinaClarendon County57.6Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaClarendon County57.6FTC Diversified Services, LLC
KentuckyMarion County57.8South Central Telephone Coop Inc
IndianaRandolph County57.9New LisbonTelephone
KentuckyEstill County58.0Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
KentuckyEstill County58.0Peoples Telecom, LLC
KentuckyAllen County58.0South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyAllen County58.0North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
AlabamaTallapoosa County58.1AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeObion County58.4West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
TennesseeObion County58.4Jackson Energy Authority
TennesseeObion County58.4Union City Electric System
VermontWindsor County58.5Vermont Telephone Co., Inc
VirginiaNorthampton County58.5Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority
VirginiaNorthampton County58.5Eastern Shore Communications, LLC
TennesseeLauderdale County58.9Aeneas Communications, LLC
MissouriDunklin County59.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
South CarolinaNewberry County59.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiLincoln County59.5Telepak Networks, Inc.
MichiganNewaygo County59.6Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
North CarolinaPender County60.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeChester County60.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeChester County60.0Aeneas Communications, LLC
GeorgiaLaurens County60.0Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
IowaMarion County60.1The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
MississippiPontotoc County60.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeMeigs County60.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeMeigs County60.2EPB Fiber Optics
MississippiPontotoc County60.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaEvans County60.2Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TennesseeWeakley County60.3West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
FloridaSuwannee County60.3Windstream Florida, Inc.
OklahomaMcClain County60.5AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaMcClain County60.5Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
MississippiPrentiss County60.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
TennesseeSmith County61.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeSmith County61.0North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MinnesotaGoodhue County61.0Radio Link Internet
MinnesotaGoodhue County61.0Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc.
MissouriWebster County61.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
VirginiaBotetourt County61.2Lumos Telephone of Botetourt Inc.
IndianaTipton County61.2Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
TennesseeDeKalb County61.5Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
GeorgiaPutnam County61.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriButler County61.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MinnesotaLe Sueur County61.7Radio Link Internet
WisconsinChippewa County61.9Bloomer Telephone Co
MissouriPettis County61.9Co-Mo Comm Inc
MissouriPettis County61.9Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
North CarolinaColumbus County62.0CenturyLink, Inc.
OklahomaCherokee County62.7Cox Communications, Inc
WashingtonFranklin County62.9PocketiNet Communications Inc.
WashingtonFranklin County62.9CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaTowns County62.9Windstream Standard, LLC
AlabamaChilton County63.0AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaSequoyah County63.0Oklahoma Windstream, LLC
MissouriLawrence County63.2Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
WashingtonMason County63.3HOOD CANAL TELEPHONE CO., INC.
ColoradoWeld County63.4City of Longmont
ColoradoWeld County63.4CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasHarvey County64.3Cox Communications, Inc
KansasHarvey County64.3Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
KansasHarvey County64.3Moundridge Telephone Co.
TexasWood County65.0Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasWood County65.0ETEX Communications, LLC
MississippiUnion County65.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasLiberty County65.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiUnion County65.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasLiberty County65.3En-Touch Systems, Inc.
North CarolinaMacon County65.8Morris Broadband, LLC
VermontRutland County66.3Vermont Telephone Co., Inc
GeorgiaUnion County66.3Windstream Standard, LLC
KansasCrawford County66.4Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
KansasCrawford County66.4Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
PennsylvaniaClarion County66.6Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
ColoradoPueblo County66.7SECOM Inc
ColoradoPueblo County66.7CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaMonroe County66.8AT&T Services, Inc.
VirginiaPrince Edward County66.8KINEX TELECOM, INC.
NevadaWashoe County66.9AT&T Services, Inc.
NevadaWashoe County66.9Valley Communications Association, LLC
MissouriCamden County67.1Co-Mo Comm Inc
MissouriCamden County67.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
North CarolinaSampson County67.1CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriPhelps County67.2Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
KentuckyGraves County67.3West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
WashingtonSkagit County67.5Sound Internet Services, Inc.
TexasNacogdoches County68.2Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasNacogdoches County68.2En-Touch Systems, Inc.
IndianaGibson County68.7Smithville Telecom, Inc
TennesseeTrousdale County68.9North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
MississippiPearl River County68.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiPearl River County68.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaHarris County69.0AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyBourbon County69.0AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyRussell County69.2Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyRussell County69.2Cumberland Cellular, Inc.
LouisianaAssumption Parish69.2AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaBryan County69.3Planters Communications, LLC
IowaLee County69.3Danville Mutual Telephone Company
IowaLee County69.3Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
MichiganTuscola County69.4AT&T Services, Inc.
NebraskaDodge County69.4HunTel CableVision d/b/a HunTel Communications
MissouriStone County69.4Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MichiganTuscola County69.4Air Advantage, LLC
NebraskaDodge County69.4Hooper Telephone Company
LouisianaWebster Parish69.5AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasMiller County69.5Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Inc
MississippiAdams County69.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasCaldwell County69.8Google Fiber Texas, LLC
MississippiAdams County69.8Telepak Networks, Inc.
TexasCaldwell County69.8En-Touch Systems, Inc.
ArizonaPinal County70.0Cox Communications, Inc
TennesseeMonroe County70.0AT&T Services, Inc.
ArizonaPinal County70.0CenturyLink, Inc.
KentuckyPowell County70.5AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaMadera County70.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiWashington County70.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Martin Parish70.7AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaClinton County70.7F&B Communications, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Martin Parish70.7CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaMarshall County71.0Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
PennsylvaniaWyoming County71.2PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
MississippiTate County71.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiTate County71.4Telepak Networks, Inc.
OhioFayette County71.4Intelliwave, LLC
WisconsinPierce County71.5CenturyLink, Inc.
New MexicoValencia County71.8Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
New MexicoValencia County71.8CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeMacon County72.4North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasTom Green County72.4En-Touch Systems, Inc.
GeorgiaJones County72.8AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaWayne County72.8PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
GeorgiaJones County72.8Windstream Standard, LLC
GeorgiaJones County72.8Georgia Windstream, LLC
TexasHarrison County72.9Fidelity Communications Co.
MinnesotaNicollet County73.0RS Fiber Cooperative
OregonJackson County73.0Origin Networks, LLC
OregonJackson County73.0CenturyLink, Inc.
IllinoisWoodford County73.3MTCO Communications, Inc.
IllinoisWoodford County73.3Metamora Telephone Company
OklahomaCreek County73.6AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaCoffee County73.6Troy Cablevision, Inc.
VirginiaAccomack County73.8Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority
VirginiaAccomack County73.8Eastern Shore Communications, LLC
IllinoisKnox County73.9Century Enterprises, Inc.
IllinoisKnox County73.9Mid Century Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaGeorgetown County73.9Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TennesseeFranklin County74.0Tullahoma Utilities Authority
TennesseeFranklin County74.0AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinColumbia County74.2CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaMonroe County74.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasWebb County74.5AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasWebb County74.5Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasWebb County74.5Smartcom Telephone, LLC
TexasWebb County74.5En-Touch Systems, Inc.
IdahoBannock County74.5CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasWhite County74.5Yelcot Video Group, Inc.
TexasWebb County74.5Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasWebb County74.5California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
TexasWebb County74.5VTX Communications, LLC
MinnesotaMcLeod County74.6RS Fiber Cooperative
WisconsinSauk County74.6Reedsburg Utility Commission
WisconsinSauk County74.6CenturyLink, Inc.
MichiganGratiot County74.7Winn Telephone DBA Winn Telecom
MichiganGratiot County74.7Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
TennesseeDyer County74.8West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
GeorgiaToombs County74.8Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
ArkansasBaxter County74.9CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasBaxter County74.9Yelcot Video Group, Inc.
MississippiLafayette County75.0AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiLafayette County75.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
OregonColumbia County75.1Stephouse Holdings Company, LLC
OregonColumbia County75.1CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaClay County75.2Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
VermontFranklin County75.3City of Burlington d/b/a Burlington Telecom
New MexicoSanta Fe County75.5Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
New MexicoSanta Fe County75.5CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaMontgomery County75.6AT&T Services, Inc.
New YorkWarren County75.8Primelink, Inc.
GeorgiaCook County75.8Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
New YorkWashington County76.1Primelink, Inc.
VirginiaAugusta County76.3Nelson County Cablevision Corp
MichiganMecosta County77.1Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
OregonLane County77.2CoastCom, Inc.
OregonLane County77.2McMinnville Access Company
OregonLane County77.2CenturyLink, Inc.
OregonLane County77.2Douglas Services Inc, dba Douglas Fast Net
IowaCerro Gordo County77.7Spencer Municipal Utilities
South DakotaLincoln County77.7CenturyLink, Inc.
IllinoisAdams County78.5Adams Telephone Co-Operative
IllinoisAdams County78.5Adams Telsystems Inc.
OhioHighland County78.8Intelliwave, LLC
IndianaPutnam County79.0Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
New YorkClinton County79.1Primelink, Inc.
GeorgiaBanks County79.3Habersham Electric Membership Corporation
GeorgiaBanks County79.3Windstream Georgia, LLC
NebraskaDakota County79.5FiberComm L.C.
IdahoMadison County80.0Blackfoot Communications, Inc.
IdahoMadison County80.0CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaWarren County81.1Mahaska Communication Group
IowaWarren County81.1The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaWarren County81.1Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaWarren County81.1CenturyLink, Inc.
KentuckyWhitley County81.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeMarshall County81.5Megawatt Communications LLC
MissouriTaney County81.7Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
IndianaClinton County82.0Swayzee Telephone Co Inc
IndianaClinton County82.0AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaClinton County82.0Wintek Corporation
TennesseeCocke County82.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaJackson County82.1Morris Broadband, LLC
MinnesotaWinona County82.2Ace Telephone Association
MinnesotaWinona County82.2Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc.
TennesseeCumberland County82.3Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Coop., Inc.
TennesseeCumberland County82.3Ben Lomand Communications, LLC
TennesseeCumberland County82.3Volunteer First Services,LLC
TennesseeCumberland County82.3Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative Inc
GeorgiaCamden County82.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeGibson County82.4Aeneas Communications, LLC
GeorgiaCamden County82.4Brantley Telephone Company Inc
TennesseeGibson County82.4West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
KentuckyKnox County82.5AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaRussell County82.6AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaPike County82.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiWarren County82.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiWarren County82.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaChattooga County83.0Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
PennsylvaniaPerry County83.4CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaPerry County83.4PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
TexasBastrop County83.5AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasBastrop County83.5Google Fiber Texas, LLC
South CarolinaOrangeburg County83.6Home Telephone ILEC, LLC d/b/a Home Telecom
South CarolinaOrangeburg County83.6CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaColquitt County83.6Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
TexasWaller County84.1AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasWaller County84.1En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasWaller County84.1Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
GeorgiaFranklin County84.5Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
AlabamaWalker County84.7AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaColumbia County84.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeCampbell County84.8AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaKershaw County84.9AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaKershaw County84.9Lancaster Telephone Company
North DakotaCass County84.9Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation
North DakotaCass County84.9Halstad Telephone Company
North DakotaCass County84.9MLGC, L.L.C.
North DakotaCass County84.9Griggs County Telephone Co
North DakotaCass County84.9VAL-ED Joint Venture LLP dba 702Communications
North DakotaCass County84.9CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaSteele County85.1Radio Link Internet
VermontGrand Isle County85.2City of Burlington d/b/a Burlington Telecom
MinnesotaBlue Earth County85.6Radio Link Internet
North CarolinaPolk County86.3Windstream North Carolina, LLC
KentuckyBarren County86.5South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyBarren County86.5South Central Telcom, LLC
TexasWalker County86.5AT&T Services, Inc.
VermontWashington County86.6Waitsfield-Fayston Telephone Co., Inc.
MinnesotaIsanti County86.8CenturyLink, Inc.
WisconsinPortage County87.4Wood County Telephone Company, DBA
North CarolinaTransylvania County87.4Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
OhioMercer County88.3NKTELCO, INC.
OhioDarke County88.5NKTELCO, INC.
AlabamaBlount County88.9AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyJohnson County89.2Foothills Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Inc.
KansasGeary County89.3Twin Valley Telephone Inc
AlabamaDale County89.6Troy Cablevision, Inc.
MichiganMontcalm County89.8Winn Telephone
MichiganMontcalm County89.8Winn Telephone DBA Winn Telecom
WashingtonCowlitz County89.8The Toledo Telephone Co., Inc.
WashingtonCowlitz County89.8Stephouse Holdings Company, LLC
VirginiaFluvanna County89.8CenturyLink, Inc.
WashingtonCowlitz County89.8CenturyLink, Inc.
MichiganMontcalm County89.8Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
LouisianaLafourche Parish90.2Lafourche Telephone Company, LLC
LouisianaLafourche Parish90.2AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Landry Parish90.3AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonSan Juan County90.7Island Networks, LLC
LouisianaTerrebonne Parish90.8AT&T Services, Inc.
VirginiaBedford County91.2Lumos Networks Inc.
KentuckySpencer County91.4AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaDeKalb County91.5Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
AlabamaDeKalb County91.5Farmers Telecommunications Corporation
CaliforniaTulare County91.7AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaAutauga County91.8AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaColbert County91.8AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaWilkes County91.9Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
TexasAransas County91.9En-Touch Systems, Inc.
MississippiAlcorn County92.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiHancock County92.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiHancock County92.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
North CarolinaChatham County93.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaChatham County93.1CenturyLink, Inc.
South CarolinaLaurens County93.2AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioMadison County93.2Intelliwave, LLC
MissouriScott County93.3Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
WisconsinWood County94.2Wood County Telephone Company, DBA
MinnesotaBenton County94.2CenturyLink, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Bernard Parish95.1AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonWhatcom County95.5Sound Internet Services, Inc.
MissouriPulaski County95.5Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
WashingtonWhatcom County95.5WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
WashingtonWhatcom County95.5CenturyLink, Inc.
WashingtonWhatcom County95.5Whidbey Telephone Company
GeorgiaDade County95.6EPB Fiber Optics
GeorgiaDade County95.6Trenton Telephone Co.
KentuckyPulaski County95.8Duo County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyCalloway County96.6West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
UtahCache County96.7Google Fiber Utah, LLC
UtahCache County96.7CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahCache County96.7Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
IowaDes Moines County96.9Danville Mutual Telephone Company
FloridaHighlands County97.2CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiJones County97.5Telepak Networks, Inc.
OhioWashington County97.8Windstream Western Reserve, Inc
IowaPottawattamie County98.0Cox Communications, Inc
IowaPottawattamie County98.0The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IndianaDubois County98.0Smithville Communications, Inc.
IndianaDubois County98.0Smithville Telecom, Inc
IowaPottawattamie County98.0CenturyLink, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Mary Parish98.4AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaRichmond County98.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasVictoria County98.4En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TennesseeUnicoi County98.4Erwin Utilities
LouisianaSt. Mary Parish98.4Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
MississippiPike County98.8Telepak Networks, Inc.
LouisianaLincoln Parish99.1AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaLincoln Parish99.1CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaMadison County99.6AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaMadison County99.6Windstream Georgia, LLC
LouisianaRapides Parish99.9AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaRapides Parish99.9Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
IllinoisLaSalle County100.4Marseilles Telephone Company
North CarolinaPerson County100.6CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeRhea County100.9AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeRhea County100.9EPB Fiber Optics
TennesseeDickson County101.4AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Bernardino County101.5Race Telecommunications, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Bernardino County101.5AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Bernardino County101.5Ultimate Internet Access, Inc
CaliforniaSan Bernardino County101.5California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaSan Bernardino County101.5Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
OregonPolk County101.8CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaHaralson County102.0AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaMcDowell County102.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaMcDowell County102.1Morris Broadband, LLC
TexasHunt County102.5Google Fiber Texas, LLC
OhioClinton County102.9Intelliwave, LLC
OhioSeneca County103.0Bascom Mutual Telephone Company
KentuckyChristian County103.1AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaKern County103.3Race Telecommunications, Inc.
CaliforniaKern County103.3AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaKern County103.3CVIN LLC
CaliforniaKern County103.3California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
KentuckyNelson County104.0South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyNelson County104.0AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiOktibbeha County104.0AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiOktibbeha County104.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
ArkansasCrawford County104.4Prairie Grove Telephone Company
KentuckyMarshall County104.4West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
ArkansasCrawford County104.4E. Ritter Communications, Inc d/b/a Ritter Communications, Inc
GeorgiaBulloch County104.4Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasBowie County104.6Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
PennsylvaniaPike County105.3PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
PennsylvaniaArmstrong County105.5Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
North CarolinaStokes County105.6Windstream North Carolina, LLC
GeorgiaDawson County105.9AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaDawson County105.9Windstream Standard, LLC
GeorgiaLumpkin County105.9Windstream Standard, LLC
CaliforniaEl Dorado County106.0AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisColes County106.0MCC Network Services, LLC
KentuckyAnderson County106.1AT&T Services, Inc.
ArizonaPima County106.7Cox Communications, Inc
MichiganCass County106.7Midwest Energy & Communications
ArizonaPima County106.7CenturyLink, Inc.
ArizonaPima County106.7California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
NebraskaHall County107.3CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaIndiana County107.5Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
IndianaShelby County108.1AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaShelby County108.1Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
GeorgiaHart County108.5Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
TexasAngelina County108.8Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
AlabamaCullman County109.4AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaEffingham County109.4AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaEffingham County109.4Planters Communications, LLC
GeorgiaEffingham County109.4Georgia Windstream, LLC
MarylandWorcester County109.9Eastern Shore Communications, LLC
MissouriFranklin County110.0Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriFranklin County110.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriFranklin County110.0Fidelity Communications Co.
CaliforniaKings County110.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyShelby County110.8AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioPickaway County111.1Intelliwave, LLC
AlabamaTalladega County111.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganIonia County111.9Westphalia Telephone
North CarolinaEdgecombe County111.9City of Wilson
MichiganIonia County111.9Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
MichiganIonia County111.9Westphalia Broadband, Inc.
MississippiLamar County112.0AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiLamar County112.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
MinnesotaStearns County112.2Mainstreet Communications LLC
MinnesotaStearns County112.2Melrose Telephone Company
MinnesotaStearns County112.2CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaDallas County112.4Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaDallas County112.4Hawkeye Telephone Company
IowaDallas County112.4Danville Mutual Telephone Company
IowaDallas County112.4Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
IowaDallas County112.4mi-fiber, LLC
IowaDallas County112.4CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaGranville County112.7CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaWhite County112.8Habersham Electric Membership Corporation
GeorgiaWhite County112.8Windstream Standard, LLC
OklahomaPayne County113.0Chickasaw Telecommunications Services, Inc.
FloridaNassau County113.0AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaPayne County113.0AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaNassau County113.0Windstream Florida, Inc.
OhioRoss County113.3Intelliwave, LLC
MississippiLauderdale County114.1Telepak Networks, Inc.
CaliforniaYuba County114.2AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioAuglaize County114.5NKTELCO, INC.
AlabamaBaldwin County114.6AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaBaldwin County114.6CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaMurray County115.0Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
ColoradoLarimer County115.4Front Range Internet, Inc.
ColoradoLarimer County115.4CenturyLink, Inc.
OhioKnox County115.9CenturyLink, Inc.
OklahomaComanche County116.1Fidelity Communications Co.
KansasRiley County116.6AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasRiley County116.6Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
KansasRiley County116.6Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
KansasRiley County116.6Twin Valley Telephone Inc
WisconsinSt. Croix County116.8SOMERSET TELEPHONE COMPANY
IowaWoodbury County117.1Spiral Communications
IowaWoodbury County117.1Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaWoodbury County117.1Western Iowa Telephone Association
IowaWoodbury County117.1CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiLowndes County118.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiLowndes County118.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
South CarolinaOconee County118.6AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisGrundy County119.8AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaHoke County120.2CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaSnyder County120.8PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
OhioShelby County121.2NKTELCO, INC.
TennesseeMcMinn County121.5AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasHood County121.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganSt. Joseph County122.4Midwest Energy & Communications
MichiganIsabella County122.8Winn Telephone
MichiganIsabella County122.8Winn Telephone DBA Winn Telecom
MichiganIsabella County122.8Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
TennesseeCoffee County123.1Tullahoma Utilities Authority
TennesseeCoffee County123.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaFranklin County123.3AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaFranklin County123.3CenturyLink, Inc.
LouisianaWest Baton Rouge Parish123.6Cox Communications, Inc
LouisianaWest Baton Rouge Parish123.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganVan Buren County125.5Midwest Energy & Communications
IndianaHenry County126.2NineStar Connect
IndianaHenry County126.2New LisbonTelephone
IndianaHenry County126.2Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
CaliforniaMonterey County126.5AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaMonterey County126.5Google Fiber California, LLC
North CarolinaMoore County126.5CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaMoore County126.5Windstream North Carolina, LLC
OregonBenton County126.6CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaBrunswick County126.8AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaPickens County126.8Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
LouisianaIberia Parish127.6AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaElmore County128.2Google Fiber Alabama, LLC
AlabamaElmore County128.2AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaElmore County128.2Windstream Alabama, LLC
GeorgiaButts County128.3AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaRogers County128.6AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaRogers County128.6NORTHEAST RURAL SERVICES
OhioAthens County128.6Intelliwave, LLC
OklahomaCanadian County128.9Cox Communications, Inc
OklahomaCanadian County128.9AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeCheatham County129.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasParker County129.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaRice County129.4Radio Link Internet
TexasGrayson County129.6Cutter Communications, Inc. dba GCEC Telecom
MinnesotaChisago County129.9CenturyLink, Inc.
OklahomaWagoner County130.1Cox Communications, Inc
OklahomaWagoner County130.1AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaWagoner County130.1Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
MissouriCape Girardeau County130.8Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriCape Girardeau County130.8Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
North CarolinaCarteret County131.3CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeMaury County132.0AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaMerced County132.2AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaSt. Clair County132.3Windstream Alabama, LLC
TexasKaufman County132.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasKaufman County132.4Google Fiber Texas, LLC
MichiganClinton County133.1Westphalia Telephone
MichiganClinton County133.1Winn Telephone DBA Winn Telecom
MichiganClinton County133.1Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
MichiganClinton County133.1Westphalia Broadband, Inc.
MississippiMadison County133.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiMadison County133.2Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaPolk County133.6AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaBoone County133.9Swayzee Telephone Co Inc
IndianaBoone County133.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganAllegan County135.0Holland Board of Public Works
KentuckyLaurel County135.6Peoples Rural Telephone Coop Corp
KentuckyLaurel County135.6Peoples Telecom, LLC
KentuckyLaurel County135.6AT&T Services, Inc.
VirginiaAlbemarle County137.3Ting Inc.
VirginiaAlbemarle County137.3CenturyLink, Inc.
MichiganLapeer County137.4Air Advantage, LLC
MissouriChristian County137.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriChristian County137.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
PennsylvaniaCentre County138.7United Datacom Networks, Inc
AlabamaLauderdale County138.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeRobertson County139.2AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaBossier Parish139.3AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaColumbia County139.3PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
South CarolinaLancaster County139.6Fort Mill Telephone Company
South CarolinaLancaster County139.6Lancaster Telephone Company
PennsylvaniaMontour County140.3PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
OhioHancock County140.7NKTELCO, INC.
OhioHancock County140.7AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaCherokee County140.9AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyClark County141.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyClark County141.1Windstream Kentucky East, LLC
North CarolinaRobeson County141.3AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaUnion County142.2PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
PennsylvaniaUnion County142.2Windstream Buffalo Valley, Inc
MissouriCass County142.8AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriCass County142.8Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
TexasTaylor County143.6Google Fiber Texas, LLC
MissouriSt. Francois County144.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriSt. Francois County144.6Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
OhioAshtabula County144.6Windstream Western Reserve, Inc
North CarolinaCraven County146.0CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaStephens County146.1Habersham Electric Membership Corporation
AlabamaTuscaloosa County147.3Google Fiber Alabama, LLC
AlabamaTuscaloosa County147.3AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaLimestone County147.8AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasSaline County148.0AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasSaline County148.0Fidelity Communications Co.
ArkansasSaline County148.0Windstream ARKANSAS, LLC
South CarolinaAiken County149.5AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaAiken County149.5PBT Telecom, Inc.
FloridaSanta Rosa County149.6Cox Communications, Inc
FloridaSanta Rosa County149.6AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaSanta Rosa County149.6Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
TennesseeRoane County150.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeSevier County151.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasMidland County152.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasMidland County152.0Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasMidland County152.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasEctor County152.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasEctor County152.8Grande Communications Networks, LLC
LouisianaTangipahoa Parish153.0AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaTangipahoa Parish153.0Pride Network , Inc.
South CarolinaGreenwood County153.2West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaGreenwood County153.2California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
WisconsinCalumet County153.9AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaDubuque County154.0Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
GeorgiaWalker County154.0EPB Fiber Optics
IowaDubuque County154.0Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
GeorgiaWalker County154.0Trenton Telephone Co.
IowaDubuque County154.0CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaDubuque County154.0Comelec Services, Inc.
GeorgiaWalker County154.0Georgia Windstream, LLC
CaliforniaSanta Barbara County155.0Cox Communications, Inc
CaliforniaSanta Barbara County155.0California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaSanta Barbara County155.0COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
GeorgiaGordon County155.1AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaHabersham County155.5Habersham Electric Membership Corporation
GeorgiaHabersham County155.5Windstream Standard, LLC
CaliforniaFresno County156.2AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaFresno County156.2CVIN LLC
IowaStory County156.3Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
IowaStory County156.3CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaStory County156.3Internet Consulting Services, LLC
CaliforniaSutter County157.3AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyBoyle County157.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasEllis County159.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiForrest County160.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiForrest County160.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
FloridaCollier County160.9Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaCollier County160.9CenturyLink, Inc.
South CarolinaSumter County161.6Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaSumter County161.6FTC Diversified Services, LLC
South CarolinaBerkeley County161.8AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaBerkeley County161.8Home Telephone ILEC, LLC d/b/a Home Telecom
GeorgiaTroup County161.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganMidland County162.0Air Advantage, LLC
North CarolinaWatauga County163.4AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaWatauga County163.4Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
AlabamaMarshall County164.4AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaMarshall County164.4Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
AlabamaMarshall County164.4Farmers Telecommunications Corporation
KansasLeavenworth County164.7AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasLeavenworth County164.7Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
North CarolinaRockingham County165.6AT&T Services, Inc.
West VirginiaHarrison County166.1Citynet Holdings, LLC
KentuckyScott County167.4AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisKankakee County167.7AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaGrant County169.2Swayzee Telephone Co Inc
IndianaGrant County169.2AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyHardin County169.3AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyHardin County169.3Windstream Kentucky East, LLC
IndianaMorgan County170.5Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
IndianaMorgan County170.5Precision Data Solutions, LLC
FloridaSumter County170.8Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaSumter County170.8CenturyLink, Inc.
South CarolinaFlorence County171.1AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaFlorence County171.1Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaFlorence County171.1FTC Diversified Services, LLC
PennsylvaniaCarbon County171.1PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
IndianaWayne County171.5New LisbonTelephone
PennsylvaniaFayette County172.8QCOL, Inc.
PennsylvaniaFayette County172.8Citizens Telephone Company of Kecksburg
ArkansasFaulkner County174.8AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasFaulkner County174.8Windstream ARKANSAS, LLC
AlabamaHouston County175.1Troy Cablevision, Inc.
North CarolinaCaldwell County176.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaCaldwell County176.1CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeMadison County176.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeMadison County176.4Aeneas Communications, LLC
TennesseeMadison County176.4Jackson Energy Authority
North CarolinaNash County177.3CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaBaldwin County177.3Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
GeorgiaOconee County178.0AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaJackson County178.1AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaJackson County178.1Windstream Georgia, LLC
GeorgiaJackson County178.1Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
North CarolinaPasquotank County179.2CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaVance County179.2CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaBurke County179.3AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaBurke County179.3CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaBurke County179.3Windstream Communications, Inc.
TennesseePutnam County180.3Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation
North CarolinaRandolph County181.1North State Telephone Company dba North State Communications
LouisianaCalcasieu Parish181.2AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaCalcasieu Parish181.2Benchmark Communications, LLC d/b/a Com One
CaliforniaNapa County182.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiRankin County182.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiRankin County182.6Telepak Networks, Inc.
MississippiRankin County182.6Windstream Mississippi, LLC
West VirginiaMarion County182.7Citynet Holdings, LLC
MissouriJasper County183.9Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriJasper County183.9Craw Kan Telephone Cooperative Inc
MississippiLee County184.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiLee County184.3Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaPeach County184.3Windstream Georgia, LLC
TexasGuadalupe County184.9AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasGuadalupe County184.9Google Fiber Texas, LLC
IndianaLaPorte County186.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganGrand Traverse County187.3Upper Peninsula Telephone Co
MichiganEaton County187.4LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
TennesseeJefferson County187.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaWright County188.5CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaBartholomew County188.7AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaFloyd County188.9AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Charles Parish189.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyMadison County189.6AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyMadison County189.6Windstream Kentucky East, LLC
GeorgiaGlynn County189.7AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaGlynn County189.7Brantley Telephone Company Inc
PennsylvaniaSchuylkill County190.4PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
IllinoisMacon County190.8MCC Network Services, LLC
IllinoisMacon County190.8Brandon Rarick
North CarolinaHarnett County192.7CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaHarnett County192.7Windstream Communications, Inc.
North CarolinaHarnett County192.7Windstream North Carolina, LLC
MichiganCalhoun County192.8Upper Peninsula Telephone Co
MissouriCole County193.0Co-Mo Comm Inc
MissouriCole County193.0Kingdom Telephone Company
MissouriCole County193.0Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriCole County193.0Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriCole County193.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiJackson County193.2AT&T Services, Inc.
New YorkOneida County193.7Primelink, Inc.
TexasComal County193.9AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasComal County193.9Google Fiber Texas, LLC
FloridaOkaloosa County194.4Cox Communications, Inc
FloridaOkaloosa County194.4CenturyLink, Inc.
AlabamaEtowah County195.2AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaCalhoun County195.7AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaFlagler County197.1AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaLivingston Parish197.5Cox Communications, Inc
LouisianaLivingston Parish197.5East Ascension Telephone Company, L.L.C.
LouisianaLivingston Parish197.5AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaYolo County197.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MaineYork County199.0Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC
TennesseeWilson County199.7AT&T Services, Inc.
OregonClackamas County201.0Canby Telephone Association
OregonClackamas County201.0Molalla Telephone Company dba Molalla Communications Company
OregonClackamas County201.0Stephouse Holdings Company, LLC
OregonClackamas County201.0CenturyLink, Inc.
IllinoisChampaign County201.8AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisChampaign County201.8MCC Network Services, LLC
IllinoisChampaign County201.8Gargoyle Technologies, Inc.
FloridaOsceola County202.4Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaOsceola County202.4CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaOsceola County202.4Smart City Telecommunications LLC
OhioWood County203.3AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioWood County203.3Amplex Electric, Inc.
MinnesotaSherburne County204.4CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaNorthumberland County206.2PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
AlabamaMorgan County206.3AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioWayne County206.4CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasJohnson County208.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasJohnson County208.3En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasJohnson County208.3Texas Windstream, Inc.
IllinoisTazewell County208.6MTCO Communications, Inc.
IllinoisTazewell County208.6Metamora Telephone Company
FloridaMarion County209.1Gainesville Regional Utilities
FloridaMarion County209.1CenturyLink, Inc.
South DakotaMinnehaha County210.0CenturyLink, Inc.
KentuckyWarren County210.1North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
KentuckyWarren County210.1South Central Telephone Coop Inc
KentuckyWarren County210.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyDaviess County210.9AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyDaviess County210.9Owensboro Municipal Utilities
North CarolinaCleveland County211.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeLoudon County211.8AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriPlatte County212.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriPlatte County212.6Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriPlatte County212.6United Services, Inc.
IowaJohnson County213.1The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaJohnson County213.1Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaJohnson County213.1Danville Mutual Telephone Company
IowaJohnson County213.1Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
IowaJohnson County213.1Farmers Telephone Company
VirginiaHanover County213.1CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaJohnston County213.4AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaJohnston County213.4Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaJohnston County213.4CenturyLink, Inc.
New YorkTompkins County214.0FiberSpark Inc.
LouisianaSt. John the Baptist Parish215.5AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasWashington County215.6Prairie Grove Telephone Company
ArkansasWashington County215.6Cox Communications, Inc
ArkansasWashington County215.6AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasWashington County215.6OzarksGo
ArkansasWashington County215.6Windstream ARKANSAS, LLC
GeorgiaBartow County217.9AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaBartow County217.9Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
MissouriBuchanan County218.6Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriBuchanan County218.6United Services, Inc.
GeorgiaLowndes County220.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeBlount County220.2AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaLowndes County220.2Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
North CarolinaWilson County220.6City of Wilson
North CarolinaWilson County220.6CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaOlmsted County220.8Radio Link Internet
MinnesotaOlmsted County220.8CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaOlmsted County220.8Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc.
GeorgiaCarroll County221.5AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaWayne County221.7AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaBay County222.6AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeAnderson County222.8AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganSt. Clair County226.1Air Advantage, LLC
TexasMcLennan County226.5Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasMcLennan County226.5En-Touch Systems, Inc.
North CarolinaLee County227.0Windstream North Carolina, LLC
IllinoisSangamon County227.4MCC Network Services, LLC
TexasSmith County227.6Suddenlink Communications
IndianaHancock County228.8AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaHancock County228.8NineStar Connect
IndianaHancock County228.8Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
TexasBrazoria County230.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasBrazoria County230.7Brazoria Telephone Company
TexasBrazoria County230.7En-Touch Systems, Inc.
AlabamaLee County230.8AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaLee County230.8Opelika Power Services, City of Opelika, AL
TexasHays County231.7AT&T Services, Inc.
IowaBlack Hawk County231.7Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
TexasHays County231.7Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasHays County231.7Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasHays County231.7En-Touch Systems, Inc.
IowaBlack Hawk County231.7CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaButler County233.1Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
North CarolinaOnslow County233.1CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaCharlotte County235.2CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasSebastian County236.4AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasSebastian County236.4Lavaca Telephone Company, Inc.-AR
ArkansasSebastian County236.4Vantage Telecom, LLC d/b/a Pinnacle Telecom
KentuckyFranklin County237.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriBoone County237.3Kingdom Telephone Company
MissouriBoone County237.3Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriBoone County237.3CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriBoone County237.3Callabyte Technology, LLC
South CarolinaDorchester County238.2AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaDorchester County238.2Home Telephone ILEC, LLC d/b/a Home Telecom
South CarolinaPickens County240.2AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaBlair County241.7Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
FloridaCitrus County242.8CenturyLink, Inc.
KansasDouglas County243.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasDouglas County243.1Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
MichiganBay County243.7Air Advantage, LLC
OhioLicking County243.9AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioLicking County243.9Windstream Ohio, Inc.
New YorkRensselaer County244.4Primelink, Inc.
TexasOrange County245.3En-Touch Systems, Inc.
NevadaClark County247.3Cox Communications, Inc
NevadaClark County247.3Valley Communications Association, LLC
NevadaClark County247.3CenturyLink, Inc.
NevadaClark County247.3California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaPlacer County247.6AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaPlacer County247.6Sonic Telecom, LLC
CaliforniaPlacer County247.6Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
AlabamaShelby County248.5AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyBullitt County250.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganSaginaw County250.2Air Advantage, LLC
KentuckyBullitt County250.2Windstream Kentucky West, LLC
OhioRichland County251.3CenturyLink, Inc.
LouisianaOuachita Parish251.8AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinLa Crosse County253.8CenturyLink, Inc.
West VirginiaJefferson County255.2COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
MinnesotaCarver County256.9CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaWalton County257.2AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaWalton County257.2Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
UtahUtah County257.8Veracity Networks
UtahUtah County257.8Google Fiber Utah, LLC
UtahUtah County257.8CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahUtah County257.8Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
North CarolinaPitt County257.9CenturyLink, Inc.
ArkansasBenton County261.2Cox Communications, Inc
ArkansasBenton County261.2AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasBenton County261.2OzarksGo
South CarolinaAnderson County261.6AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaAnderson County261.6West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaAnderson County261.6West Carolina Communications, LLC
North CarolinaLincoln County262.7AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyMcCracken County263.6West Kentucky Rural Telephone Coop Corp Inc
OregonMarion County266.7Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company
OregonMarion County266.7Gervais Telephone Company
OregonMarion County266.7DataVision Communications
OregonMarion County266.7CenturyLink, Inc.
WashingtonSpokane County267.2CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaVigo County267.4Joink, LLC
FloridaMartin County269.2AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaMartin County269.2ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc.
FloridaMartin County269.2ITS Fiber, LLC
North CarolinaRowan County270.7AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaRowan County270.7City of Salisbury
North CarolinaRowan County270.7Windstream Concord Telephone, LLC
North CarolinaRowan County270.7Windstream North Carolina, LLC
New YorkSaratoga County271.1Primelink, Inc.
FloridaIndian River County274.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganBerrien County276.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganBerrien County276.2Midwest Energy & Communications
LouisianaSt. Tammany Parish276.4AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaSt. Tammany Parish276.4Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
MichiganMonroe County276.7AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinOutagamie County277.2AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaIredell County277.8AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaIredell County277.8Windstream North Carolina, LLC
PennsylvaniaMonroe County279.2PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
MississippiHinds County282.0AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiHinds County282.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
Puerto RicoCiales Municipio282.3Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
KentuckyJessamine County282.3Windstream Kentucky East, LLC
IndianaHoward County282.4AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaAlachua County282.7Cox Communications, Inc
FloridaAlachua County282.7AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaAlachua County282.7Gainesville Regional Utilities
FloridaAlachua County282.7Windstream Florida, Inc.
North CarolinaHenderson County286.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaHenderson County286.1Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaHenderson County286.1Morris Broadband, LLC
New JerseySussex County287.6PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
TexasJefferson County287.9En-Touch Systems, Inc.
GeorgiaCoweta County288.8AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioFairfield County289.8AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioFairfield County289.8Intelliwave, LLC
LouisianaCaddo Parish290.2AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaMadison County291.3NineStar Connect
IndianaMadison County291.3Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
VermontChittenden County291.7City of Burlington d/b/a Burlington Telecom
VermontChittenden County291.7Waitsfield-Fayston Telephone Co., Inc.
Puerto RicoUtuado Municipio292.0Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
AlabamaMontgomery County292.5AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaMontgomery County292.5Troy Cablevision, Inc.
ColoradoEl Paso County292.6CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaLinn County294.6Springville Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc.
IowaLinn County294.6Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaLinn County294.6CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaDavidson County294.7AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaDavidson County294.7North State Telephone Company dba North State Communications
North CarolinaDavidson County294.7Windstream North Carolina, LLC
TexasBell County295.2Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasBell County295.2CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaClark County295.6AT&T Services, Inc.
New JerseyHunterdon County300.0CenturyLink, Inc.
New JerseyHunterdon County300.0PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
IndianaDelaware County300.1AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeBradley County301.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeBradley County301.0EPB Fiber Optics
IllinoisPeoria County301.2AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisPeoria County301.2Century Enterprises, Inc.
IllinoisPeoria County301.2Mid Century Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TennesseeSumner County303.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeSumner County303.4North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
CaliforniaRiverside County303.8AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaRiverside County303.8Ultimate Internet Access, Inc
CaliforniaRiverside County303.8California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaRiverside County303.8Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
New JerseyWarren County304.5PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
WisconsinWashington County306.2AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSonoma County307.1AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSonoma County307.1Sonic Telecom, LLC
TexasLubbock County311.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasLubbock County311.3En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TennesseeWilliamson County314.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeWilliamson County314.4COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
FloridaClay County315.8AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaSt. Johns County316.4AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaLake County316.6Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaLake County316.6CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaUnion County318.7AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaUnion County318.7Windstream North Carolina, LLC
TennesseeMontgomery County319.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganLivingston County320.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MarylandCharles County320.2Eastern Shore Communications, LLC
IdahoCanyon County321.6CenturyLink, Inc.
MarylandWashington County322.1Antietam Cable Television
KentuckyOldham County322.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiHarrison County326.0AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiHarrison County326.0Telepak Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaSpalding County326.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasShawnee County327.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasShawnee County327.1Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
OhioPortage County331.2AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaYork County332.2AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaYork County332.2Comporium, Inc.
South CarolinaYork County332.2Fort Mill Telephone Company
TexasBrazos County332.8En-Touch Systems, Inc.
MissouriJefferson County333.1AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriJefferson County333.1Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
New HampshireStrafford County333.7Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC
FloridaPolk County334.9Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaPolk County334.9CenturyLink, Inc.
AlabamaMobile County335.9AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaMobile County335.9Telepak Networks, Inc.
North CarolinaOrange County336.2AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaOrange County336.2Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaOrange County336.2CenturyLink, Inc.
MississippiDeSoto County338.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MississippiDeSoto County338.7Telepak Networks, Inc.
ColoradoDouglas County339.7CenturyLink, Inc.
OhioTrumbull County340.1CenturyLink, Inc.
NebraskaLancaster County340.8Bluestem Fiber LLC
NebraskaLancaster County340.8Allo Communications
NebraskaLancaster County340.8Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
WashingtonSnohomish County341.8Salish Networks, Inc
WashingtonSnohomish County341.8WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
WashingtonSnohomish County341.8COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
CaliforniaStanislaus County344.2AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaTippecanoe County345.7Smithville Telecom, Inc
IndianaTippecanoe County345.7Wintek Corporation
OhioClark County348.0AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioClark County348.0Intelliwave, LLC
WashingtonThurston County349.4CenturyLink, Inc.
IndianaMonroe County349.7AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaMonroe County349.7Smithville Telecom, Inc
South CarolinaSpartanburg County351.9AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaSpartanburg County351.9Windstream South Carolina, LLC
GeorgiaWhitfield County353.2EPB Fiber Optics
GeorgiaWhitfield County353.2Board of Water, Light & Sinking Fund Commissioners of the City of Dalton, Georgia d/b/a Dalton Utilities
GeorgiaWhitfield County353.2Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
PennsylvaniaWestmoreland County355.4Citizens Telecom Solutions LLC
PennsylvaniaWestmoreland County355.4Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
PennsylvaniaWestmoreland County355.4Citizens Telephone Company of Kecksburg
North CarolinaAlamance County356.5AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaHendricks County357.4AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaHendricks County357.4Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
IndianaHendricks County357.4Smithville Telecom, Inc
IllinoisKendall County358.2AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaLuzerne County360.4PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
IowaScott County360.7Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaScott County360.7Danville Mutual Telephone Company
IowaScott County360.7F&B Communications, Inc.
IowaScott County360.7CenturyLink, Inc.
IowaScott County360.7Windstream Iowa Telecommunications, LLC
North CarolinaBuncombe County362.9AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaScott County364.5CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaHernando County365.6AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaNewton County367.3AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaLebanon County369.1PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
LouisianaAscension Parish369.7East Ascension Telephone Company, L.L.C.
LouisianaAscension Parish369.7AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinOzaukee County370.7AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaHouston County372.5Cox Communications, Inc
GeorgiaHouston County372.5AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaHouston County372.5Windstream Georgia, LLC
GeorgiaHouston County372.5Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
IdahoAda County372.8CenturyLink, Inc.
MarylandCarroll County373.4Ting Inc.
South CarolinaLexington County375.4AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaLexington County375.4PBT Telecom, Inc.
South CarolinaLexington County375.4PBT Communications, Inc.
South CarolinaLexington County375.4CarolinaConnect Cooperative Inc.
South CarolinaLexington County375.4Windstream South Carolina, LLC
IllinoisMadison County376.3AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisMadison County376.3Highland Communication Services
WashingtonIsland County376.6Whidbey Telephone Company
TennesseeWashington County376.7Erwin Utilities
TexasWilliamson County378.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasWilliamson County378.0Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasWilliamson County378.0Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasWilliamson County378.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
ColoradoAdams County378.2CenturyLink, Inc.
NevadaCarson City382.1AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaCharleston County382.3AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaCharleston County382.3Home Telephone ILEC, LLC d/b/a Home Telecom
WisconsinWinnebago County384.3AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaCatawba County387.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaCatawba County387.1CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeHamblen County388.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeHamblen County388.0Morristown Utility
OhioGreene County390.5AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioGreene County390.5Intelliwave, LLC
PennsylvaniaBeaver County392.3NetSpeed LLC
IndianaPorter County393.0AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioDelaware County393.2AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaCatoosa County394.3AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaCatoosa County394.3RTC Solutions, Inc
GeorgiaCatoosa County394.3Ringgold Telephone Company
GeorgiaCatoosa County394.3EPB Fiber Optics
UtahWeber County401.4Veracity Networks
UtahWeber County401.4CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahWeber County401.4Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
ColoradoBoulder County405.6Front Range Internet, Inc.
ColoradoBoulder County405.6City of Longmont
ColoradoBoulder County405.6CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasNueces County405.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasNueces County405.8VTX Telecom, LLC
TexasNueces County405.8Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasNueces County405.8En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasNueces County405.8VTX Communications, LLC
MissouriGreene County407.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriGreene County407.5Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
WisconsinDane County407.7AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinDane County407.7CenturyLink, Inc.
IllinoisSt. Clair County410.6AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaLeon County413.1Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaLeon County413.1CenturyLink, Inc.
ArizonaMaricopa County414.9Cox Communications, Inc
ArizonaMaricopa County414.9CenturyLink, Inc.
ArizonaMaricopa County414.9Accipiter Communications Incorporated
ArizonaMaricopa County414.9California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
ArizonaMaricopa County414.9Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
AlabamaMadison County417.7Google Fiber Alabama, LLC
AlabamaMadison County417.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeRutherford County424.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeRutherford County424.0COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
New HampshireRockingham County425.0Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC
IndianaElkhart County426.5Midwest Energy & Communications
GeorgiaColumbia County427.6AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaBarrow County432.7AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaBarrow County432.7Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
IndianaJohnson County435.8AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioClermont County436.5Intelliwave, LLC
TexasMontgomery County437.5AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasMontgomery County437.5Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasMontgomery County437.5En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasMontgomery County437.5Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
TexasGregg County445.4En-Touch Systems, Inc.
MichiganKalamazoo County445.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganKalamazoo County445.7Midwest Energy & Communications
CaliforniaVentura County446.7AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaVentura County446.7California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaVentura County446.7Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
FloridaVolusia County449.2AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaVolusia County449.2Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaVolusia County449.2CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaEscambia County453.4Cox Communications, Inc
FloridaEscambia County453.4AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaPaulding County455.8AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasCameron County456.0VTX Telecom, LLC
TexasCameron County456.0Smartcom Telephone, LLC
TexasCameron County456.0Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasCameron County456.0VTX Communications, LLC
New HampshireHillsborough County457.4COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
GeorgiaHall County457.5AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaHall County457.5Habersham Electric Membership Corporation
PennsylvaniaLackawanna County467.1PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
MichiganOttawa County468.2AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinBrown County468.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganOttawa County468.2Ace Telephone Company of Michigan Inc
MichiganOttawa County468.2Holland Board of Public Works
OklahomaCleveland County474.7Cox Communications, Inc
OklahomaCleveland County474.7AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonPierce County476.3Mashell Telecom, Inc. d/b/a Rainier Connect
WashingtonPierce County476.3CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaBerks County480.4PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
PennsylvaniaYork County481.1CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaYork County481.1PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
PennsylvaniaYork County481.1California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaMarin County485.1AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaMarin County485.1California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
FloridaSt. Lucie County485.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganWashtenaw County488.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganWashtenaw County488.4LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
North CarolinaCumberland County489.7CenturyLink, Inc.
North CarolinaCumberland County489.7Windstream North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaCabarrus County492.1AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaCabarrus County492.1Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaCabarrus County492.1Windstream Communications, Inc.
North CarolinaCabarrus County492.1Windstream Concord Telephone, LLC
CaliforniaSan Joaquin County492.6AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Joaquin County492.6COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
TexasHidalgo County493.2AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasHidalgo County493.2Smartcom Telephone, LLC
TexasHidalgo County493.2En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasHidalgo County493.2Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
TexasHidalgo County493.2VTX Communications, LLC
KansasSedgwick County499.6Cox Communications, Inc
KansasSedgwick County499.6AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasSedgwick County499.6Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
CaliforniaSolano County503.0AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasPulaski County503.8AT&T Services, Inc.
ArkansasPulaski County503.8E. Ritter Communications, Inc d/b/a Ritter Communications, Inc
IndianaFloyd County504.1AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganIngham County505.1AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganIngham County505.1LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
South CarolinaRichland County507.9AT&T Services, Inc.
South CarolinaRichland County507.9West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
South CarolinaRichland County507.9CarolinaConnect Cooperative Inc.
GeorgiaCherokee County508.3AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaCherokee County508.3Windstream Georgia Communications, LLC
PennsylvaniaDauphin County510.6PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
IllinoisMcHenry County511.9AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioWarren County530.0CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaBrevard County535.0AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaFayette County548.3AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaLancaster County550.4PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
PennsylvaniaLancaster County550.4Windstream D&E, Inc.
MissouriClay County558.6AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriClay County558.6Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriClay County558.6City of North Kansas City
MissouriClay County558.6PowerComm Broadband dba NewDawn Fiber
New MexicoBernalillo County570.8Plateau Telecommunications, Inc.
New MexicoBernalillo County570.8CenturyLink, Inc.
South CarolinaGreenville County574.7AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisWinnebago County575.2California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
North CarolinaGaston County578.8AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaSt. Joseph County583.0AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaSt. Joseph County583.0Midwest Energy & Communications
CaliforniaSanta Cruz County589.4AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSanta Cruz County589.4Etheric Networks, Inc.
AlabamaJefferson County592.5AT&T Services, Inc.
AlabamaJefferson County592.5Windstream Alabama, LLC
OhioLorain County613.6AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioLorain County613.6Windstream Ohio, Inc.
TexasRockwall County616.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasRockwall County616.7En-Touch Systems, Inc.
GeorgiaRichmond County618.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MinnesotaWashington County619.7CenturyLink, Inc.
TennesseeHamilton County620.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeHamilton County620.3EPB Fiber Optics
GeorgiaChatham County621.7AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaChatham County621.7Planters Communications, LLC
FloridaPasco County622.2CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaBibb County622.8Cox Communications, Inc
GeorgiaBibb County622.8AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaHenry County633.0AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonKitsap County635.9CenturyLink, Inc.
MissouriSt. Charles County643.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriSt. Charles County643.2Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriSt. Charles County643.2Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
VirginiaChesapeake city652.0Cox Communications, Inc
VirginiaChesapeake city652.0Eastern Shore Communications, LLC
OhioStark County652.9AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaRockdale County656.5AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaDouglas County661.8AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaDouglas County661.8Google Fiber Georgia, LLC
NebraskaSarpy County664.6Cox Communications, Inc
NebraskaSarpy County664.6CenturyLink, Inc.
PennsylvaniaChester County664.7PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
MichiganGenesee County668.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganGenesee County668.5Air Advantage, LLC
MichiganGenesee County668.5Spark Fiber LLC
MichiganGenesee County668.5LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
FloridaPalm Beach County670.2AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonClark County676.2Stephouse Holdings Company, LLC
WashingtonClark County676.2CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasFort Bend County679.5AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasFort Bend County679.5En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasFort Bend County679.5Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
TexasFort Bend County679.5Windstream Sugar Land, LLC
FloridaSarasota County682.6Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
IndianaHamilton County696.4Swayzee Telephone Co Inc
IndianaHamilton County696.4AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaHamilton County696.4Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc
IndianaHamilton County696.4NineStar Connect
IndianaHamilton County696.4Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
Puerto RicoGuayama Municipio698.0Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
ColoradoJefferson County699.5CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaDakota County709.0CenturyLink, Inc.
MinnesotaDakota County709.0Hiawatha Broadband Communications Inc.
WisconsinWaukesha County709.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganKent County711.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganKent County711.5LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
MichiganKent County711.5Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.
ColoradoArapahoe County716.7CenturyLink, Inc.
Puerto RicoCabo Rojo Municipio723.5Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
OregonWashington County731.4Stephouse Holdings Company, LLC
OregonWashington County731.4WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
OregonWashington County731.4CenturyLink, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Diego County735.8Cox Communications, Inc
CaliforniaSan Diego County735.8AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Diego County735.8Google Fiber California, LLC
CaliforniaSan Diego County735.8Webpass, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Diego County735.8California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaSan Diego County735.8Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
IowaPolk County750.5The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Stanton, Iowa
IowaPolk County750.5Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
IowaPolk County750.5Hawkeye Telephone Company
IowaPolk County750.5Danville Mutual Telephone Company
IowaPolk County750.5Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association
IowaPolk County750.5CenturyLink, Inc.
MassachusettsHampden County751.0Westfield Gas and Electric
TexasDenton County754.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasDenton County754.3Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasDenton County754.3En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasDenton County754.3CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasDenton County754.3California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
North CarolinaGuilford County756.4AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaGuilford County756.4North State Communications Advanced Services, LLC
North CarolinaGuilford County756.4North State Telephone Company dba North State Communications
TexasGalveston County769.9AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasGalveston County769.9En-Touch Systems, Inc.
MinnesotaAnoka County782.1CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaForsyth County783.5AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioButler County788.2AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaLee County788.7Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaLee County788.7CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasEl Paso County790.6AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasEl Paso County790.6En-Touch Systems, Inc.
PennsylvaniaNorthampton County805.4PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
IllinoisWill County809.6AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaLafayette Parish824.6Cox Communications, Inc
LouisianaLafayette Parish824.6AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaLafayette Parish824.6Lafayette City Parish Consolidated Government
Puerto RicoMorovis Municipio838.9Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
TennesseeKnox County850.5AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaForsyth County859.2AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaForsyth County859.2North State Communications Advanced Services, LLC
North CarolinaForsyth County859.2North State Telephone Company dba North State Communications
North CarolinaForsyth County859.2Windstream North Carolina, LLC
Puerto RicoCorozal Municipio872.4Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaMuscogee County877.5AT&T Services, Inc.
WashingtonKing County912.9Webpass, Inc.
WashingtonKing County912.9WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
WashingtonKing County912.9CenturyLink, Inc.
WashingtonKing County912.9California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
New JerseyOcean County917.0XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
TexasCollin County930.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasCollin County930.0Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasCollin County930.0Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasCollin County930.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasCollin County930.0Cutter Communications, Inc. dba GCEC Telecom
North CarolinaDurham County935.7AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaDurham County935.7Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
LouisianaEast Baton Rouge Parish966.6Cox Communications, Inc
LouisianaEast Baton Rouge Parish966.6East Ascension Telephone Company, L.L.C.
LouisianaEast Baton Rouge Parish966.6AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaEast Baton Rouge Parish966.6Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
GeorgiaClarke County979.1AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisKane County990.8AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaLake County994.1AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioLake County1011.2AT&T Services, Inc.
PennsylvaniaLehigh County1012.5PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
OklahomaOklahoma County1013.8Cox Communications, Inc
OklahomaOklahoma County1013.8AT&T Services, Inc.
UtahDavis County1025.8Veracity Networks
UtahDavis County1025.8Google Fiber Utah, LLC
UtahDavis County1025.8CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahDavis County1025.8Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
TexasTravis County1034.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasTravis County1034.4Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasTravis County1034.4Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasTravis County1034.4En-Touch Systems, Inc.
PennsylvaniaBucks County1034.7PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
KansasWyandotte County1039.0AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasWyandotte County1039.0Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
KentuckyFayette County1042.8Google Fiber Kentucky, LLC
KentuckyFayette County1042.8Windstream Kentucky East, LLC
OklahomaTulsa County1058.1Cox Communications, Inc
North CarolinaNew Hanover County1058.1AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaTulsa County1058.1AT&T Services, Inc.
OklahomaTulsa County1058.1Valor Telecommunications of Texas, LLC
New JerseyMorris County1069.8PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
New JerseyMorris County1069.8California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
North CarolinaWake County1078.8AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaWake County1078.8Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaWake County1078.8Ting Inc.
North CarolinaWake County1078.8CenturyLink, Inc.
VirginiaCovington city1090.1Lumos Telephone of Botetourt Inc.
MissouriJackson County1115.3AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriJackson County1115.3Google Fiber Missouri, LLC
MissouriJackson County1115.3Packet Layer Consulting
MissouriJackson County1115.3Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
MissouriJackson County1115.3Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
FloridaDuval County1133.9AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasJohnson County1149.6AT&T Services, Inc.
KansasJohnson County1149.6Packet Layer Consulting
KansasJohnson County1149.6Fiber Communications of Columbus LLC dba Optic Communications
KansasJohnson County1149.6Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
KansasJohnson County1149.6Google Fiber Kansas, LLC
OhioMontgomery County1159.5AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaHillsborough County1204.9Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
TennesseeShelby County1215.5AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeShelby County1215.5Aeneas Communications, LLC
TennesseeShelby County1215.5Telepak Networks, Inc.
ConnecticutHartford County1216.2Cox Communications, Inc
Puerto RicoFajardo Municipio1238.7Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
TennesseeDavidson County1243.3AT&T Services, Inc.
TennesseeDavidson County1243.3Google Fiber Tennessee, LLC
TennesseeDavidson County1243.3United Communications, Inc.
FloridaOrange County1268.5AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaOrange County1268.5Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaOrange County1268.5CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaOrange County1268.5Smart City Telecommunications LLC
OhioLucas County1296.2AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioLucas County1296.2LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
OhioSummit County1312.6AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioSummit County1312.6Windstream Western Reserve, Inc
FloridaMiami-Dade County1315.5AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaMiami-Dade County1315.5Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaMiami-Dade County1315.5Webpass, Inc.
FloridaMiami-Dade County1315.5ITP
FloridaMiami-Dade County1315.5California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
FloridaSeminole County1367.0AT&T Services, Inc.
FloridaSeminole County1367.0Orlando Telephone Company, Inc.
FloridaSeminole County1367.0CenturyLink, Inc.
CaliforniaSanta Clara County1381.0AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSanta Clara County1381.0Google Fiber California, LLC
CaliforniaSanta Clara County1381.0Etheric Networks, Inc.
CaliforniaSanta Clara County1381.0California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaSanta Clara County1381.0COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
TexasBexar County1383.1AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasBexar County1383.1Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasBexar County1383.1Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasBexar County1383.1En-Touch Systems, Inc.
MichiganOakland County1385.7AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganOakland County1385.7LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
UtahSalt Lake County1387.1Veracity Networks
UtahSalt Lake County1387.1Google Fiber Utah, LLC
UtahSalt Lake County1387.1CenturyLink, Inc.
UtahSalt Lake County1387.1Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency
UtahSalt Lake
VirginiaWaynesboro city1396.8Lumos Telephone of Botetourt Inc.
FloridaBroward County1444.9AT&T Services, Inc.
Puerto RicoPonce Municipio1449.3Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
LouisianaJefferson Parish1463.1Cox Communications, Inc
LouisianaJefferson Parish1463.1AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaJefferson Parish1463.1Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
CaliforniaContra Costa County1465.2AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaContra Costa County1465.2Sonic Telecom, LLC
CaliforniaContra Costa County1465.2WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
CaliforniaContra Costa County1465.2COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
ConnecticutFairfield County1467.2CSC Holdings LLC
CaliforniaSacramento County1470.8AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSacramento County1470.8Google Fiber California, LLC
MassachusettsEssex County1508.8COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
Rhode IslandProvidence County1530.3Cox Communications, Inc
VirginiaLynchburg city1538.2Lumos Networks Inc.
VirginiaWilliamsburg city1559.3Cox Communications, Inc
NebraskaDouglas County1574.4Cox Communications, Inc
NebraskaDouglas County1574.4CenturyLink, Inc.
IllinoisLake County1585.6AT&T Services, Inc.
HawaiiHonolulu County1586.7California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2Webpass, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2Go Fiber
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2Sonic Telecom, LLC
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2Etheric Networks, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2City of San Bruno
CaliforniaSan Mateo County1602.2California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
New YorkSuffolk County1637.4CSC Holdings LLC
PennsylvaniaAllegheny County1675.6Salsgiver Telecom, Inc.
PennsylvaniaAllegheny County1675.6NetSpeed LLC
PennsylvaniaAllegheny County1675.6Joink, LLC
PennsylvaniaAllegheny County1675.6COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
ColoradoBroomfield County1691.9CenturyLink, Inc.
MassachusettsNorfolk County1693.6COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
OregonMultnomah County1704.9Origin Networks, LLC
OregonMultnomah County1704.9Stephouse Holdings Company, LLC
OregonMultnomah County1704.9WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
OregonMultnomah County1704.9CenturyLink, Inc.
GeorgiaFulton County1748.0AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaFulton County1748.0Google Fiber Georgia, LLC
MichiganMacomb County1754.9AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaMecklenburg County1755.5AT&T Services, Inc.
North CarolinaMecklenburg County1755.5Google Fiber North Carolina, LLC
North CarolinaMecklenburg County1755.5Comporium, Inc.
North CarolinaMecklenburg County1755.5Windstream Communications, Inc.
North CarolinaMecklenburg County1755.5Windstream Concord Telephone, LLC
North CarolinaMecklenburg County1755.5Windstream North Carolina, LLC
VirginiaVirginia Beach city1758.9Cox Communications, Inc
VirginiaVirginia Beach city1758.9Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority
VirginiaVirginia Beach city1758.9Eastern Shore Communications, LLC
New YorkRockland County1795.9XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
GeorgiaClayton County1832.5AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaClayton County1832.5Google Fiber Georgia, LLC
MassachusettsMiddlesex County1837.9Webpass, Inc.
GeorgiaGwinnett County1871.2AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaGwinnett County1871.2Google Fiber Georgia, LLC
KentuckyJefferson County1948.1AT&T Services, Inc.
KentuckyJefferson County1948.1Google Fiber Kentucky, LLC
MissouriSt. Louis County1967.2AT&T Services, Inc.
MarylandMontgomery County1978.2COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
GeorgiaCobb County2026.4AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaCobb County2026.4Google Fiber Georgia, LLC
LouisianaOrleans Parish2029.4Cox Communications, Inc
LouisianaOrleans Parish2029.4AT&T Services, Inc.
LouisianaOrleans Parish2029.4Hunt Telecommunications, LLC
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6Webpass, Inc.
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6Tekify, LLC
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6Unwired Ltd
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6Sonic Telecom, LLC
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6Etheric Networks, Inc.
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaAlameda County2043.6Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
MinnesotaHennepin County2081.7CenturyLink, Inc.
TexasTarrant County2094.7AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasTarrant County2094.7Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasTarrant County2094.7En-Touch Systems, Inc.
OhioFranklin County2186.1AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioFranklin County2186.1Intelliwave, LLC
New YorkWestchester County2204.7CSC Holdings LLC
IndianaMarion County2279.6AT&T Services, Inc.
IndianaMarion County2279.6Wintek Corporation
IndianaMarion County2279.6NineStar Connect
VirginiaRoanoke city2279.8Cox Communications, Inc
TexasHarris County2402.4AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasHarris County2402.4Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasHarris County2402.4En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasHarris County2402.4Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.
TexasHarris County2402.4Windstream Sugar Land, LLC
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6Race Telecommunications, Inc.
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6Ultimate Internet Access, Inc
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6Google Fiber California, LLC
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6COB/BWP
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6Sonic Telecom, LLC
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaLos Angeles County2419.6Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
Puerto RicoCaguas Municipio2438.6Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
GeorgiaDeKalb County2585.7AT&T Services, Inc.
GeorgiaDeKalb County2585.7Google Fiber Georgia, LLC
New JerseyMiddlesex County2621.6CSC Holdings LLC
VirginiaNewport News city2630.0Cox Communications, Inc
VirginiaHampton city2673.2Cox Communications, Inc
New JerseyPassaic County2715.3PenTeleData Limited Partnership I
TexasDallas County2718.0AT&T Services, Inc.
TexasDallas County2718.0Google Fiber Texas, LLC
TexasDallas County2718.0Grande Communications Networks, LLC
TexasDallas County2718.0En-Touch Systems, Inc.
TexasDallas County2718.0California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
VirginiaFairfax County2766.8Cox Communications, Inc
VirginiaFairfax County2766.8California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
IllinoisDuPage County2799.8AT&T Services, Inc.
OhioCuyahoga County2800.0Cox Communications, Inc
OhioCuyahoga County2800.0AT&T Services, Inc.
VirginiaPortsmouth city2838.9Cox Communications, Inc
MichiganWayne County2974.4AT&T Services, Inc.
MichiganWayne County2974.4Rocket Fiber LLC
MichiganWayne County2974.4LightSpeed Comminications, LLC
MinnesotaRamsey County3341.6CenturyLink, Inc.
FloridaPinellas County3347.5California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
Puerto RicoGuaynabo Municipio3550.7Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
VirginiaFairfax city3616.6Cox Communications, Inc
CaliforniaOrange County3807.7Cox Communications, Inc
CaliforniaOrange County3807.7AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaOrange County3807.7Google Fiber California, LLC
CaliforniaOrange County3807.7Go Fiber
CaliforniaOrange County3807.7California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
CaliforniaOrange County3807.7Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
New JerseyBergen County3884.5XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
New JerseyBergen County3884.5CSC Holdings LLC
New JerseyBergen County3884.5California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
ColoradoDenver County3922.6Webpass, Inc.
ColoradoDenver County3922.6CenturyLink, Inc.
ColoradoDenver County3922.6California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
ColoradoDenver County3922.6Futurum Communications Corp
WisconsinMilwaukee County3926.0AT&T Services, Inc.
WisconsinMilwaukee County3926.0Ethoplex, LLC
VirginiaCharlottesville city4246.3Ting Inc.
VirginiaCharlottesville city4246.3CenturyLink, Inc.
VirginiaNorfolk city4486.3Cox Communications, Inc
Puerto RicoBayamón Municipio4695.3Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
New YorkNassau County4704.8XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
New YorkNassau County4704.8CSC Holdings LLC
MissouriSt. Louis city5157.5AT&T Services, Inc.
MissouriSt. Louis city5157.5Sho-Me Technologies, LLC
New JerseyUnion County5216.1XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
IllinoisCook County5495.1AT&T Services, Inc.
IllinoisCook County5495.1Webpass, Inc.
IllinoisCook County5495.1RCN Telecom Services of Illinois, LLC
VirginiaFalls Church city6169.8Cox Communications, Inc
New YorkRichmond County8030.3XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
Puerto RicoSan Juan Municipio8262.3Critical Hub Networks, Inc.
District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia9856.5Starpower Communications, LLC d/b/a RCN
District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia9856.5COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia County11379.5COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia County11379.5Hotwire Communications, Ltd.
MassachusettsSuffolk County12415.6Webpass, Inc.
MassachusettsSuffolk County12415.6California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks
MassachusettsSuffolk County12415.6COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
New JerseyHudson County13731.4XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2Race Telecommunications, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2AT&T Services, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2Webpass, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2Sonic Telecom, LLC
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2Etheric Networks, Inc.
CaliforniaSan Francisco County17179.2COMCAST CABLE COMMUNICATIONS, LLC
New YorkQueens County20553.6RCN Telecom Services of New York, LP
New YorkQueens County20553.6XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
New YorkBronx County32903.3CSC Holdings LLC
New YorkKings County35369.2RCN Telecom Services of New York, LP
New YorkNew York County69468.4XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
New YorkKings County35369.2XCHANGE TELECOM CORP.
New YorkNew York County69468.4RCN Telecom Services of New York, LP
New YorkNew York County69468.4California Internet, L.P. DBA GeoLinks

Again, you can download the data set by clicking here.

Whenever you’re done gorging yourself on the heady rush that is sorted data, I’ll talk specifics about a couple of especially promising rural areas with good internet…

EPB in Tennessee

Chattanooga has been branding itself as “the Gig city,” ever since its regional electrical company, EPB, ran gigabit fiber to its customer base in 2010. This created the US’s largest fiber grid, spanning ~600 square miles. Meaning, don’t let the word “city” here turn you off. Sure, it covers Chattanooga, but their network extends out into the country and even across state lines into neighboring Georgia. (This is the map of their entire coverage area.)

Now, it’s pretty damn cool that they serve all of this territory symmetric gigabit but it’s cooler still that they do it at a cost to subscribers of less than $70/month. The craziest thing, though, is what EPB did to their grid in 2015: they upgraded Chattanooga from “the Gig city” to “the 10 Gig city,” along with the rest of their network.

That’s right. EPB will sell you a symmetric 10Gb/s internet pipe and they’ll run it way out into the country. It’s $300/mo but, hey, they’re the only residential provider offering it in the United States at all. The rest of the country’s best is a tenth the speed.

Insane. EPB and the rest of you crazy bastards in Tennessee, I salute you. Can’t wait to hear about what y’all come up with next.


I initially stumbled onto EPB while looking for raw land without building codes that was also served gigabit fiber. The bit of EPB’s grid that ventures into Sequatchie County, TN, is just such a region. Unfortunately, it’s the bourgeois expensive area known as “Signal Mountain.” Folk are asking for 10 grand/acre, which is hefty for Appalachia. Too rich for me. I had to expand my search.

The result: Morgan County, MO, and their ISP, Co-Mo actually covers more than just Morgan county but what’s cool about Morgan county is that it’s blissfully free of building codes, as long as your property isn’t on the lake. Plus, if you own more than 5 acres, you can choose to waive even septic permitting and compost your own waste, like via a humanure system.

It’s more rural than EPB and it’s cheap, too. You can sometimes find parcels for $1500/acre. (Most of the cheapest listings are in the neighborhood called Ivy Bend and I’ve heard from locals that this area is sort of sketchy. I’m not sure whether they mean “weird and poor neighbors” sketchy or “theft and violent crime” sketchy. It’s no real problem either way, as I pretty frequently see cheap acreage for sale in the “nicer”, Eastern part of the county too.)

I’ve written before, too, about the particular promise of the Ozarks for homesteading, like in my guide on selecting the best place to buy homesteading land.

How to Find More Rural Areas With Good Internet

If none of the above are what you’re looking for, the next thing you’ll want to do is scroll through this list of rural internet cooperatives and make a list of the companies operating in your preferred region. Then, Google each cooperative from your list and make notes on things like:

  • Extent of service area
  • Status of current project. Is the grid running and complete? Partially online and still expanding? Not up yet and under construction? Only just announced?
  • Price, speed.
  • If you’re planning on developing raw land, be sure you determine what is required to hook a new parcel to the co-op’s grid. Sometimes it’s impossible or tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t get burned!

A similar tact you can try, if you’re unable to find anything in your area that way, is to start your initial list by Googling “<your state> internet cooperative” and then digging more into whatever that search finds.

Finally, be sure to check out my Cheap Houses, Great Internet page. It may have what you’re looking for, too.


With the gathering force of an essential thing realizing itself out of early ground, I faced in myself a passionate and tenacious longing—to put away thought forever, and all the trouble it brings, all but the nearest desire, direct and searching. To take the trail and not look back. Whether on foot, on showshoes or by sled, into the summer hills and their late freezing shadows—a high blaze, a runner track in the snow would show where I had gone. Let the rest of mankind find me if it could.

–John Haines

This is a collection of the influences and inspirations that have gone into this site. It’s not finished–I update it whenever another occurs to me.

Each of the links is well worth exploring.


GUIDE: the best place to buy land for homesteading

There is no clean, “one size fits all” answer to the question, “Where is the best place to buy land for homesteading?” Any answer requires careful consideration of the preferences of the asker: I have a very good friend who is tragically allergic to anything green. Pollen torments him as a nightmare’s take on pixie dust. He mows the lawn and his skin cracks into sores. “You’d do well in the desert, or on a mountain,” I tell him.

My dad’s the opposite–he gets immense satisfaction from manicuring his lawn. “You ought to start a lawn service,” I tell him.

What’s your comparative advantage?

This contrast between the pollen tormented versus the lawn enthusiast is an example of comparative advantage. A lawn service run by the lawn enthusiast makes sense. A lawn service run by the lawn allergic doesn’t. One of them has a comparative advantage over the other. What’s yours?

You’ve probably heard it said that “cheap land is cheap for a reason.” This is half of a good point. Fully considered the statement ought to be, “Cheap land is cheap for a reason. When that reason doesn’t apply to you, buy that land.”

Example: The Amish often go for acreage in areas that cannot easily be connected to the electric grid. To them, this is not a downside (they have no intention of connecting to the grid) but this also means there is little competition for the land. It can be had for cheap.

What are your strengths?

In my home state of Illinois, land is expensive. It’s flat and the soil is great, which makes it perfect for farming with ultra-efficient machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The result is that the land is mostly owned (or rented) by giant corporate farms: they have the necessary capital to afford the technology to make the most productive use of it.

Individual homesteaders (like you) are better off with land at the other end of the spectrum. Land with quirks. Land that resists machinery. Land with rocks and hills, like that in Appalachia or the Ozarks. (I’ll cover these especially promising regions in more detail later.)

Buy land that plays to your strengths. Ask yourself,

What are you planning to produce?

See, the problem faced by a would-be homesteader looking for land is a lot like that of an industrialist trying to determine where to place his next factory or a farmer deciding what acreage to buy. Both choices crucially depend on what they intend to produce: some land is ideal for growing corn, some for strawberries. Some regions have cheap electricity, good for mining bitcoin, while others have cheap lumber, ideal for a furniture maker.

What will you {grow, craft, build, trade, create, sell}, and what sort of property would support that?

This is a hard question to answer straight on; it’s better to come at it sideways.

What could you barter with your neighbors?

Friend, do you know of Johnny Appleseed? He’s one of my heroes: caring nothing for material possessions, he wandered the United States, freely building apple orchards along the way.

The apples weren’t for eating, though.

Really, what Johnny Appleseed was doing and the reason he was welcome in every cabin in Ohio and Indiana was he was bringing the gift of alcohol to the frontier. He was our American Dionysus.

–from The Botany of Desire as quoted on Wikipedia

They were cider apples, for getting drunk. Pre-prohibition, hard cider was America’s most popular drink. On the frontier, it was money:

Hard cider was a key component of the colonial economy since currency was often hard to come by in the colonies. There was plenty of cider to go around, though, so in the absence of money, cider became as good as cash. Colonists would pay their bills with barrels of cider and worked out barter arrangements. Cider and applejack (hard cider that had been further fortified through freeze distillation) were supposedly even used to pay the construction crews that built some of the country’s first roads.

“The drink that built a nation”

You catch that? Hard cider, as good as cash.

Things haven’t changed much since. Alcohol is the closest thing to money a homestead can produce. It is the versatile, high-value barter item, (along with cannabis and tobacco.)

What sort of homesteading land would support brewing booze?

  • If you want to produce higher-value hard liquor, Missouri is the only state with legal home distilling. (Not that I, as an agorist, think that ought to stop you.)
  • Land with mature apple trees is great, if you can swing it, as hard cider is about the easiest thing to brew. Press apples with a cider press, leave the juice out for a few weeks to ferment, and presto.
  • Applejack, a kind of ice-jacked cider, is the simplest hard liquor to DIY. I’ve covered how to in more detail in my Applejack brewing guide but, as far as land for it, you’ll want to be in a region with at least a few days significantly below freezing a year.
  • Regarding homebrewing generally, properties with basements or cellars can be useful for temperature control. It’s also advantageous to locate close to a recycling plant for cheap glassware to bottle your product.

A more general strategy for brainstorming barter items

Scale up anything you plan on producing for yourself. Then, you can barter or sell the surplus, e.g.

  • Any garden excess.
  • Seeds and seedlings.
  • Value-added items produced out of garden surplus, like salsas, jams, jellies, sauerkraut, canned goods.
  • Extra eggs, if you raise chickens.

The natural extension of this is,

What do you plan to grow, and what region is suitable for that?

Example: Tomatoes do poorly in the pacific northwest. Although the region rarely freezes, the climate is too temperate. The region’s summer highs are not enough for tomatoes.

Example: If you want to grow corn, you’re going to need to be east of the 100th meridian. West of it and you’re probably looking at wheat.

Example: Quinoa is a particularly interesting staple crop and superfood. (It’s been selected to feed astronauts on long-duration human occupied space flights.) US cultivation is however experimental and mostly limited to cool mountainous regions like Idaho. Amaranth is a similar crop that’s suited for warmer areas.

You’ll want to carefully consider how well the soil and climate in any region will support your preferred crops.

Remember: most fruit trees (apples, pears, peaches) require a certain amount of chill hours every season. If you want to grow apples and you settle in Zone 8 or warmer, you’re gonna have a bad time.

US plant hardiness zones

Once you’ve an idea of what you’d like to grow, you can find promising areas by figuring out which regions are already producing most of it. Monsanto has such a page, “The United Crops of America,” which includes this map:

The USDA has a similarly useful tool where you can explore agricultural exports by state and commodity.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Likewise, almost any hobby or interest can be decomposed into potential hustles for the homesteader:

Example: I’m tragically addicted to hot peppers. I started growing them just for me and, along the way, realized they can be sold as whole peppers, pickled slices, pickled whole, hot sauce, dried whole, ground into powder, as seeds, and as seedlings.

If you build your own grow lights to start your seedlings, you could sell those, too. Lower tech option: build cold frames for seed starting out of salvaged windows.

Example: Beekeeping. You can raise and sell bees, queens, honey, beeswax, bee-removal and pollination services. If you learn to build your own hives, you can craft and sell those, too.

Example: Woodworking in general strikes me as a very promising potential niche for a homesteader. Buy a plot of wooded land, get a cheap sawmill from Harbor Freight, mill and sell your own lumber, or use it to build a house, or turn it into custom furniture, beehives, or chicken coops. Here’s the story of a man who did just that.

The general idea here is to take something you know about or are interested in knowing about and start looking at everything surrounding it. What potential is there? What could you make?

Same with your labor: what skills do you have that could be of use to your neighbors? Can you fix computers, or cars? Could you help them sell things on eBay, Craigslist, or create a website? If you plan on getting a tractor, you could put up an ad to till up gardens: I’d hire you.

Once you have a list like this of your own, start thinking about what sort of land would compliment it. A woodworker will want to be close to cheap lumber, for example. Or, if you plan on producing a lot of cider, you’ll want to be either somewhere where you can grow your own apples or have neighboring farms that do. A beekeeper will be better served by a warm climate with winters too mild for apples.

Here are a couple of threads with more ideas:

What’s the farthest you are willing to go? The United States, or the world?

One of the early decisions you’re going to want to make is whether to limit your search to the United States (or your home country), or if you want to consider the entire world.

Personally I limited my search to “only” the United States. I worried about navigating the legal and cultural systems of foreign countries, and didn’t feel confident that said nations would support my property rights if they were to ever come into conflict with a native. I’m thinking of the appropriation of white-owned farmland in Zimbabwe here, as well as Joel Salatin’s father, who was forced to abandon his homestead in Venezeula.

If you are interested in homesteading outside of the US, here are some external resources:

How remote is “just right?”

A map of average noise level.

Do you want to go off-grid and generate your own power?

Properties with sloping streams are especially promising for off-grid power generation, as they can support micro-hydro where as long as the stream is running, there’s consistent, steady power available. This means you don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars into an expensive battery bank to handle the peakiness of technologies like solar or wind.

Speaking of solar, the desert has a lot of it

Here are a couple examples of micro-hydro projects:

Could you live on an island?

If you’re open to living on an island, don’t overlook Hawaii. Land is surprisingly affordable–Landwatch’s cheapest 3 acre parcel is 14k–and the climate can’t be beat: in many areas a tent is sufficient shelter.

The tropical climate also opens up crop possibilities that cannot be had on the mainland, like growing coffee or durian fruit, and year round, too. Indeed, as far as I can tell, there is nowhere in the United States where it is easier to grow most of your diet than Hawaii.

There is also abundant rain and sun for collection, and in some regions going off-grid is necessary: utilities will not be (re)built in regions prone to lava flows. Fortunately, if that doesn’t bother you, the land can be had at a discount.

Of course, it’s not all good: There is no frost to act as a ‘reset’ by killing insects and disease. Everything is expensive. Some people go stir crazy on an island. Land rights can be complicated.

…a Spanish speaking island?

If Hawaii seems OK, Puerto Rico is an option to consider, too. Land is even cheaper there, and it’s closer to the mainland. Taxes are lower, too.

Downsides: corruption, crime, everything is in Spanish.

What’s your climate?

There was something that really bothered me about living in San Francsico–well, apart from the politics and the rent–no hot summer nights. Out West, there’s not the humidity like in my home state of Illinois. It cools off at night, always

It just felt wrong. Something missing. I like those humid days when your clothes stick to you, when the air is heavy and oppressive, later to be punctuated by thunderstorms–that’s something else I missed, too.

I didn’t miss the snow.

Where do the laws support you?

As far as actual laws and policy are concerned, a great resource is the Freedom in the 50 States website. The site allows you to create a custom ranking based on your personal preferences regarding rules and regulation (raw milk, etc).

Here’s what mine looks like:

Where does the culture support you?

The best description of the different cultures of the United States I’ve read is from Colin Woodward’s American Nations. Here’s what his breakdown looks like:

I’ve copied Woodward’s summaries of the regions here, although you really ought to read the book.

  • Yankeedom values education, intellectual achievement, communal empowerment, and citizen participation in government as a shield against tyranny. Yankees are comfortable with government regulation. Woodard notes that Yankees have a “Utopian streak.”
  • New Netherland is “materialistic, with a profound tolerance for ethnic and religious diversity and an unflinching commitment to the freedom of inquiry and conscience,” according to Woodard. It is a natural ally with Yankeedom and encompasses New York City and northern New Jersey.
  • The Midlands are a welcoming middle-class society that spawned the culture of the “American Heartland.” Political opinion is moderate, and government regulation is frowned upon. Woodard calls the ethnically diverse Midlands “America’s great swing region.”
  • Tidewater was built by the young English gentry in the area around the Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina. Starting as a feudal society that embraced slavery, the region places a high value on respect for authority and tradition.
  • Greater Appalachia is stereotyped as the land of hillbillies and rednecks. Woodard says Appalachia values personal sovereignty and individual liberty and is “intensely suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers alike.”
  • The Deep South was established by English slave lords from Barbados and was styled as a West Indies-style slave society, Woodard notes. It has a very rigid social structure and fights against government regulation that threatens individual liberty.
  • El Norte is “a place apart” from the rest of America, according to Woodard. Hispanic culture dominates in the area, and the region values independence, self-sufficiency, and hard work above all else.
  • Colonized by New Englanders and Appalachian Midwesterners, the Left Coast is a hybrid of “Yankee utopianism and Appalachian self-expression and exploration,” Woodard says.
  • Far West: The conservative west. Developed through large investment in industry, yet where inhabitants continue to “resent” the Eastern interests that initially controlled that investment.
  • New France: A pocket of liberalism nestled in the Deep South, its people are consensus driven, tolerant, and comfortable with government involvement in the economy. Woodard says New France is among the most liberal places in North America.

You can get a better feel for the differences between the cultures by checking out JayMan’s “Maps of the American nations “ and “More maps of the American nations.”

As best I can tell, while you can homestead anywhere, the cultures most agreeable for homesteaders are the Left Coast, Greater Appalachia, and the rural parts of Yankeedom, e.g. Vermont and Maine.

Where are your people?

There are two big ways of thinking about this question, I think. The first way is to focus on your existing relationships, “Where are my friends and family at? OK, that’s where I’ll go.”

The second way is to focus on, “Where might I potentially fit in better than I do here, now? Forget about my current friends; where are my potential friends?”

You might, for instance, want to live in a place where the people are genetically similar to you,

Or where the people have personalities like yours,

Or maybe just in one that shares your politics,

2016 presidential election map.

Or where the people talk like you,

Or, hell, maybe just where they feel the same about cats vs dogs,

Where can you afford?

In my experience, a comfortable majority of land listings are created by insane people. These folk live in a fantastic world of pure imagination and believe, reality be damned, that their property is worth a substantial multiple over what similar parcels are actually selling for.

Land websites are absolutely jammed with such listings. Properties priced properly eventually sell; everything else stays on the market forever.

Thus, a rule: Never base your opinion on what land in an area is worth on listed asking prices. Only pay attention to sold listings. The numbers that matter are what parcels have actually sold for.

Luckily, the USDA compiles just such a census every year. Here are the state averages for cropland in 2018:

If this is too difficult to read, try the actual PDF, which has tables and additional data.

Looking at this map, you can get a good base rate for what an acre of good cropland in a given state is worth, on average, along with an understanding of the relative price of land in different states.

Remember earlier how I mentioned land in Illinois being more expensive than land in Appalachia or the Ozarks? You can read that right off this map: Illinois is ~7500/acre. Appalachia and the Ozarks are closer to half that, and these numbers are for cropland. Expect more marginal acres, like timberland or grazing prarie, to be worth much less.

How To Use Zillow to Price Specific Regions

While a statewide average is good enough for many states, in some it is more misleading than not. Check out the numbers for Oregon and Washington, for example. If you’re looking for land on the wet side of the Cascades, you’re not going to find acreage for ~2,900/acre unless you’re the world’s luckiest son-of-a-bitch. The numbers here are being skewed by the much cheaper land on the dry side.

Zillow to the rescue! For a specific region, you can get a sense of land values by going onto Zillow, searching for the county you want, restricting your search to land only, and then setting the results to display sold listings only.

You can restrict Zillow to land only by selecting on “Lots/Land” under “Home Type.”
Here’s how to restrict Zillow to display only “recently sold” listings.

This’ll show you all of the recently sold land listings. Scrolling through them, you’ll get a sense of what acreage is actually going for. Looking up the wet side of Oregon near Eugene this way, you’d be doing well if you find anything for less than 10k/acre.

Don’t Forget Property Taxes

Going back to our Illinois versus Appalachia and the Ozarks example, the gap is actually even larger than it appears from the initial purchase price, as that doesn’t take into account yearly property tax payments–which are about 3x higher in Illinois.

In fact, a chart like the above is just the beginning of figuring out differences in tax burden between states. Texas, for instance, is listed here as the state with the sixth highest property tax but this is misleading as a homesteader’s property would likely qualify for the homestead exemption.

Similarly, Montana’s property taxes may be low but, if you decide on that alone, you’ll be in for a rude awakening after moving and discovering that the state also charges special yearly fees per head of livestock. These sort of taxes are rarely included even in rankings that claim they measure overall tax burden, like WalletHub’s, which doesn’t account even for relatively major, standard taxes like those on gasoline. It has a long way to go before it’ll be updated to include hidden livestock fees.

Ultimately you’re going to have to personally, carefully research the tax situation of any region to get an accurate picture of the actual costs of living there. Watch out for gotchas like Michigan where, thanks to some ill considered laws, car insurance is $346 higher than the national average.

As Far As Your Dollar Can Go: Specific Regions

The Desert

The absolute cheapest acreage you’ll find in the United States is desert land in Western states like Nevada. Parcels routinely sell on eBay for $250/acre. Likely it can be had for less if you do some digging and contact locals directly, instead of relying on the internet. I’m betting if you’re clever you can get down to $100/acre.

–actually, looking now, it appears land in Nevada can sometimes be had for $100/acre on eBay. Maybe you could get it down to $50, then.

If you want cheap space, don’t mind trucking in water and don’t plan on growing crops (or want a challenge), consider this region. Solar power is extremely viable, getting cheaper every day, and, if you don’t (yet) understand the appeal of arid spaces, start by reading Desert Solitaire.

Inland Maine

The culture that is Maine, from /r/Maine.

If the desert is too dry and you want land that gets plenty of rainfall, the cheapest you’ll find is in Maine’s interior, such as Aroostook County. Land can be had for $500/acre on websites like LandWatch and likely for a bit less by getting into direct contact with locals. The region also has a lot of homesteaders and a very supportive culture.

The downside is that it is cold and remote. Winter is long, with a lot of snow. Consequently, you have a growing season that’s on the shorter side, around 4 months.

The Ozarks of North Arkansas

If you want land with water somewhere warmer than Maine, the cheapest you’ll find is probably in the Ozarks on the Arkansas side, where land can be found for a bit less than $1000/acre.

The difficulty is finding soil that’s worth a damn. It’s out there but it’s not the norm: most of the Ozarks is rocks, clay, and little or no soil. The decent soil is mostly in the former riverlands scattered throughout the area. (In the past I’ve used AcreValue to help determine the soil quality of different parcels.)

The region is also, of course, hilly, and best suited to intensive gardening and not machine cultivation.

Recommended Further Reading

Links for June

The possession of a cow or two, with a hog, and a few geese, naturally exalts the peasant. . . . In sauntering after his cattle, he acquires a habit of indolence. Quarter, half, and occasionally whole days, are imperceptibly lost. Day labour becomes disgusting; the aversion increases by indulgence. And at length the sale of a half-fed calf, or hog, furnishes the means of adding intemperance to idleness.

–taken from this page






The Best Self-Sufficiency Blogs

Here are my favorite self-sufficiency blogs, along with links to content I particularly enjoyed. Note that I continue to expand this list whenever good articles hit my RSS reader. Last updated 06/26.

Hunter’s Eden

This is my favorite read right now. The author is terraforming 7 acres in Idaho into a paradise for wild game and writing about it along the way. Criminally underrated.


There are two kinds of people in this world: those who know they want to someday build a log cabin innawoods and those who haven’t yet seen Alone In The Wilderness. If you’re in the second category, consider this your homework. Once completed, you’ll be ready to join the rest of us in enjoying one of life’s finer things: the second-hand satisfaction of a good cabin build.

We are building a log home without a mortgage, using our own hands, out of materials on our own land, and planning to get it done in 2-3 years.

In northern Alabama, too, a fact I find sorta jarring, like it’s too temperate. My cabin fantasies near exclusively take place in Alaska, Maine, and your mom’s place.

Joey Hess

Portrait by zeruch.

I was turned onto loghomejourney via the off-grid social network scuttlebutt (#offgrid) which I first heard about from the similarly grid-allergic hacker Joey Hess.

Joey has a very interesting setup:

This place is nicely remote, and off the grid, relying on solar power. I only get 50 amp-hours of juice on a sunny day, and often less than 15 amp-hours on a bad day. So the whole house runs on 12 volt DC power to avoid the overhead of an inverter; my laptop is powered through a succession of cheap vehicle power adapters, and my home server runs on 5 volt power provided by a USB adapter.

When power is low, I often hack in the evenings by lantern light.

Anonymous Appalachian Agrarian

In the present, we raise our family on our farm; unseen from the nearest road, unseen from the nearest town, unnoticed by the world. In this way we are anonymous, and wish to remain so.

—from their about page

I’ve been mulling over whether or not I want to raise meat rabbits and really enjoyed the Agrarian’s piece about their 12 year old son doing so. Very encouraging, being a 12 year old trapped in an adult’s body myself:

Natural Building Blog

Our Mission: The Natural Building Blog is committed to providing free information that will improve people’s lives in a sustainable and affordable manner. This includes architecture, homesteading, gardening, appropriate technology, renewable energy, Permaculture principles, and ecological living.

I very much enjoyed this line from their most recent post, “Could You Live Underground?”:

“We live in an era of glitzy buildings and trophy houses: big, ugly, show-off monsters that stand — or I should say stomp — on land stripped bare by the construction work and replanted with toxic green lawns,” he said. “If the buildings could talk they would be speechless with embarrassment, but most of us see nothing wrong with them, and would, given the opportunity, build others like them, for few of us realize that there’s a gentler way to build.”

Practical Self-Reliance

I’m an off-grid homesteader in rural Vermont and the author of Practical Self Reliance, a blog that helps people find practical ways to become more self-reliant.

–Ashley’s about page

/u/Atalung recommended this blog to me on reddit after I asked if anyone had suggestions for this page, a-a-and I’m sort of envious, really, of her dope place in Vermont:

She has a house attached greenhouse. I want it so bad. 

I enjoyed this guest post on off-grid living near the Arctic circle. I also asked /u/Atalung about his favorites. He writes that “She has a lot of good articles on food preservation, her series on small batch wine is how I found it.”

Geoff Lawton Online

This comes to me by way of recommendation on reddit, again, this time thanks to /u/BinLeenk. I’ve definitely heard of Geoff Lawton before but where? Was it in a positive context?

First I thought maybe I’d read one of his books but, skimming his Wikipedia page, I know: I’ve watched his “Greening the Desert” documentary on YouTube, back when I was looking at moving out to the desert–now that the Alaskan homesteading act has ended, the only remaining federal free land in the United States is via the Desert Land Act. You can have a piece of the desert, free, if you manage to irrigate and grow crops on it.

Hence my interest in Geoff’s “Greening the Desert”: he uses “permaculture” (hippy farming) to nigh magically grow stuff on ten acres of (salted!) desert in Jordan. Mind-blowing. Great watch. Highly recommend.

(I cooled off the desert thing because 1. desert land can already be had for around $250 an acre, no strings–check eBay–and 2. I sincerely doubt that the current power structures controlling the commons will honor a law passed in 1877.)

Anyway, going back to his website, it looks like Geoff is working on a new documentary style film, called “Green is the New Silver (Lining):
Crisis, Hope and Permaculture”.
There’s also a part 2.

I asked /u/BinLeenk if he had any specific recommendations. He shares, “pretty much his permaculture design course and general sharing of awesome concepts around the world that are doing amazing restoration and abundance creation across the world.”

The New Libertarian

There is no place on earth where you have more freedom and ability to act on your will and participate in the “game of your choosing” as in your own home

I found another agorist homesteader! There are dozens of us, dozens!

Bonus: Kris Harbour’s Round House

Alright, so this is not technically a blog but Kris Harbour and his DIY house are so cool that I’m including his YouTube channel as an honorable mention.

Dude built his own house, sourced out of materials from his land, for something like 9 grand, and it’s a suh-weet house too. He even generates all of his electricity with a hydro-electric setup over a small stream.

Where is Homeschooling Most Popular? States By the Numbers

Surprisingly, no one has published homeschooling rates per capita for different states, so I’ve mashed together some census data to figure that out. Unfortunately, only about half of the states publish how many homeschoolers there are in their state.

Initially I tried using an estimate for the other states but the results didn’t feel plausible, so I’ve decided to stick with the states I have actual data for.

Location% Children 0-18# HomeschoolersTot Pop% Homeschooled
North Carolina0.24118,26810,042,8024.90683
West Virginia0.2211,0801,844,1282.73103
New Hampshire0.26,6551,330,6082.50074
South Dakota0.263,858858,4691.72848
District of Columbia0.19N/A945,934#VALUE!
New Jersey0.23N/A8,958,013#VALUE!
New York0.22N/A19,795,791#VALUE!
Rhode Island0.21N/A1,056,298#VALUE!
South Carolina0.23N/A4,896,146#VALUE!
New Mexico0.25N/A2,085,109#VALUE!
North Dakota0.24N/A756,927#VALUE!

Things that stand out

Alaska at the top makes sense but I’m surprised that North Carolina is such a strong second place. Almost 5% of children are homeschooled there, while nearby West Virgina, in 3rd place, is closer to half of that rate! That seems unlikely–perhaps it is a quirk of the data.

I’m not surprised to see mostly red states at the top of the rankings. I’ve the impression that homeschoolers are mostly trying to shelter their children from a public hostile to their values. Given that educators are heavily left-leaning, it’s hardly surprising that it’s disproportionately conservatives who have decided to opt out of these institutions.

I am surprised to see Appalachian states like North Carolina and West Virgina above some of the more libertarian inter-mountain West like Montana. Colorado’s placing is especially disappointing here. It is strange, too, that Washington fares so much worse than Oregon. The states may be more different than I thought.

Notice, too, the divide between two groups of red states: West Virgina and North Carolina on the many-homeschoolers end of the spectrum and Georgia on the other. This may be due to cultural differences between Appalachia and the more authoritarian deep south. (Georgia’s significant black population likely also plays a role, with whites much more likely to homeschool than other races.)

Notably, in such an Appalachian versus Plantation divide, Arkansas falls firmly into the Appalachian group based on this homeschooling data. This is exactly the perspective of Woodard’s 11 American nations grouping, with the Ozark region as distinctly Appalachian in flavor:

Delaware has more homeschoolers than I imagined. At first I thought “maybe it’s because all of the libertarians moving there via the Free State Project“, and then I realized that’s actually New Hampshire. Oops.

Perhaps the laws are particularly agreeable there? I applied a custom filter to the “Freedom in the 50 States” project to only take into account homeschooling freedom. Here’s what that map looks like:

Chart of the 50 United States, colored and ranked by friendliness toward homeschoolers.
You can play with this chart yourself by clicking here.

As you can see, Delaware does not fair particularly well, so why there are so many homeschoolers there remains a mystery.

The chart does, however, explain why Connecticut ranks so poorly: it comes in at #50, the state most hostile to homeschoolers. Maybe that’s why everyone wants to leave.

Anyway, if you’d like to download this table and play with it yourself, click here.


  • I got the number of homeschoolers by state from this website.
  • The population for each state I took off Wikipedia. I used the percent of residents under 18, from here, to calculate the number of children for each state.